Something’s happening.

And I don’t quite know how to handle it.

So. A while ago, I get this invite to WAYN. Where Are You Now. Turns out to be a site where you can interact with people from all over the world about their countries. You add friends and check out pictures and stuff like that. A few musicians has added their stuff, and some of it was quite good to listen to – suppose the exposure must mean a lot for them if they’re just normal everyday Joe’s with a hobby.

As far as I had it, not a dating site in the slightest.

But of course, men add me, and I accept the friendship requests – no harm in that. Women add me too, and I can see myself talking to some of the people on there should I want to know anything about their country.


A dude from Israel added me, and he sent me a message asking about South Africa. What he can do here should he come for a holiday and stuff like that. We spoke about Israel and how things are there, what he does for a living – you know, the usual.

And then it progressed. I got him to install whatsapp. We’ve been chatting there. On Skype. On Yahoo. And something’s been happening. I have to wonder if it is not because he’s so far away from me. It kind of removes the possibility of really getting hurt – as long as he’s just a face and a voice on Skype, he can’t very well hurt me now can he? None of the innuendo’s I usually have to deal with, none of the check out sessions I’ve had to endure in the past.

Just two people chatting. About anything and everything. I don’t get the bullshit vibe from him. I can usually pick that up even online. He calls me all these silly sweet names – at first I wanted to stop the bus just there, but then I thought to myself – when was the last time somebody called me sweet nothings because he wanted to and not because he thought it would get him laid? Now I’m dealing with the baby’s and darlings and sweety’s. We’ve been chatting on Skype often – killing my bandwidth, but I’m loving it!

I like the sound of  your laugh. You should laugh more. I like your smile. You should always smile.

We were chatting this afternoon, and then the youngest came to introduce his new little girlfriend to mom. Once they left, I sent a message to the Israelite letting him know that I’m back online again. Turns out he’s driving to his brother in Upper Galilee. And he Skyped me from his phone 😉

And you know what? I liked it. It was nice to see his face, and hear his voice.

Of course the thought that I’m chatting to a person – I’m sitting at home, and he’s in his car driving somewhere, hundreds of miles away from me – mind boggling!!! Can you imagine that the world has shrunk quite this much?

I’m enjoying this. He’s no threat to my independence, I’m not threat to his. He’s not continually talking about bumping uglies. He’s just enjoying who I am, and I’m enjoying the fact that he’s enjoying me. I like speaking to him, like seeing him, like hearing him.

And, as he rightly said – if we do meet in person one day and we fall in love, why not?

Absolutely dude!! Why the hell not!

I could do with some love in my life, and if I have to experience it only in cyber space, I can deal with that.

Of course, the logistics are just off the chart, but I somehow don’t think it will matter all that much.

For now, I’m enjoying our chats. I enjoy sharing his life, even if only peripherally, and it’s nice to have somebody out there that likes me not for what I look like, but for what I say…


And, just because it’s such a cool song and I came across it again this past week, and it kinds fits the post…

34 comments on “Something’s happening.

  1. I have to smile at that – “the only good man is not a dead man, just a man that does not live with you.” 🙂
    Enjoy yourself, Ghia.. Heck, life’s too short not to.. Just remember he is a guy, and guys always do what they want; they always have an agenda..! 😉

    • Oh sure Carol – as I said, I can usually detect the bullshit gene from a mile off. As for agenda’s, he’s probably got one, but I have neither the money nor the inclination to bother with chancers, or do damage my fragile existence – for now, I’m enjoying the communication such as it is 😉

    • Yes well, my heart has gotten me into some strange places up till now!!
      But for the moment it’s OK – I’m not getting a bad vibe about this – the minute I do, I’ll call it quits, but for now – I’m just enjoying it 😉
      Thanks for the read and the comment!

    • They used the song in a Virgin money or mobile or something ad a while back.
      As for the chatting and protecting – if you live in cotton wool, you don’t really life. I suppose, even though it scares the shit out of me, sometimes risks need to be taken – even if only to feel completely.

  2. Wow!! I have a Bestfriend too who i’ve never met, its been 4years now,,!! 🙂 We have a solid friendship!! He has even done some of my college assignments for me,,lol crazy, yes! Enjoy with your dude!! 😀 I’m glad u found a good friend in him! But i would say be careful too,, Like make sure he’s not some loser fooling around with you. Be absolutely Positive about that. 🙂

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