Damage done.

This morning, after waking up and while having my first cup of Joe for the day, I kept on feeling unsettled.

Went through the reasons why I usually feel that way.

Guys – nope, nothing that will make my emotions go crazy.

Job – not that either. Have one, and the potential for either extension or hopefully something better.

Money – not that either. Still don’t have a lot, but everything’s paid and I have no people hounding me for missed payments.

And then it dawned on me.

The reason I’m feeling so unsettled is because of the government that’s ruling the country I call home.

Now, I don’t suppose any government in the world are good. Politicians seems to be a bunch of greedy, grabbing, stupid idiots. Not able to see the forest for the trees or something that’s as plain as the nose on their faces. Then again, I don’t suppose you are ever going to be able to keep everybody happy, so it’s no use even trying.

And the world at large seems to be moving into a different era. An era where the haves are being lashed for what they have, and guilted into giving more and more the the have-nots. The have’s don’t procreate at a very great rate. The have-nots do. Causing the balance to shift from prosperity to poverty.

That’s just an aside.

Here in South Africa we’ve just had a budget speech that promises to milk the tax payer even more than they already are. Why? Because half the population in this country are illegal immigrants, sneaking into my country because their’s are up to maggots. They come here, and it falls to the taxpayer and the government to lighten their plight. We have a cabinet full of some of the most corrupt people you have ever had the misfortune of coming across. Daily reports of money wasted on parties and luxury cars, housing, hotel rooms, flights.

So, forgive me for thinking that the government wants more money, not to fix the infrastructure. Or to build more houses. Or to do more research in AIDS. Or to feed all the bloody pot-belllied kids running around naked everywhere.

No. From past experience, and proven occurences, they want more money because they need more money to cater to their luxurious needs. And me and my fellow taxpayer have to pay for it. I have to fork out my hard earned cash everywhere. And I’m still being lauded as the enemy.

Which brings me to the real reason for being so unsettled today.

Read this and weep.

I’m an Afrikaner. I am the mother of two Afrikaner boys. I am proud of them. They were brought up in the Calvinistic way. With manners. A good knowledge of right and wrong. A decent set of values. And I am personally affronted by the allegations made by this cretininous vermin.

What did she think when she made these statements? Has any research gone into her allegations? Are their any proof that the biggest group of murderers and rapist in this country are white, Afrikaans young men? I’m thinking, not actually no. Just because one young, Afrikaans male lost his temper, or whatever the hell happened there, does not mean that all white Afrikaans males are of that unstable mien.

Had it been a white member of parliament that said that, well. He might very well have been assassinated for his racist hate speech. This woman gets away with an apology. In general. Because she can.

But the damage has already been done Madam Minister. What you tried to accomplish has happened. Now more people think of me and my fellow Afrikaans speaking people as the enemy. The White rubbish that took your land away from you and should be killed and removed by any means necessary. Thanks for that.

Your apology means nothing. Not to me, not to my children, and not to the rest of my people.

And this is where my general “live-and-let-live” attitude goes down the tubes. Do unto me, I will do unto you.

Next time I’m at a robot and some blind person begs me for money – am I going to give it to them? No, I’m not. I’m the enemy. Why should I help you?

The next time I’m being asked to help a charity, am I going to help? No, I’m not. Get your government to help you with that. You voted them in, look to them for help. Enemies don’t help their would be killers.

Will I go out of my way to let a black person into the cue ahead of me in traffic? Probably not.

Is this my fault?

It is not. I’m not the one making defamatory statements in public about black people. I’m not the one fanning the fires of racial hatred.

I am however the one that has always been quite willing to let people do what they have to do unless it affects my way of living. I have ever been the one to let the sun shine on everybody, regardless of colour or creed or religion.

And with every statement the idiots in government makes about me and my kind, they’re making it more and more difficult for me to live and let live. They’re making it more difficult for me to earn a living. They’re making it more difficult for me to allow the sun to shine on everybody.

Because they won’t allow that little grace for me, why should I allow that for them?

Instead of drawing people together, all they’re trying to do is to make the divide look bigger than it is. Fact is, we’re all going bent under the yoke of an inept government. And their smoke and mirror parlour tricks are working to make it seem not so.

Of course there’s talk – more and more young people are riling against what the current government is doing. They are very lone voices though. Peer and parental pressure. Societal pressure. All these things stops them from doing their voting in a fashion that will benefit more than just a select few currently in power.

So I’m thinking that the way things are now is the way it will continue.

Until they’ve removed every white person in general and every white Afrikaans person in particular from this suckheap. I can only hope I’ll be able to leave here on an aeroplane instead of in a pine box.



21 comments on “Damage done.

      • Yes, I heard it on the news too but I wonder how she apologised.. Did she take it on herself to make a proper apology or just simply sit in the comfort of her office and issue a statement? Was it a heartfelt apology? dunno. And yes I agree, damage has been done…

      • Do you really think it would make a difference if the apology was heartfelt? She did it because she had to. Because what she wanted to accomplish has been accomplished. The words have been spoken, and cannot be unspoken.
        Making whiteys look even worse in the eye of the voters – that was her only angle.

  1. Don’t know what to say…!
    Living in a country (Oz) where there is racism that is still under the veil, so to speak, in many ways – it is difficult to imagine an individual in a prominent position speaking such words of hatred. You are right – the words cannot be removed from the consciousness; they have been spoken and no amount of apology can erase them.

    • Racism, Carol, is a very natural phenomenon. I’m not saying it’s right, but racism and segregation has ever been, and will ever be, a part of the Human Condition. You can’t get away from it, you can’t take it away.
      All you can really do is live with it as best you can. And that’s quite possible when all parties concerned realise that we all have a role to play – and let us all play that role without negating one or the other.
      What she said may not have been quite hate speech. But she has made the divide bigger – and it’s a divide we don’t really need in this country.

  2. Feathers in the wind cannot be gathered back into the pillow case. She said it; she meant it, and the apology is meaningless. I so don’t want to return to SA next month. The whole scenario there and the what I read on news24, is nothing short of depressing. 😦

  3. I couldn’t believe when I heard about it on the news and the fact that people just accept the apology is absolute bull. Like you said, if a white person said it, they most probably would have been shot. Talk about double standards

    • i don’t accept the apology. It can’t unsay or undo the damage done by her proclamations.
      It’s always just so strange to me that nobody else seems to see what the ANC government are doing. Am I really that much more intelligent than the rest of the world? Can’t be! maybe I’m just less obtuse, My head in the air and not my arse.

    • Oh I think she knew very well what she said – it’s all geared towards doing the greatest damage in the least amount of time – and words have ever been stronger than anything else…

    • I don’t think this was just a question of a mouth running away from a brain.
      I think she knew exactly what she wanted to say do do the most damage.
      And I think we can ready ourselves for much more of the same!

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