Firefighter Tom




This is what he looks like.

And apparently he’s just around the corner from me. I can be with him in a few minutes hard walking.

And he sent me a request!

Yes well.

If you find a man that looks like this in ANY of the fire departments in the whole of South Africa, I will personally lick his ass clean. Bring it on baby!


Moved the supper to tonight. To get it over and done with. Did not go too badly – we ended up talking cars. Why? Because I can 😉

Doggy bag in the frigde for tomorrow night’s supper, Amarula hot chocolate (delicious!!!) and brownie downed, with some meds for the still niggling back – tonight, sweet folk, I will sleep the sleep of the justly drugged!

Let me leave you with a druggie song…or at least a good tripping tune 😉


15 comments on “Firefighter Tom

    • Although, on second thought, I’ve spent a week studying with firefighters – they can be magnificent, but oh my God, they think they are God’s gift to women.

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