I’ve been tagged.

Thanks young man 😉

Much appreciated!!

Here’s how it goes…

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

I’ll rise to the occasion, but I doubt that any of my followers will be taking up the challenge should I extend it, so I’ll not tag anybody. And just the thought of thinking up 11 quirky questions has me trembling with, well, with fear 😉


Here goes.

A photo. Of myself. Do you have any idea how I kick against that whenever I’m asked to send a pic? Granted the pics the askers have in mind usually don’t have to involve the face at all. Another reason why I refrain from posting too many pics. But, for this exercise, here goes :


Me in Istanbul in front of the Aiya Sophia. Photo taken by my dude 😉


11 random facts about me. Wonder if there’s anything you don’t already know about me, but I’ll give it a try.

1. I love driving. Not in traffic. Long distances, open road, at night preferably.

2. Sweet would be my food of choice. Chocolates. Creme brulee. Chocolate cake. Biscuits. And strawberry pop tarts!!

3. Starbucks double shots in a can grabbed me and has not let me go. I have a few still in the fridge that I hoard like a miser!

4. Absolutely love soda floats. Root beer is best, but coke works too.

5. I never buy make-up, but will splurge on nail polish.

6. Hardly ever buy clothes, but I can always be persuaded to get yet another pair of black court shoes!

7. Jewellery I usually spend money on – bangles and earrings. The cheaper the better. Clangy ones, thick ones, beaded ones, black ones. Love bangles!

8. One of my greatest pleasures are to crack open a brand new book. But by the same token, I can spend hours in a second hand bookshop.

9. Love hardware stores. Spend money there that I will never spend on clothes.

10. I wear men’s clothes. Shirts and shorts. Sometimes even boxers 😉 Way cheaper and they fit my shoulders better.

11. I’m really, deep down, a hopeless romantic. Still hope that a knight on a white steed will swoop in and take me away from everything.

Facts done. Now for the questions I have to answer.


1) What is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen that wasn’t supposed to be a comedy?  (MST3K movies don’t count.) Had to think about this one. Going to have to say Edward Scissorhands. 

2) What is the least funny movie you’ve ever seen that was supposed to be a comedy? Due Date. Love Robert Downy JR. Hated the movie! Cringe all the way.

3) Is there a line, for you, where one side the comedy is genius, and the other side is “too far?”  Yes. Be funny. I love laughing. Do not ever stand on a soap box and try to get me over to your side with comedy. I’m not an idiot. I’m here to laugh at what you say, not change my point of view.

4) If you ever said, “Hey boys, lookie what I got here,” what would you have?  What would I have? In all probability a cool new power tool 😉 I’m in the market for a router with all manner of bits.

5) Can you ever see yourself crushing on Mongo? Crushing or crashing? I had to Google this. Even though I watched Flash Gordon about 300 years ago, I was never a huge fan. Being a girl and all that. But no. Can’t see myself doing either. Unless old Flash came to life – then I may be crushing.

6) Why are you SO tired? Why indeed. Probably old age creeping up and I’m not taking notice of it 😉

7) Where are all the *ahem* women at? They’re in front of their computers, looking for love in unlikely places, being propositioned by short, paunchy, bald gigolo’s.

8) If you could send a telegram, who would you send one to and what would it say? I would send it to my dude from the airport. “Honey, I’m home!”

9) Who would you want to choreograph your dance routine? Might be a bit mouldy, but if I can dance said routine with Mr Swayze, I would want him to choreograph it.

10) If you could ride off into the sunset, would you pick a limo to do it in? Or…? Would be on my brand-new Harley nightster. Kitted out in full leathers, panniers filled with clothes and stuff. To start my new life with you see.

11) Would you ever ride a horse on a blazing saddle? Is the saddle blazing with chilies? Or fire? Probably not then. The last time I tried to get onto a horse did not go so well, so I’ll probably not be riding one anytime soon – saddle or no…


Since I’m not tagging anybody for this challenge, I’ll leave you with a tune that still has me laughing – do enjoy!



12 comments on “I’ve been tagged.

  1. Love your answers (and the facts too)! And nothing, absolutely nothing, beats a root bear float made with IBC poured from a glass bottle. Except, maybe, a giant slice of a chocolate – chocolate – chocolate cake. 😉

    • My dude made me my first root beer float with A&W in the defac at Slayer. Best thing I’ve ever tasted 😉
      As for chocolate cake – my mom has a recipe that just makes the most delicious cake. With a caramelized condensed milk filling and home made butter icing on top – just the most divine thing ever!
      Glad you liked my answers and my facts young man 😉

  2. I don’t go in for sweets anymore, which is strange because I know lots of mature ladies my age who love sweets. I love your answer about the earrings. Love to compare collections.

    Ghia. Lots of work. You’ve done well. Interesting answers and new questions,

    • When I was in Istanbul we went into a shop that had just earrings in it. All the walls, even hanging from the ceiling – I bought so many pairs there 😉
      Sweets have always been my thing – which is why i look the way I do 😉
      It took some thinking, but I got there – thanks Tess 😉

    • That’s only somewhat what I look like Ric 😉
      A lot has changed since that picture was taken!
      But the advice will stay the same 🙂

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