On wanting…

A Knight in shining armour…
Riding a fiery steed named Star, swooping down from the mists of time, saving you from yourself, life and the clamouring hordes waiting to tar and feather you…

And getting the equivalent of a 16 year old squire riding a used up mule named Dora, brandishing a floppy fish and using a dustbin lid as a shield.

Or rather, as in my case, getting neither.

Yes, l’m reading a histerical romance again. Complete with an unwilling, 17 year old virgin, quickly succumbing to the lord of the manor. He of the massive shoulders, rippling pectorals and light dusting of hair deliciously crushing her heavy breats…

Yes. I’m neither 17, nor a virgin. Does that mean l don’t also deserve a respite?
Do l not also want to be swept off my feet by a man worthy of me? He does not have to have rippling pectorals, or a horse for that matter. Dusting of hair would be welcomed 😉

All he really has to be and do is think me the only woman for him. Look at me with soft eyes. Treat my foibles as part of me instead of reasons not to deal with me.

All this was brought upon, not only because of the book, traffic had a lot to do with it. I spent an hour sitting in a restaurant waiting for traffic to go away. And l still spent 45 minutes getting home. At 18:14 at night.

Is it really worth it?

Anyhow. At the studio now – quite the only thing worth getting up for in the mornings! Hope your evening is just swell…


19 comments on “On wanting…

  1. Still think you should write a sexy and romantic novel 😉 I’m so, so, so in love with a man at the moment. (No Hubbie, you don’t need to be jealous). This guy is the eccentric fifty-five-year-old in my novel-in-progress, who wasn’t meant to be the romantic and sexy one in the story!

    Get writing, Ghia!

    • I’m mulling Sarah 😉
      as for being in love with your lead character – I think that’s as it should be – your characters take over your life and turn into real beings while you’re bringing them to life…

  2. Ja…. Ghia, if I had a penny for every prince (with / without the rippling pectorals) that turned into a frog… 😉 I’m out of the loop here – what studio?

    • Yeah, they tend to do that. Turn into frogs and toads and al manner of slimy aquatic beings…
      Studio – where I stock up on soul food – the ballroom studio 😉

  3. I so enjoy reading your posts; there is a certain liberation in reaching a point in life where you can genuinely say what you mean and mean what you say! Hello from across the globe where life seems quite similar…

    • Hi Theresa!!
      Yes well, it’s only on the blogs that I can be as ruthlessly honest as I am. In real life – not much tolerated 🙂
      Thanks for the read and the very kind comment!!

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