Do it yourself…

…yeah. About that.

South Africa, or, as I like to call it, the Suck Heap, have been going from bad to worse in the past few months. All of a sudden things just does not seem to be working as they once did. Not that everything was working fine beforehand, but it’s really becoming noticeable how bad it really is.

Of course, you will always have your die-hard liberalists and bleeding heart folk that keeps preaching reconciliation and peace to mankind. Alas. The mankind towards whom peace is being preached would be the black kind. The white kind must just fend for themselves. Since, according to the prez, Mr Showerhead himself, Europeans are what’s wrong with South Africa. Words that may just as well have been bought from that other exhalted figure, Bob Mogabe. Apparently South Africa’s problems started the day Jan van Riebeeck landed here. Fact that there was nothing here other than a few Bushmen is besides the point – according to the Great Chief Showerhead.

This then the reason for my writ. We have a man living here. Max du Preez. Freedom fighter. Leftist. Liberalist. All round idiot. That has changed his mind, somewhat, after the freedom he carried on about for the past however many years, turned and bit him in the ass. Anyhow. He wrote an article that I came across today. An article about doing it yourself. Where he gives us all pointers as to how we should stop moaning about the government and their lack of any brain capacity and just do things ourselves to make our lives better.

Please read the article. It’s not a bad article all things considered, and I do in essence agree with him. What I don’t agree with I will stipulate below.

Now. If you’ve read the article you will know where I have my problem with it.

Firstly. Fixing a pothole in your suburban street should not be an issue. I am more than prepared to do that. Potholes in suburban streets are, however, not where the real problem is. Fixing the suburban ones, easy. If it’s on a National Highway, things may be a bit difficult.

Secondly. Not everybody has the means to fork out R1500 for a rainwater tank. And 1000 litres do not go all that far. And if it only gets filled when it rains, well, it may become difficult to keep your household in water. Using grey water for your garden, once again, brilliant idea. Which costs money to implement. And drinking and bathing water is not the only problem here. I don’t run a sewage treatment plant. The councils do. And those are steadily breaking down with no thought of repairs. Raw sewage pumped into streams and rivers, changing this beautiful country into one big cesspool.

Thirdly. Security companies. There’s a saying here that the biggest criminals are the police force and the security guards. Enough said.

Fourthly. I was watching Eskom people work today, Cutting off branches of trees that grew through the power lines. They were using three pick ups – Ford Ranger. Toyota Hilux and  Toyota Landcruiser. All trucks in the higher bracket of costs than similar models. Why do they have to drive such expensive bakkies? Is it only the middle class working grunts that settled for cheaper models? The government must give Eskom a R20 billion bail out. This after the cost of electricity has gone up 200% in the past few years. All this could have been avoided if they carried on with planned maintenance. Alas. Maintenance does not seem to be a word Africa understands. Run out quickly and buy a R1600 gennie? probably not. Install a R70k solar system just to have lights and electronics? Way more than I can afford. Changing my existing geyser from electricity to gas, ditto. Changing my cooking from electricity to gas, ditto. Bottom line is. if I did not have to pay tax to a corrupt government, I may have been able to do some of those things.

“Do I hear you grumble about the taxes you pay and now I’m suggesting you look after yourself? Well, get a better tax consultant. If you’re well off enough to worry about your tax burden, you can’t be doing too badly.”

If by tax consultant you mean, me, slugging away with e filing, then yes, I don’t suppose I’m doing too badly.

Dude. You just don’t know do you? You seem to think, like many other South Africans, that all middle class white people have it good. We don’t. We manage as best we can. We don’t get huge salaries, and our means are a lot less than yours. Even if I did get rid of all my short term debt, I would still not be able to buy a decent size generator cash. I would have to get it on a credit card and that just perpetuates the evil.

You know, paying tax has ever been a grudge payment. nobody wants to pay it, but you have to pay Ceasar his due. But to pay tax, over and above doing everything your tax should be used for and then sit back and watch said tax be used to uplift the poor in a country where the poor are imported from all over the continent? Not so much! To pay tax and see every Tom Dick and Government Harry driving the newest, most expensive car, hosting lavish parties, having luxurious holidays with en entourage of hundreds? Not so much.

To my way of thinking, and I have mentioned this before. The only people that should be allowed to vote, has to be people that work for a living and pay said taxes. They are, after all, the only contributors to the country’s wealth. I saw a thing on FB – something about people who work for a living going bent under people who vote for a living. And, if you don’t work and earn and contribute, you don’t get to vote. Because you will, in your desperation, listen to empty promises. Exactly what has been happening here.

Now we have the world’s most corrupt government. The world’s most idiotic head of state. A cabinet filled with morons. And a country slowly being ground down to the nothing it was 400 years ago.

Oversimplified, I know. Nothing is ever that easy. Solving the world’s problems is certainly not going to happen in an hour. probably never, Mainly because it’s the human condition. The have nots being jealous of the haves. The poor hating the rich. The black calling the white racist. This is the way it has ever been and the way it will ever be. Time, that supposed healer of all woulds, will never be enough to halt the perpetualising of the hates people carry around in themselves, pouring it into young hearts and ears, just moving along, completing the circle.

My two cents worth. My personal opinion. Just the way I see these things…

Book tree…

Let me start by saying, as if you don’t know, it’s almost Christmas.
And l already got the biggest gift of all. My son came home earlier and surprised me in Sunday ;-)
As gifts go, this one can’t be beaten. I’ll have both my gorgeous sons with me on Christmas day. With mom and aunt and sister.
I am quite blessed.

But. I did not have a tree up yet. Took out the one l always use, but was not in the mood to set it up.
So me and the kid built a book tree 😃
I cleaned out three whole shelves of books to build this beauty and the kid brought a huge star from Dubai to complete it.
Took us a few tries and l was horrified at the amount if dust l now have to get rid of, but, when you see the outcome, it was so worth it!!
Hope your Christmas will be blessed with all things good…




…and the pursuit there-of.

Read the following :

happiness 1

A strange statement to make, not so?

But think about it a bit. How much of yourself has been shaped by your hard times rather than your good times? How many decisions did you make for the better when things were tough? And how many for the worst did you make when things were good?

I saw this statement a while ago on FB, It grabbed me when I saw it. And now I’m trying to make sense of the subject matter.

I’ve had a life. Still do. It’s not as difficult as some lives, but it’s not as easy as others. I have ups and downs, as do we all. Often I bemoan my fate. I cry because I don’t have a significant other worth the name. I feel guilty for the screw-ups I made with my kids. Low because of the mistakes I made in life.

But each of these experiences have added something to my life. I’ve not been happy for all of it, and I’ve not been sad for all of it. But I have lived to the best of my ability. I’ve taken the divorce and changed it into a lesson of self-sufficiency. I’ve taken the lack of manners in people and made it my life’s work to teach manners to others – not that they always appreciate it, but that’s their problem.

As the guy states – happiness is not really the default position. Wanting to be happy every day is not a bad thing, but it’s like eating your favourite dish each day. Or a treat. Here in the suck heap, we have a thing called Biltong. It’s dried meat, something like jerky, but it does not taste remotely the same. Biltong is a delicacy. Quite expensive, but really. Oh so tasty!The taste of it after a while without is out of this world. Imagine if you had biltong every day. How long will it be a treat? Probably not for too long. And then it will never be a treat ever again. And that, I think, is the point of that little quip.

Happiness is all fair and good. Something to be desired. Worked towards. But it’s not the default position. It is something you get when everything is just right.

It could be something small, like an empty highway on your way to work. Or a well made cup of tea and a biscuit. But it’s not something that you will always have.

And in order to appreciate it, you have to go through the dark days. The dreary days. The sad days. If you never have to treat your roses with pesticides or against rust or aphids, you will probably not appreciate the beautiful blooms when they appear. They will become the norm if you have not struggled to get said blooms there.

I’t been a mantra of mine for the longest time – if you have not worked for something, you will not appreciate it. If you study for free, the degree will not be as important as it will be when you have to work to pay off said studies. If you have not saved for you house, you will not appreciate one that gets given to you. If you have not earned your salary you will not appreciate it. That’s why I’m against giving. I’m all for learning and teaching and showing and rewards. But never just giving. Just receiving teaches nothing other than accepting. It does not teach perseverance. Fortitude. Being rewarded for a job well done on the other hand, well that does teach us.

One should be grateful for every bad day – they make the good days seem so much brighter.

And, instead of wallowing, we should live on. Through the bad times.

Because everything’s eventual…

The songs I chose should sum up nicely. It can go from bad to worse to brilliant – we should just let it. And sometimes we just have to live with what happened…

Twenty six years…

I’ve been unsettled these last few days. Felt as if the world is steadily breaking down around me. Fact it, this is happening, the demise of the world, the demise of values and morals and manners. It’s becoming a free for all with staunch value supporters being scoffed at and the liberal givers feeling superior because they are the only good ones.

Be that as it may. They will do what they do until the end, and there’s not a single thing I can do about it. As long as I keep myself on my own little road, influencing where I can, I should be OK.


26 years ago I fell in love. Head over heels, arse over elbow, completely in love. I dreamed of him, sent him a letter every day, made huge Valentine’s cards. Because I was in love. Well, one thing lead to another and I eventually found myself filling up with child with no husband to show for it. Mom stepped in and the wedding took place. 10 years and 2 babies later, said marriage dissolved. Irreconcilable differences. I began a life on my own. A life spent at home and at work mostly. A life of want, of worries, of dealing with being thrown away like so many old shoes.

I managed. Screwed up, fixed it. Raised my kids, screwed up there too, hopefully fixed most of it. And I searched.

I looked for somebody that could show me that I’m not really as worthless as the ex thought I was. Looked for somebody that could show me how a good relationship should be. Looked for somebody that might like the person I’ve become, instead of liking the person they want me to be.

It has now been 16 years. 16 years of searching. Meeting a score of random men. Some good looking, some ugly. Some thin, some fat. Some with hair, some without. Old young, short, tall. Rich, poor – I ran the gauntlet. In 16 years I have managed to find one. One man that liked who I was instead of who he would have liked me to be. One man that saw me. One man that knew me inside and out. My dude. The Yank. The one man that gifted me with books. And time.

I thought I found another one in C, but, alas, I was mistaken.

And so we learn.

But in my 16 years of searching, I came across less good than bad. If I look back at some of the shit I got up to in the name of the search, I cringe. If I remember the meeting places, The sheer number of men I actually met. And for all these years of searching, one thing has made itself clear.

The instant a man tells you that he’s not like all the other men, and that you must not generalize, you can be certain that he will be exactly like all the other men. You, as female, are there for only one thing. And that thing is not your sparkling personality or even your cooking abilities. You will be called upon when the itch needs scratching and only then. You will be treated as a second hand citizen, being patronized and looked down upon.

And each time that kind of behaviour rears its head, I become just a little bit more hardened. Just a tad more independant. Just a smidgeon less accepting of people’s faults. Just less and less inclined to put up with the constant crap being sent out by men that ostensibly want to know you. Until they have you and then it’s game over.

In summary. It’s been 16 years since the divorce. Maybe my soul has a bit of a weak link. Insisting on reminding me of one of the biggest failures of my life. Not because I was the only one, but because I was part of that failure. That seems to be the reason for my general unsettledness these last few days. It should pass – it always does. Until it does, I suppose I will be touchy and grouchy. And just. Not. In. The. Mood.

This post was just to clear the air inside my own head. Maybe I can start the process to getting over it – yet again.

Hope your days have been filled with more good than bad…

On being…

…hard hearted.

Came across this quote today

“Nothing has saddened me so much in life as the hardness of heart of educated people” Mahatma Ghandi.

Right. Nice sentiment. But it made me think.

The Aunt and myself had a discussion about personality types. The Cholerics, Phlegmatics, Sanguin and melancholy – at least I think so. She reckons I’m a Choleric. Quick to make decisions, prepared to live with said decisions, but, in life, it’s not such a good trait to have – not when you have to deal with people that are more inclined to prevaricate than to decide.

Anyhow. When I saw this quote this morning, I thought back to our discussion. Note that he mentions educated people. In other words, mostly people like you and me. And yes, there is a certain hard heartedness that happens when you know the probable outcomes of your decisions, based on being educated. When you know that, no matter how much your heart might break, adopting yet another shelter dog on a tight budget just makes no sense. Because everybody suffers from that decision.

That being said, and it’s only one example of what can happen, what if everybody was soft hearted? What would happen if nobody took the responsibility of making a decision and holding to it? What would happen to the world then?

It’s not easy walking away from need. And you don’t always. But often, you have to. There is so much need in the world. And I have often wondered if the carers amongst us have not helped feed that neediness by giving all the help they do.

Take for example a young child. Just learning how to tie his shoe-laces. He’s not quite dexterous enough to do it on his own and if he can, it takes him a while. You must have patience. Not just tie his shoes for him, but wait until he has the hang of it. Otherwise, he will never learn how to do it properly. And will always be dependent on you  to do it for him. Take that analogy and loosely use it with the needy people out there. It’s not exact. There’s much more at stake than just shoe laces, but the principle is the same.

So, Mr Ghandi. You never really worked for a living, did you? You went around the world, being good and kind and soft – a Super calloused, fragile mystic, hexed by halitosis – just a joke I once heard. And you are to be commended for it – for who you were, not the joke :-).

But as soft hearted and good as you were, you would not have had the opportunity to be what you are, had it not been for the heard hearted educated beings on earth. Since they are prepared to take the responsibility. They will live with the consequences of their actions. Making it possible for the rest of them to be what they need to be…

When it becomes…

…too overwhelming.

I’m reading a book. I usually am :-) The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

It’s about a boy named Jack Sawyer. Travellin’ Jack. He journeys to find the Talisman, the Key of all possible realities, to save his mother and Queen Laura. It’s a difficult journey. made more so by some of the more “upstanding” citizens of the world. But he learns about himself. He survives. He becomes stronger. And he makes friends. Only one, really. Wolf. Right here and now!

Wolf dies though. Saving Jack’s life. And Jack is faced with shame for wanting to abandon Wolf when the going got tough. And he realises how much Wolf really meant to him – only after he lost him.

I’ve read this book before, a long time ago. I sort of still know the story. But when I read it last night, I cried as if my heart was broken. I cried because Wolf had to die. I cried because he dies inelegantly, but with grace. I cried because I knew what it would do to Jack. And I cried because of about six million other reasons.

During the bout, I was thinking. About hearing Stardust on the way home. “The memory of love’s refrain” About missing something I once had, even while knowing it could never be again. I cried because of the convoluted webs we weave. The constant search for some kind of meaning to our existence, not always realising that you should not have to go searching for your meaning on the outside. You have to find it in yourself. I thought about the dudes I’m currently conversing with. One, not a prospect at all, but somebody that seems to need something without knowing what, chatting the night away, saying things that I don’t want to hear from him. In my mind he will only ever be a cyberpal, and that can not change. But he seems to want more. Much more than I will ever be able to give him. I have to make him understand this, but feelings are going to get hurt.

Then I think about the other guy, still sitting in Sudan. Wanting to find a wife, somebody to trust, somebody to look after him and his best interests while he’s travelling the world. And he’s a good man as far as I can tell. He does not laugh at hormonal females, does not scoff at the things I feel, but we’ve never met. And I would be disappointed if we do meet and nothing happens. And that’s a very real threat – it’s happened before. But, what needs to happen, will.

I am just not always able to keep calm about it. Sometimes all these things happen and it dumps on you and you have to take a bit of time out, think about it. Sometimes, as with last night, you have a cathartic cry about it. And sometimes you just cry for all the broken hearts, and the high walls and the lost chances and the dead dreams. Futile tears for the most part. But they, like the dead emotions, the forgiveness, the hurt must come out. You have to cry them, futility or no. It cleanses you. As if you’re washing away the current hurt.

Of course, all these things get worse when hormones are involved, but hormones do not negate those feelings. It just makes you feel it a bit more pronounced than usual.

It’s been one of those kinds of weeks. the ones where you know you have much to be thankful for, but you sometimes miss something. And you can’t quite put a finger on what…

Hope yours has been good and that the weekend will just be spectacular!!

Who becomes…

a Communist?

I received an e mail at work pertaining to changes the suck heap’s government want to make to patenting rights in the suck heap. I am including the article in full, since I could not find a link to it.

It fills me with unease that the government are making, or trying to make, such huge changes to people’s livelihoods. And, as the author rightly state, “-especially when the proposed patents tribunal could serve as a precedent for similar tribunals with decision-making powers over other kinds of property”  If the current ruling idiots manage to get the little, seemingly silly things under their thumb, there’s nothing to stop them from starting on bigger things, in the process decimating the country even more than they already have.

Which brought me to my heading. Who becomes a communist?

i Wikipedia’d this Rob Davies person. Not a young man by any means. Well educated by most standards. Even though his Alma mater was Rhodes University, breeding ground for many anarchists, he’s still a well educated man.

Yet, he’s a member of the politburo of the SACP – our resident red idiots.Our Mr Davies went into exile. Lived a life of luxury probably in Britain, while spouting hatred against the country of his birth. He did not stay here and help, nope, he ran away like a coward. Then he came back, after other people fought the fight they’re still fighting, and now he’s reaping the benefits of other people’s sweat and tears. I can’t say I have much respect for people such as he. I have not run away from anything my life threw at me. And, according to me, if you do run away, you have no right whatsoever to complain about where you ran away from.

I always thought that, once you have an educated mind, with logical thought processes, you will see how fallible communism is in practice. of course, in theory, it sounds brilliant – to a degree. Until you realise that, since humans would have to drive it, the practice may not be quite so well thought out.

And, I can’t imagine any right thinking, hard-working person would prefer to share his hard work amongst lazy buggers. How fair is that? One thing communism does not do is prosper. It may look like it does in the beginning. Only until people see that hard work does not get rewarded with anything other than more hard work. How long before that grinds you down so you do only what’s necessary to not get into trouble? Just exist in a grey fugue because there’s no light anywhere.

I know myself, and I’m sure there are other like me out there. I work to earn a salary. With that salary I try to make my life a good one. I do not, however, see the need to share my salary with people that has not worked to earn it same as me. Work and I’ll pay. Sit around, sorry, no.

Which brings me to think that communists are inherently lazy people. They want to get rich, not with hard work, but by thievery and skulduggery and by stepping on people’s dreams.

I may be wrong. I don’t actually know any communists. Have not had the misfortune of ever having a discussion with one so I can try and understand how their mind gets to the supposed Utopia they think communism must be. I may be wrong. But I don’t think they can be as right as they think they are…

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is planning to implement ‘an entire change’ to the existing patent rules. Herewith below is the full article by Dr Anthea Jeffery:

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has patent law in its sights. Before year end, it says, it will put a bill before Parliament which will usher in ‘an entire change’ to the existing rules. The department is also treating the changes as a done deal – even though the bill has yet to be tabled in Parliament, let alone endorsed by the legislature.
Particularly serious are DTI proposals to:

  • bypass patent rights via widespread compulsory licensing, which allows competitors to sell patented products without the patent holder’s consent;
  • limit the remedies available to patent holders in cases of unauthorised copying;
  • replace the present patents court with a new patents tribunal, which won’t have to bother about the safeguards for litigants in the usual rules of civil procedure; and
  • allow the state to use or take patent rights for little or no compensation.

The DTI and health activists claim that all these changes are in line with binding international agreements. These include the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of 1994 and the Doha Declaration of 2001 on TRIPS and public health.

However, this is not the case. TRIPS allows ‘limited exceptions’ to patent rights; but it also says these exceptions must not ‘unreasonably conflict with the normal exploitation’ of a patent or ‘unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the patent owner, taking into account the legitimate interests of third parties’. The DTI’s proposed changes go way beyond this.

The Doha Declaration says countries facing AIDS and other epidemics can use the limited exceptions in TRIPS to increase access to patented medicines. However, it also stresses that patents are important in developing new medicines, thus reinforcing the need not to choke off innovation.

Binding international agreements should not lightly be disregarded. Nor should South Africans be complacent about this further threat to property rights – especially when the proposed patents tribunal could serve as a precedent for similar tribunals with decision-making powers over other kinds of property.

Far more effective ways to improve public healthcare are being overlooked. Instead, the DTI under Rob Davies, a member of the central committee of the South African Communist Party, is pressing ahead with further radical measures to ‘eliminate’ existing property rights.

The upshot will not be nirvana for the poor, but rather the grinding poverty and gaping inequality evident in other command economies. By contrast, countries which uphold property rights – including rights to intellectual property – have much higher average GDP per person, much better health, and much longer life expectancy.

Patent rights may seem too esoteric to matter to many people. But property rights of every kind are the essential foundation for prosperity, self-reliance, and individual freedom from the grasp of self-serving and authoritarian political elites.

*Dr. Jeffery is head of policy research at the IRR and the author of a longer article on the issue in @Liberty, the IRR’s policy bulletin.

Once again…

…with the idiots.

The post I’ve been brewing over for a few weeks already.

There are always two sides to a coin. Many sides to a story. This is about what’s happening here in SA. The local squabble that’s hit the newspapers a while ago.

South Africa is a land of plenty. The whole of Africa really. It has ever been mismanaged, plagued by civil unrest, outright war, constant battles between races, xenophobia of note.

Here at the southern tip of the continent, it’s about more than just black on black violence as it is in the rest of Africa. Here it’s black on white. And I’m not being all doom and gloomy when I say that. It’s not outright war, more of a scorched earth policy like the Brits did when they wanted the riches of South Africa and then the Boers said, uhm, no, and then the Brits burned the farms, polluted the wells, killed off the cattle, moved women and children into concentration camps where they died by the hundreds. Only then were they able to break us.

We’re there again. Instead of the Brits though, we have the African hordes. Many millions of people flooding into the the land of milk and honey, and finding nothing but corrupt government, empty coffers and general failure.

Many white South Africans have left. There are now full-on settlements of Afrikaners in many cities in the world. Many more have no choice but to stay here.

And this is where the story really begins. You don’t see it in the media. It is not reported on mainstream news shows. Every day farmers are murdered. Not just robbed and left, but murdered. Brutally so. Hit with the sharp edges of saws, burnt with hot irons, dragged behind their vehicles, drowned in boiling water. Women and children fare no better. A steady extermination of the white farmer is taking place. I’m not lying. I’m not talking without facts. This is happening on a daily basis. Everything we’ve worked for are being systematically broken down to nothing.

What the fools think they are going to eat once all the farmers are dead is anybody’s guess. Since not a single farm they appropriated is actually producing anything but more disorder and failure.

On the one hand, we have Steve Hofmeyr. Singer, actor and currently, activist. He says what people are thinking. He speaks out against the injustices. And yes, he’s an Afrikaner. Like I am. We’re not right winged. We don’t want to kill on site. We just really want to be left alone to do what we’ve been doing. Just to be allowed to earn a living and have a life. Mr Hofmeyr in in deep now. He wrote a book. I have not read the book, but it’s gotten the liberals and the other idiots, hot under the collar. And then I saw this article. We must ignore the man that speaks the truth? We must ignore the fact that the SACP, the EFF, the ANC, COSATU – every single party lead by black me, for black men have, and still do, spout racist remarks as if nothing will ever happen. And you know what? Nothing ever does!!! Every time they sing Kill the Boer, kill the farmer, Solidarity makes a court case. for which they are laughed at for being so stupid in letting it get to you. And those same fucktards doing the laughing at Solidarity are now doing the laughing at Mr Hofmeyr.

Why can a black man say exactly what he wants, but a white man can not? Why is it ok for the black people in the country to victimise a specific group of people, namely the Afrikaner, but the Afrikaner can not retaliate in kind? Granted. I would rather  not stoop to their levels – it is said, never argue with a fool. They bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience. But why should I be forced to become a mindless idiot? Why should I continue to pay my taxes, feed their greed, and get nothing in return? Why should 3.3m people be responsible for 99% of tax paid in a country of 55m people? Why do we still have to foot the bill, 20 years after it came due?

Now the naysayers are ridiculing Mr Hofmeyr because, according to them, he took offence to something a puppet said. I could not get a better analogy if I asked for it!! A puppet said it, so me, personally am not responsible. A puppet said that so the person taking offense should not – because a puppet said it. The comedian in question, something or other coch, uses a puppet when he does his show. I have never heard of him until the fiasco. He’s trying to get sponsors to boycott Hofmeyr’s concerts. Trying to get them to block Hofmeyr’s income. And he’s a white man. A little twit of an man. A tiny thing. I can break him over my knee he’s so tiny and useless. The gentleman that wrote this article, also a white man. And that is what makes it so much worse. I expect a black man to hate me. I don’t mind if a black man hates me. I can handle his hatred because I know where it comes from. But when somebody of my own colour ridicules me and my feelings and my rights, it’s somewhat of a slap in the face.

It kind of flies in the face of how you think things should be. That the people that, really, are in this together, supposedly, ridicule the point you’re trying to make. When the shit hits the fan, do these people really think what they say now will save their skins? DO they think that, once the real fighting starts, a ridiculing article is going to make the fighters think twice about killing them? Do they really think that, once it’s all said and done, what they say now will make a bit of difference in the outcome?

If you listen to my aunt and many other conspiracy theorists out there, and they are beginning to make more and more sense as things unfold, When you hear that they want to enslave people – and then you look at how stupid people are getting. When you hear that they want to kill off 80% of the population and then you read about Ebola, cholera, TB, AIDS. When you hear that they don’t want thinking people, they want the puppets, the idiots that will follow where lead and then you look at our current government officials. That has not had one single success story in the 20 years they’ve been in power. NOT ONE!! Yet, they are still in power. They are still making idiotic decisions that other people have to pay for, and they still blame the white Boer for their failures…

There. I’ve washed this out of my system for now. I suppose this saga is going to carry on for a while still. Or something else might overshadow it. But I, for one, can’t just sit back and let happen what, according to me, is just wrong. And should be seen as wrong by anybody with half a brain, regardless of their beliefs.

The idiots are winning…

And nobody is seeing it.

A while ago, I stopped reading newspapers. i stopped watching television news. I stopped listening to radio news. Not because I don’t think what’s going on outside is important. Because I see all the things that’s happening, and I see also, they are going around and around in circles. And the more you know about one thing, the more you see in the others.

Then I thought, let me join a few FB sites. Just little tidbits that will keep me up to date with what’s going on in my own country.

And yes. Based on the few snippets I do see, the idiots are definitely winning.

The liberal white idiots.

The liberal black idiots.

The idiots in government.

The idiots at the head of our parastatals.

Even the conservative white idiots

The conservative black idiots.

Then I read Ayne Rand, and I see the idiots have always been there. Then I read comments on random FB posts and I see the idiots are a part of my people.

And I have to wonder at the power of misdirection. Any number of things happening currently is the direct result of misdirection. And the lone realistic voices that speak out against it, well, they’re laughed at. Ridiculed. Made less than they are.

That people have been so indoctrinated by human rights and being entitled to whatever they see, that they lose sight of what humans should really be entitled to – to earn and honest day’s wage with an honest day’s work. To have a work ethic. To earn the things they work for, and to strive to make life better for them. Not by receiving, but by working.

I’m thinking on a post about a brewing issue between two factions. A local squabble. Conservative and liberal. Both white men. Both outspoken. But one is trying to destroy the other’s livelihood, while the other is basically just saying what too many people are too yellow to admit because they’re scared of the consequences. The coward’s way – easy and comfortable, hiding behind the masses. Rather follow the stream than see what’s going on.

I may write it, I may not. What I do know – it has crept up on me, these squabbles. It has become something I know about. Something that upsets me. And that’s one thing I can live without.


Hope your day, your afternoon, your evening – whatever your time zone – is a good one ;-)

Shits & giggles.

Or something to that effect.

Quite a while ago, I “liked” a FB singles group. Mostly it’s just a bunch of people wallowing in the fact that they’re single, many of them can be conservatively classed as, um, strange, but they often have good little quotes and anecdotes that I can, in turn, share with the rest of the world.

But, since it’s a site for singles, sometimes a friend request from a man will come through and the chatting ensues. First on FB, then you move over to whatsapp or whatever you prefer to use.

This then happened. Friend request from this person. His FB header was a whole lot of Terry Pratchett books, which scored him some major brownie points. Alas.

Brownie points or not, he does not pass muster.

31 years old. Lives with his pensioner mom. Does not have a car. IT guy – typically so with the thin neck, sallow complexion, head too big for his body. And seems to think that the BDSM lifestyle is just the thing for him, He’s a Dom you see. Imagine one of those disbelieving smiley faces and superimpose it on my face. My exact words, after I finished giggling, was that I can’t see myself letting a boy do a man’s work ;-)

Apparently he had one of these kinked up relationships. His first one. With an ancient like me. Of course, it goes without saying that all ancients have read the 50 shades of grey crap and just loved the crap out of it and just can’t wait to find some random youngster to try the crap out with. No. Not this particular ancient so much. I hated the book, will not read the rest and am doubtful if I want to see the movie.

And. If I do decide to let somebody tie me up, I have to be 600% certain that he knows what he’s doing. And is comfortable enough in his skin to know when enough is enough. That he’s an actual Alpha male and not just a pip squeak trying to be Alpha because everywhere else in his life he sucks ass!!

Every day humanity throws something at me that I can’t quite grasp. It’s not really surprising, but it is silly. And I’m not in the mood to be the recipient of their inanities anymore.

On the upside, I am chatting to yet another dude, a Rhodesian this time, but he works in Africa somewhere. Not a young man, seems nice so far, laugh at my jokes ;-) Time will tell what, if anything, will happen with that. I am, as ever, cautiously optimistic, but very realistic – life tends to happen when we’re not looking.