How to describe that word?

It’s an overwhelming feeling of antipathy. Have much to do, don’t feel like doing it. Have people to talk to, can’t be bothered. Shows to watch, meh.

I think many people suffer from meh-ness at least once a month. Some more, some less, but there will always be days like this.
For me, it’s not a common thing – life usually has at least something that’s worth doing, but when meh strikes, boy oh boy!

It’s the end of a very long year. I just had a major b day that was not celebrated in the least. All these things lead to meh. Why, you may ask? Well, when meh strikes, you wonder why you do all the things that you do. Run around like a headless chicken, wiping snotty noses or smelling poo nappies or having to deal with obnoxious little brats or painting yet another Christmas tree or rolling a bunch of little balls for somebody that will, in all likelihood, not appreciate a minute of the work you’ve out in.

Going to work, albeit only half-day, seems such a schlepp because, since it’s the end of the year, not much is happening. The holiday feeling is heavy in the air, people are wearing sundresses and shorts and picking up the kids earlier than usual, but I have to stick around until the last minute – because there’s always a few that pushes it to the last minute.

Painting the current Christmas tree, when not a single other person on the property has even bothered with a Christmas feeling, seems redundant. Making gits, after you’ve been told that, thanks, but I have enough little things on my dressing table, sort of takes a lot out for me – I like making things, but have ever made it for people that can’t seem to grasp the time and effort that goes into a home made gift, well, meh.

Tomorrow, things will look different. It usually does, But while meh lasts, not much gets done.

And I have to drag myself forward to the point where I can see the sun shine and think of it as a bright new day, instead of just another day to get through.

Hoping our day will turn out for the absolute best…

3 comments on “Meh

  1. It’s actually more difficult to handle when you’ve learned to take most things it in your stride. But in survival mode we do overcome it

  2. The headless chicken question is certainly valid. Actually, it is displaying all the intellect of one. Letting things get on with themselves, and taking a break to smell roses, makes far more sense.

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