I think this is going to be a bit of a rant.

Nothing major, just the usual things that’s heaped up for too long and needs to now bubble over.

Put in R100’s petrol today. Did not even let the fuel light go off. Because R100 these days buys you a whole 8 litres of fuel.

Going to have to fill up the tank with the rest of the money in my account, and hope it lasts until I get paid again.

Spoke to a recruiter today. The people she was phoning for is not prepared to pay more than R 11 000 for the job they’re advertising. In my view, not the worst salary I’ve ever been offered, but to drive all the way to Bedfordview and still pay my dues – probably not going to be such an easy thing to do.

Cosato is hosting a go-slow. They are blocking the highways and by-ways. Now I’m wondering. What on earth are you accomplishing you stupid fools? All you’re doing is making it more difficult for the rest of the working population to get to work and home. you should picket Sanral’s offices. You should picket your fat ass president’s house. Because he and they are the cause of this. Not me and mine. I just get to live with the screw ups you so freely distribute.

I just have to hear about the crap you’re causing. Using my hard earned cash to line your bloody pockets.

I’m not as enamoured as I might have been with being ostracized. I’m not as fond of my fellow road users as I was. Why? Because they’re all bloody cretins. They don’t respect anything or anybody. They drive just for themselves and screw the rest of the road users.

You want things to change for the better.

How can it when the highest of the high are a bunch of crooks?  That thing about Branson being dyslexic with no real schooling – holding that up as an ideal. Meaning that you can really actually be a wash-out, but you can still be as rich as that dude with all the gold. Midas, that’s the one. Or Croesus. Here it’s a bit different. You can rape. You can kill innocents. You can pillage. You don’t have to adhere to traffic rules. Don’t have to pay your dues – because your leaders are all rapists and killers and thieves and look where they are. They’re leading a whole country for heaven’s sake!! Why should I then go to school? The whole world know the ass wipe Julius Malema, and he does not even have std 8. Why do I have to earn an honest living if the government officials don’t have to?

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday – Fuck the Rhino. Save the white ou. And while it’s kind of sad, the play on words are actually spot on. Because the whiteys are being destroyed as surely as China is killing all our Rhino’s for their own personal horns. So they caught 4. Killed 3 and one is badly wounded. Probably in a private hospital recuperating on my dime. It’s just no use catching the poachers. there will always be more of them. Go to any squatter camp where the people live in your typical African squallor and you will find dozens of people prepared to kill a defenceless animal and hack it to pieces.

A young girl is raped and mutilated and killed. Everybody is up in arms. Something should be done. Sure something has to be done. What though? The president of this country was accused of rape not too long ago. And he’s STILL the bloody president! Do these voters think with their dicks? How do you tell a young man that raping anybody is wrong if the highest authority in the land has done it himself?? He’s the head man. The big Kahuna. He’s just the bee’s knees. A man. And he rapes. Why can’t I?

All the farm murders? White old people being killed in the most horrible ways. They’re the oppressors. They must be removed. We don’t want you kind here anymore. You must go back to where you come from. Look at what Zim did with the white colonialists. They removed them and now their country belongs just to them. No more white man to tell us what to do and what not to do. It’s what our leader fought for. And we will take back our country.

And really. As much as I’d like to get out of your hair, I have nowhere else to go. You will have to suck up my presence here as I have to suck up yours. I will continue to stop you from trying to intimidate me with your tyre levers against my windscreen. I will continue to look you in the eye even if I am a woman and as such, not worthy of your eye. I will force you to see me, and realise that I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to insist on being treated with the respect due my grey hair if nothing else.

I am an upstanding citizen of this screwed up hell hole of a suck heap. I pay my bills and my taxes just like the rest of you. I don’t HAVE to stand back and allow you to make me feel guilty for anything.

And you will just have to know that, and deal with it.

That’s it. Rant done. I don’t expect anybody from a different country to even bother to understand what it’s like to live here. So don’t. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge. Then we’ll talk again. Until then, hold your peace.





22 comments on “Pondering.

  1. Wow……..you really did tell it like it is this time, and you’re so right too. It’s true that no-one who’s not actually a whitey trying to make a living in SA, can understand what’s really happening there. I’m one of the very few fortunate ones with an alternative option, but most are like you, and stuck in the mire which our once beautiful country has become. 😦

    • And it is a mire AD. How the rest of the world can still even listen to our politicians is beyond me. It would seem they are just as stupid.
      I’m sure I will step on a few toes with this post, but really – is anything I’ve said not the truth?
      Oh how I sometimes wish I could just up sticks and go someplace else.
      Then again, doubt that it is any different anywhere else…

  2. It’s good to get it all out. It’s actually sad how true everything that you said is. I always used to have hope for this place but over the past year or so that’s basically evaporated

    • I don’t have much hope that anything will ever come right here.
      Africa’s history is just too ingrained and follows the exact same route always.
      Not going to change now.

  3. I think we should all picket Sanral’s offices until all the financuial dealings are made fully public and we can prosecute those who are allowing 80c in every rand of proposed road tolls to go to a foreign company. that is no way to pay for road upgrades.

    • The e toll is just another way for the cretins in government to suck us dry Sidey.
      They will get their way, they always do, and they will kill us all.

      • I don’t wanna cry. There is still hope somewhere, just gotta find it. I’m fucking mad!! Yesterday a few ‘rosyntjies’ came to my work and lounged around for I did not have space for them on the courts. I thought I could push the wall over and crush them. South African white people can get murderously angry . . . Yet, we have to sit and watch. god

      • Quite right. I sometimes sit in traffic and there’s something that stops me from just driving over people or through them/
        Not cool.
        Watch we will…

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