Yes, the kind you get from a box, and that damages your lungs and teeth and fingers and clothes..


It’s the kind I’ve been doing for many years, and I’m not likely to stop anytime soon.

Why not? Well, I like smoking. Sure it causes more damage than not, but it’s still one of life’s little pleasures – for me at any rate.

I’m not harming anybody but myself in doing it, I can do it at home, keeps me occupied, makes for a social circle anywhere smokers have been banished to the outer reaches of officedom…

Not what this post is about though.

The non-smokers won’t know what I’m talking about, the stopped smokers will tell me to stop and the smokers may or may not agree with me. It is, however, my opinion, and it is going to be aired.

I my 20 odd years of smoking I’ve learned a few things. I try and have a back up lighter with me everywhere I go. Even a back up pack of smokes. Things happen all the time. Lighters empty, packs get lost, stolen. And instead of rushing around trying to find either a smoke or a lighter, have spares and back ups.

I do not lend out my lighter. Especially not the one I’m using now – it’s only a bic, but the cover I got from Istanbul, and it’s precious to me, so I’m not planning on letting it go out of my sight. To that end I have a box of matches – if you’re desperate enough for a light, matches will do just fine. If you’re going to pull up your nose at using matches, you clearly don’t want to smoke badly enough. I’ve lost too many lighters in my lifetime as a smoker, and then I was the one being left high and dry because some ass took my lighter. So, when I say I don’t lend out my lighter, it’s about more than just being anal. It’s about the hard taskmaster of experience and having been burnt a few times.

If I run out of smokes, and I have money to go and buy more, I’ll ask somebody for a smoke. If I don’t have money though, I’d really rather suffer through withdrawal than to ask. Pride at it’s worst, I know. But it’s more than that. The few days before payday is always the worst for most people. When everything is running low, smokes too. And you don’t always have money to replenish the stocks. I try and make sure I have enough smokes to last me the whole month. And I know it’s difficult for everybody. But hey. You’re not the only one that’s only getting paid tomorrow. I’m in the same boat as you. Only difference is, I will rather smoke a bloody pipe than to bum a smoke!

Guys on the side of the road selling all kinds of weird and wonderful crap. Constantly asking me for a smoke. I never give. You can’t buy, you don’t smoke. It’s as easy as that. And why should I give you a smoke? Because I feel sorry for you? I don’t actually. And I’ve been in that same boat believe you me! And I would really rather make another plan than to have to ask for smokes from all and sundry.

This mini-rant was brought about by somebody wanting to borrow my lighter today. I told her, no, I don’t actually lend out my lighter, but that I have matches for just such an occasion. She got her g string in a knot and did not go for the smoke. Without really bothering to figure out why I did what I did. Not because she was going to eat the lighter or damaging it on purpose or losing it on purpose – I’d really rather not take that chance. If I lose it, it’s my fault. If somebody else lose it, it will be theirs, but they don’t really care about the whole deal – it’s only a lighter after all.

Since I’m usually prepared for most eventualities, why can’t they be too?

And yes, I realise how utterly anal I sound. It’s just one of those things I’m afraid.

And thank heavens!! Friday is almost done!!!


27 comments on “Smokin’

  1. I’ve lost more lighters than I care to remember. I always carry the small bic lighters with me but don’t ever get to use them until the gas is finished. I figure I should have shares in the company by now!

    Happy Friday!

    • I had a beautiful Zippo once. Was stolen.
      I never lend out my lighter, period!
      As for pipe smoking, I can never get the darned thing to stay smokin 😉

  2. Like, like, like. I smoke (a lot) and people are always harping on about it. The irony is (1) that I jog a lot too (jog, mind you, not run) and (2) -touch wood- have no health problems. The ones who have the biggest problem with my smoking are usually obese people (I don’t know why) who are RIDDLED with health problems.
    And — these statistics are relatively well-known but no-one cares to discuss them: In the average lung cancer ward (acros the world) maybe 50% of patients NEVER smoked. Uncomfortable isn’t it.
    I don’t have issues about asking for a ciggie from another smoker because next time I’ll do the same (if you’re a smoker NOT a beggar).
    I’ve never NOT had money for ciggies. Just eat less. 😉

    • not everybody that smokes get cancer and not every cancer patient smoked.
      I’m still relatively healthy, as you say, touch wood, but everybody has to die of something 😉
      And you’re right – there are always money for smokes. But I still never bum. Hate it when they bum from me, so I can’t very well do the same, now can I!

  3. I have found that never smoking indoors, and always watching the numbers I smoke (without being fanatical) has enabled me to keep within 3 a day for a good few years now. I am currently a bit under three. I carry 1 ex chippo lighter, and one very good totally windproof one which I hardly ever use – but it is there!

  4. Smoke away ghia. I’d rather see you a happy camper than filed with misery. As for your lighter, too bad if they don’t understand how precious it is for you. BTW, I am a smoker too.

  5. I don’t mind smokers at all as long as they don’t blow it towards my direction.
    I’d never touch cigarettes, can’t stand the smell, but I do smoke hubbly quite often

  6. II am reading this on Sunday, trying to catchup (but I know I never will). I know what you mean about lending and losing things. No means NO.

    Well, I smoked for 25 years because I enjoyed it. It was hard quitting but after many tries I did–about 20 years ago. I finally don’t miss it.

  7. I am like you in as much I am always stocked up. In the times when I have run out and bummed one, my penalty was to replace the one I borrowed with a pack of their brand. Keeps me honest.

  8. I’m the same way . . . 😉 but I don’t care about the lighter for I already have the spare . . . 😛 but the casing is what’s more sentimental and important, don’t lend it out! 😉

  9. we definitely think along the same lines, I’ve got tons of lights, smokes and matches in my bag, car and house. I have my own little ‘rules’ and etiquettes. Lighters are like socks, they always go missing!

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