Music Passion.



Howdy folks!!!

Dolly, from allaboutlemon has done me the great honour this month of choosing the theme for May.

I chose the word “Please”

Feel free to join us with your tune with the word please anywhere in the song or the title – all are welcome!!

So, to kick things off, here’s my “Please” song for this month.

18 comments on “Music Passion.

  1. This is a great selection and a very exciting and interesting theme too for this month… I can’t wait to find my “Please” already 😀
    Thanks so much Ghia 🙂 mmwahhh!

  2. Heavy words are hard to take
    Under pressure precious things can break
    How we feel is hard to fake
    So let’s not give the game away


    And fools rush in
    And I’ve been the fool before
    This time I’m gonna slow down
    ‘Cause I think this could be more
    The thing I’m looking for

    Liking these lyrics

  3. Lovely voice. Lovely song 🙂 Interesting words, too. Traditionally, the declaration of love is usually harder for the man than the woman. It doesn’t mean that men don’t feel it, but they play more of the advance/retreat/advance game than women before making any kind of emotional commitment. But perhaps that’s a generalisation. I think the older and more damaged we get, the harder it becomes to say it at all, whichever gender you are.

    • You’re right there Sarah.
      For me to say the words to any man will mean that he’s broken through all my walls, traipsed over the barbed wire, traversed the mine field, managed to get into the sanctum sanctorum – in other words, he will be a man of worth 😉
      Glad you liked the tune 🙂

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