It’s morning.

The day dawned while I was still fast asleep.

Would have liked to keep it that way, but I could not. Things to do and people to see. Not to mention a plan has to be made with this constant bloody toothache! Suppose I’ll have to drink an anti-inflammatory with the antibiotics. And get some probiflora tablets to negate the effects of the anitbiotics – such fun dealing with other people’s uselessness!

What’s irked me this morning though – not the old man’s incessant barking at the garden engineer and the lawnmower. Or the little brown bitch’s constant licking under the desk where I’m sitting now – kind of like that dog in “Long Kiss Goodnight” If it’s not out by now, chances are it’s probably going to be stuck there for all time.

No. What’s irked me this morning is yet another bloke! Just a random – one of those from across the waters. I did not instigate the conversation, I never do, he did. And, last night, just before I went to bed, he asks me a question about my sex life. Right from left field! We’ve been chatting about family and heights and normal things and here comes this question!

In answer I tell him that I have no interest at all in his sex life and to please not be asking for naked pics – because that’s the inevitable road these kind of questions lead to. Been there, done that numerous times, learned my lesson well.

I get a reply this morning – I actually insulted him by my surmise that he would be asking for naked pics. I told him to go back and read his thread – then we’ll see who started the insulting. Do I know just how annoying I can be he asks me. Yes dude. I know exactly how annoying I can be. I know this because it’s a deliberate act. Begs me to give him a link to my blog. I’m adamant about that – I will not let people I know on a personal level, read my stuff. They will get offended, and then I will have to deal with the fall-out. This I told the dude, and this morning, after seeing just how easily he is offended, I told him that it was just as well he’s not reading my blog!!

I lay ground rules. He gets offended. What is it with people and honesty? I would much prefer to be told the truth, no matter how much it hurts – once it’s been told and dealt with, you can move right along. Why get defensive when you hear a truth you don’t want to though? And even if that’s normal human reaction, why pass the blame to the truth teller and not take it on your own shoulders, where it belongs?

And why, oh why, do I have to be asked those questions time and time again? Why can we not just have a normal conversation about all kinds of crap? Or does all roads eventually lead to sex?

I really don’t know why that has to be so. Really can’t see the reasoning for that. Maybe it’s something on cyber space. Maybe it’s just me.

What I do know is that, in being honest with them cuts no mustard. They don’t like it, and then they blame me for their guilt or whatever. Am I going to stop saying the things I do? Not quite. It really is the only way of separating the chaff from the wheat.

And on that note, let me leave you with a song and a joke, not in that order.

The Old Explorer

A young reporter went to a retirement home to interview an aged but legendary explorer. The reporter asked the old man to tell him the most frightening experience he had ever had.

The old explorer said, “Once I was hunting Bengal tigers in the jungles of India. I was on a narrow path and my faithful native gun bearer was behind me. Suddenly the largest tiger I have ever seen leaped onto the path in front of us. I turned to get my weapon only to find the native had fled. The tiger leaped toward me with a mighty ROARRRR! I just soiled myself.”

The reporter said, “Under those circumstances anyone would have done the same.”

The old explorer said, “No, not back then – just now when I went ””ROARRRR!”””


21 comments on “It’s morning.

  1. A toothache is guaranteed to make a person doubly likely to bite someone’s head off! (no apologies for the pun). It’s also absolutely not the occasion to mention sex. I think the world is sex obsessed and I don’t get it. I’d rather be writing than working up a sweat in bed, but I guess my hormones ain’t what they used to be.

    In my experience, antibiotics have never worked on my teeth the twice I had an abscess. I took homeopathic “hepar sulph” during the draining down process, which helped draw the poison out. When I had a trapped bit of poison behind a root filling, I took homeopathic “silica”, which dispensed with the encapsulated poison. You may not have the patience to use homeopathic remedies, as they work better during the course of the treatment if you abstain from alcohol and coffee, and don’t use mint toothpaste. Also, no smoking close to the times you take the remedy. On the other hand, you don’t want to stay in screaming pain.

    • Don’t get me wrong Sarah – I like a romp as much as the next person. Just not all the effing time!!! For heavens’ sake!!! Do they have no lives other than sex lives? no interests or hobbies or, for that matter, bloody books to read?
      I’m just completely out of ideas in this regard. I’ve tried everything, and no matter what I do, it always leads back there. Maybe if it was somebody that I could see myself actually do anything with, I might have reacted differently. As it is, I like my men a bit more manly and a lot less complaining than this particular fellow. Just makes me sick!
      As for the homeopathic remedies, I will have to do the research and see if I can get it here.Luckily I don’t drink much alcohol, if at all, and can do water instead of coffee while I’m taking the treatment. The one I have going now – i think i caught it before too much pressure built from the abscess. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll feel some relief.
      You’re right, I don’t want to stay in screaming pain – I’d rather give birth again than have toothache!!!

    • i just don’t understand it PPD!!
      Do they have nothing else to say to a woman other than asking the bra size?
      Ek’s heeltemal moedeloos!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the tooth. I had a tooth abscess one and a dentist, not my own, pulled out the tooth anyway. Had to take antibiotics for a long time after.

    I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand about drawing a line. When does personal stop being personal. What a question? Arg.

    • Luckily my current dentist don’t pull a tooth unless he really HAS to!!
      As for the personal – I think people just want to speed everything up. Don’t want to spend time to take things slowly and get a feel for one another. And apparently, asking personal questions like that is the norm these days rather than the exception!!

  3. J, sorry about the toothache. Been there many a time. What with the toothache, that guy never stood a chance and was a fool for not listening to warning signs.

    • Damn fool men!!! They’re always on about women using innuendo as opposed to actual words. And when you do use actual words, they get offended – just can’t win!
      As for the tooth – it calmed down. And then I dared eat. Think I’ll live on Myprodols until next week 😉

  4. What do you mean????? Do you mean to tell me that all roads (for men and some women) do not lead to sex…!?! As far as I know, Ghia, this is a universal truth: All roads lead to sex…. There, it is said…. Now, if only we could get these blokes on the dance floor, maybe, just maybe they’d expend all their energy there…. Hmmmmm… so that’s why……………

    • Do they have to take the express way though?
      Never heard of meandering through the lake area and watching the birds and such?
      I would prefer that 😉

  5. Hope you get your tooth sorted out girl.
    Poor old explorer, the memory of the tiger incident might have been hard to handle:-)

  6. lost of sympathy about the toothache. About the bloke, yes I understand, its as though all the conversations he’s been having with you are just simply to get to this point…very irritating and disappointing 😦

    • Thanks for the sympathy Esperanza!!!
      As for the dude – it would seem that all conversations everywhere leads to that.
      I should just accept this…

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