Dear Peggy

It’s been a long time. And now it’s going to be never. 

Death. The Great Equalizer. The one thing that ends everything. The one thing that there’s no coming back from.  The thing that makes us regret the things we should have done but neglected to do. 

I was wrapped up in my own misery. Wrapped up in mu own hurt feelings, running away from the world. And l missed your passing. I hid from everything and every one and l did not tell you how much you meant to me. Did not keep up with your life the way you did me. 

It’s to late now. The Reaper took you. Yes, you were ill. It was only a matter of time. Time that l did not take and make use of. Because l was hiding. Trying to not get hurt yet again. I only found out by accident  that you were no more. 

So l thought l’d write you a letter. You will never read it and for that l am sorry. But you have been in my thoughts. Always. 

You would like what my life has become. I am less fearful. More inclined to show sympathy. More willing to see the other side. Less righteous. I don’t make promisesl know l can’t keep, l just live my life as set down in the Word. The Word we both shared. I’m not perfect. But l am striving to become better. 

My dearest Peg. Rest in peace in the Lord’s arms. Hopefully you will know that you have played a big part in my life even though it was from afar. And l will not forget you. As long as you live in people’s hearts, you will never be forgotten. Your death were the catalist for me bo oming active again. Life’s too short to hide from everything you’re scared of. The biggest prison is the one we build for ourselves out of fear and regret. So. I will be less fearful, braver. And hopefully, have less regrets. 

I will miss you Peg. But l know you are better off now than you have been in life. Hope you went gently. 

All my love. 


6 comments on “Dear Peggy

  1. I suppose it would be a good rule to follow to find an opportunity, even only once, to say to the people one values the sorts of things one would want to utter if one knew they would no longer be there tomorrow.

    • It’s one of the biggest things we forget Col. That nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed. We should live with that certainty always. So, I’m trying to do that as much as possible.

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