Music passion

Dolly over at allaboutlemon hosts the Music Passion.

This month the theme is spring – regardless of the fact that the lot of us in the southern hemisphere are moving in to autumn and winter 😉

So, here’s my contribution to this month’s theme – hope you enjoy!


20 comments on “Music passion

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      • There’s not enough hours in a day to still switch on my laptop after work. I’ll be up til way past midnight if I do and I think it’s actually better that I get my beauty sleep

  2. Went to see this incredible man/singer when he was in Sydney in 2011. I’d admired him all my life, and now I’ve seen and heard him up close.
    This is absolutely delightful, Ghia….

      • I couldn’t believe his voice; it seems to have gotten stronger, and not weaker as is the case for most singers in their later years.
        The concert was in the Sydney Opera House, famed for its acoustics. He was amazed by the sound produced within the concert hall. To show the extent of the great acoustics he sang one song without a mike. It was then I realised the strength of this man’s voice.
        I am still a little overawed, and like that little girl who played her parent’s LPs…
        I got to see Tony Bennett… Yeah!!!

      • No wonder you are still in awe – that must have been an amazing experience!!
        And that is quite something to mention to people – I would love to see Mr Bennett 😉

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