On serfdom…

And here we are, once again.

At long last I have something to share, other than misery!

I have 5 and a bit days left of working at the current company. Have to say, they can’t go by fast enough. The more I listen, the more I realise that, as sorry as that makes me, it’s not a good place to work for.

Returning to the heading.

As with many company driven by sales they have a certain amount of sales people. Those sales people in turn work for key account managers and sales managers – the usual.

How I got to the serfdom thing : The world needs serfs. They need garbage collectors. Plumbers. Greasy fish & chip shop owners. What the world don’t really need more of, according to the wisdom of Ghia, would be key account managers and HR officials.

Alas. They are a part of our lives regardless.

So. We have this KAM here. Young chick. Very much in awe of her own supposed magnificence. Little blonde thing. Biggest snob and name dropper you have even come across in your entire life! Me, I don’t drop names, even if I have any to drop – bad enough I chuck my own name to the winds every so often, don’t have to do that to other people’s names. Said chick is also very competitive. Her counterpart, another blonde little thing, is so much better than the super cow. The second one has the body, the personality, the husband, the life, the second one can only dream about. So I listen to them. When the cute one has anything to say, the uncute one always has something better to say. Almost like that dog in Aristocats. I’m the leader and I’ll say when it’s the end, kind of thing…

So, yesterday, the uncute one has a travel request. I duly send the info to the people in question, get an answer. One flight was 15 minutes earlier and less expensive, so I asked Ms cow if she could possibly be at the airport 15 minutes earlier. “I can say now, I’ll have to let you know” “All I want to know is if you can be at the airport a little earlier” “DOn’t you get cheeky with me!!”

Ok. Fine.

How dare you, a lowly serf, address the Queen of Cow in such a callow manner? How dare you even deign to impugn her Sovereign Majesty’s better knowledge of everything under the sun? In what lifetime could you, the lowly receptionist, even think it would be acceptable for you to insist on an answer when Her Royal Highness does not feel like answering you?

I’m still kind of gasping for breath on that one. I mean really. Since when do you speak to anybody like that? In the workplace? No matter the fact that I’m in a lower position than you. No matter the fact that I could actually have cleaned your baby arse when you were a snotnosed, sniveling rugrat. No matter that I can still wipe your arse with one hand tied behind my back…

Chicklet, you have so much to learn my dear. Eventually, even the Queen of Cow will come to a fall. One of these days your seemingly perfect little life will chafe around the sides. You might become worse, but I doubt that you will ever become a better person.

I did not fight with the little thing. My superior wisdom, my superior experience, my superior age stopped me from what I would really have liked to do which was get up and give her a BRFS – Boksburg Running Fuck Slap, hitting her head against the table, in turn making her spit out her teeth, blood streaming from her broken nose, tears of utter despair and sheer terror running from her eyes…

Yes well. KAM – can’t live with them, can’t give them any BRFS’s either.

5.5 days and counting…

21 comments on “On serfdom…

  1. Hahaha. I really think you should write a novel. Your style is priceless, and you’ve got all the material at your fingertips. Do it, before you forget all the gory details. πŸ˜†

    • It was one of those moments where I could actually feel her nose bones crunch beneath my fist AD πŸ˜‰
      I doubt that I would ever forget this moment…

  2. Oooooh! The only cows I like are the real ones that roam the fields with the gorgeous eyelashes, those are the true beauties of the world. These little bimbo human cows just aren’t up to the real genuine cow standard πŸ˜‰

  3. Ghia, anyone who has to pul”don’t you get cheeky with me” line is (a) basically terribly insecure and (b) unhappy – with themselves, with their lives with whatever. Think about it: would a secure, contented person NEED to speak to ANYONE like that? I don’t think so. As you pointed out, she’s got a long (possibly uphill) way to go…..

    • Thankfully she’s gone next week, so I don’t have to deal with that crap my last few days!!
      Poor girl – wonder what she would be like a few years from now…

    • I did look it up P… I’ll gladly accept the compliment πŸ˜‰
      It’s nothing but the truth – the story, not my genius πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh my, good for YOU! I remember years ago when situations like this involved me–as the received not the sender. I agree, this little miss is insecure and is (she thinks) lording it over someone else. What a piece of work. Somehow she got the idea there are two parts of brain attached upstairs.

    • What gets me is the fact that those people seem to glide through life, with nary a bump in the road.
      Oh well, I’ll be well rid of her!

  5. It’s disgusting how people treat others that are “below” them in the so called ranking system. The true way to judge a person is to see how they treat their inferiors, just goes to show that she really, really is a crap person

  6. You get people like that everywhere, jumped up little shits… there is a saying “be nice to the people on the way up as you never know who you will meet on the way down”.

  7. Natural blonde, or peroxided version? I guess if one didn’t have fantasies sometimes about re-arranging certain bitches’ faces, or saying really clever things to put them in their places, one would self-destruct. There’s a terrible lack of respect out there shown towards anyone over forty, by a whole load of snot-faced under forties.

    • A highlighted version. Only goes to the upper class hairdressers for her particular brand of lock-ness…
      Not that I really mind confrontation, at work I do try to avoid them at all costs. Since I’m well able to give as good as I get, sarcasm being my third language, in this instance it would have been completely useless – I just kept quiet. She needs to speak to me more often than I need to speak to her, and I can stay quiet with the best of them πŸ˜‰
      As for the young ones not treating the old ones with respect – I just sit back. Eventually they’ll be old too πŸ™‚
      Picture an evil grin right here!!

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