One of the chicks at work today got delivery of her new iPhone 5.

She changed fruit from a blackberry to the apple.

And I’m thinking she only did it because her younger, prettier, more easy going work partner has only an iPhone 4.

And that’s where appreciation come in.

Some things should only be given to those that appreciates the beauty of the design.

Be it a car or a dress or a piece of furniture or technology.

How many people get things because it’s the latest, or because they want to one-up their buddies?

And how many of those people actually appreciate the intricate workings of the device. The sleekness of the design, the ease of use?

There’s my ex sister in law – has an iPad. With all the bells and whistles. And she has never used it. She can’t appreciate what she has in her hands, what she can do with it, how much easier it can make her life. Or just how many books she can download onto a 64 gb iPad 😉

Alas. As with everything, there are priorities. I like technology. I like the comfort it gives to my life. And I don’t always think newest is best. Because it is not always an improvement. So I can live with my gorgeous phone for another year if need be. It does not need replacing, everything is still working beautifully, and why scratch where it’s not itching?

The Audi I want is not one of the new sort. It’s a 2007 model. A Beast. But a beautiful one, and everything on that car is just perfect. I don’t want a new one. Because they’re as common as dirt. But the older ones – not common, and still beautiful.

And not everybody feels the need to appreciate anything. For them, ownership is enough. One-upmanship is the ultimate reason. Having the best and the brightest first is all that counts.

And yes. I am slightly miffed because I don’t have one myself…


25 comments on “Appreciation

    • Not just any Audi Esperanza – has to be the 2007 RS4. Electric blue. A Beast!
      And I will continue to love my phone through thick and thin – we’ve got a good thing going here 🙂

  1. My dad is one of those who always want the newest thing, my aunt says he’s been like that from a young age. It’s nice to get an upgrade, like for a phone, every 2 or 3 years but I don’t think there’s a need to change all the time. Like those that change everytime a new iPhone comes out, that’s insane!

    • Don’t get me wrong – I’ll get the iPhone 5 when my contract is expired, but even so, it will be a wrench to not have my old baby with me. And if the new one gives me a minute of shit, it will be back to the old, working one 😉

    • Have to say, the Vista I use on my home pc has not given me any major issues.But I’ve heard there were trouble in the workplace.
      For me the worst upgrade was form 98 to 2000 pro – that was the most difficult thing to work with!!

      • I had that notorious Vista loop – it was a real hassle to get rid of it.
        Anyway, although I have 7 on the laptop, my programme of choice is still the XP Pro on my main computer.

  2. my kids have far better phones and laptops than I do. They run their entire lives from their phones while I use mine to read my mail, make calls and once in a blue moon receive a call. Oh yes, I also have my early morning alarm on it just in case Eskom drop our power due to power sharing 🙂 Like your choice of car!

    • You know the Audi of which I speak? The RS4. Grrrr – the first time I heard that car, I lit a smoke – it was that good!
      As for my phone – it’s more readily accessible in the sense of getting a new one regularly than a laptop. As such, my laptop is almost 4 years old already, but not my phone. And I would really be lost without my baby – not because I communicate all that much with it, but because I use it for recreation 😉

  3. Ghia, did you ever read “An Artist of the Floating World” by Kazuo Ishiguro (the Japanese author who wrote “Remains of the Day”). In “An Artist” this wealthy Japanese family wants to sell their house / mansion and decide that they won’t sell it to the one with the most MONEY, but the one with the most MERIT. And so they choose an artist to sell it to. I like that concept. A lot. Imagins if the whole wordl could run along those lines….

    • Imagine.
      I see so many people that have just no appreciation for anything around them.
      Not nature. Not the technology they’re using. Not the ease of living.
      Mostly the young ones though – they’re too used to everything I think…

  4. I would agree, but I don’t like technology at all even though it proves to better lives, comfort- and medical-wise. But, if someone really needs to be part of that stereotype, having the phone for the sheer idea of gaining control in their social status, let them find truth for themselves . . . 😉

    • Absolutely Tess 😉
      I’m looking at my baby now – think I’ll be hard pressed to let go of him if I should ever get an upgrade on my contract – he’s been good to me 😉

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