It’s been a bad one…

This year. It reached depths of despair l never thought l’d have to live through ever again. 

Jobless, yet again, but trying, trying so hard to change the outcome. Doing anything and everything l can to make myself believe l’m not as useless and worthless as the job market seems to think of me. 

It’s summer in South Africa. Dry, hot, baking summer. Glorious and draining at the same time. This evening, after a day spent sweating in my garage, getting my Christmas tree ready for display, l almost went straight for a bath after supper. 

But while having my post-prandial smoke and coffee, l decided to go outside and just experience the night. 

Just sit and feel the night settle about me. Hearing the birds snuffle in the trees, listening to the dogs breathing around me, the soft sussiration of a car passing in the road behind me. Al quiet sounds of night arriving. 

Then the wind started to blow. 

And it felt like a promise kissing my skin. A promise that, even with all the bad, there are many good things too. 

I just need to be open to receive the beauty of G-d’s creation.

4 comments on “Promise

  1. Let’s hope it is the wind of change … good change … for you.
    It is sad when due to utterly misguided policies there are utter idiots secure in employment that provides the employer with scarcely any benefits whatsoever, while so many really capable people are sidelined.

    • Everything is so much less efficient, everywhere you go. But l’m not allowed to work. Makes me bitter most of the time.
      But l always have to remember hope.
      Thanks Col 😀

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