Very well. 

We all know l adore my particular phone. So much so that l would marry it if such a thing was possible 😉

But l mainly use my phone to read. So, as l would hide behind a book in public, l can now hide behind my phone. Compact and easy to use. I check FB and e mails, but hardly ever have any actual communication with the phone. 

Therefore, l don’t spend all my time chatting to people, disappearing into cyberspace, not interacting with my surroundings, oblivious to the world around me. 

Most of the people out there though, they have no such compunctions. The one chick at work has been hauled over the coals for her constant phone use. Everywhere you look, people are staring at their phones. Couples, kids, family – can’t have a conversation with them because they’re always chatting to somebody else… Quite irritating actually!

Today, on my way back from my most favourite place in the world – the hardware store, l saw a dude. Not half bad looking either, but what caught my attention was his car. A magnificent, bloodred, sixty somethng Mustang. Beautifully restored, shining in the sunlight – a beauteous beast. I would have liked to make my appreciation clear, showing a thumbs up and a smile…

Alas. He was on his phone. Not looking around him. If it was me in a car like that, l would have been looking around me, ready for the adulation of he crowd, accepting my dues for driving such a lovely thing. Not this guy though. The phone was more important than the admiration of a random chick. 

These phones! Can’t live without them, can’t flirt with them 😉

Hope your Saturday was a good one. 

10 comments on “Phones

    • I don’t really have a family around me anymore, but when l do go to visit them, l have to compete with their phones!

  1. I find it hilarious and sad at the same time that you see young couples, obviously out on a date for dinner, sitting opposite one another and engrossed – in their respective phones! They might as well have stayed at home and had more contact by phoning one another.

    • You are quite right Col. Sad and silly. There’s much to be said for human interaction – l avoid people more often than not but l generally leave the phone alone when l’m out with people. It’s just rude, really 😦

  2. So sad about the good looking dude in the even better looking car! 🙂
    It is a sad world we live in with everyone so addicted to their phones!

  3. It seems the phone is a permanent feature for so many. Must admit I find it addictive and am working hard at breaking the habit. My best tactic is to put it in another room

    • I would be lost without mine Ruth. But it should not replace real interaction with real people. And so far, mine does not do that. Since l don’t have people around me 😂

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