…is NOT the best day of my life.

And, if this is the first day of the rest of my life – kill me now. Can’t bear this.




I suppose tomorrow I’ll be better able to handle it.

Or not.

I have no idea.

And yes, in case you wondered – this is indeed a rant post.


And then I read how much money the government would need to sort out our water problem.

And I think to myself – if you had kept up the perfectly good infrastructure, instead of just using everything until it breaks, you would probably not have had this issue.

If you kept illigal immigrants out of MY country, maybe there would be enough money to look after the people that deserves to be looked after.

Ifย they stopped acting like idiots, maybe there would have been something to save.


As it is, not so much.

And that is what this post is really about.

The fact that there are so many freeloaders living here.

And the fact that I pay taxes that should cover the government’s expenses.

But it can’t cover luxury cars and fancy holidays as well as all the other things governments are supposed to look after.


Who’s going to look after me when I need help?

The Government?

Uhm, no.ย 

That’s just not going to happen.

I’ll have to make a plan somehow or other.

And then I have to give NEW blankets to poor street people. When the heck last did I buy myself a new blanket? Let me tell you – NEVER!! I’m still using my grandmom’s blankets. And strangely enough, they still work. So why on earth do I have to give some poor person a new blanket? Should they not be thankful for what they get? A question of, if you’re cold, who cares what the blanket looks like? And these poor bleeding hearts obviously don’t know that those blankets gets sold as soon as they’re dished out because drugs and alcohol keeps you much warmer than a blanket ever can!!

Who’s going to give me food to eat and free water and electricity?

Uhm, nobody.

if I want to eat, I’d best buy it myself.

If I want electricity, I either pay for it, or do without.


And even the money I have managed to save up is inaccessable to me because it’s in a retirement annuity that I can only access when I’m too old and decrepid to make use of it.

And in my current situation, I might not even see retirement age – might most likely be dead long before then.


Been awake since this morning 2:30.

DVD player packed up.

Things are not looking quite as manageable as I would like them to be.

And yes. I realise that this too shall pass.

I’m just afraid that the passing will be too late to change the situation.


Oh well.

Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be better and I can be all love and light and peace and namaste…

Yeah right!!


17 comments on “Today…

  1. chill…..go outside and get some fresh air……….get your thinking cap on and find a way to make a few bucks……….even if its only a couple of hundred bucks …… will make you feel better…and it will help to get your head out of your own head……..

    • Just came in from outside.
      As for the making bucks – don’t you think I’ve been killing myself thinking of something?
      It would seem I am quite as useless as it looks.

      • hey go to the local wholesaler buy cooldrinks and crisps and mark em up and sell at a profit in the local industrial area if you have too……….youll be suprized how much you can make once you establish a regular clientel and undercut all your comptitors……….make something,bake something….anything to get yourself out of your own mind…………….

      • We may be an ocean, or two apart, but we share some common problems. People who believe they are entitled to anything are so wrong. Our constituion only guarantees the “pursuit” of happiness. We have families that have been freeloading for generations. We have illegal aliens receiving federal, and state medical care! Many hospitals have gone bankrupt due to illegal aliens having to be seen, but not pay for the service!

      • @Bill – was just thinking. Illigals come from all over the world, escaping dire circumstances in their own country – too many people, not enough food or money, corrupt governments, and they swarm into the places where they think life will be better. And turn everything to utter crap…

    • Have to admit PPD – I’m sick of myself actually!!
      Sorry you had to read through this!
      i’ll be fine. I just have to be. No choice really…

  2. People read what you wrote. Now it is Out There and not inside you any more. I hope you feel at least a little better after releasing it.

    Btw, 2.30 am is the worst time of times. There should be a ban against 2.30 am. Clocks worldwide should be rewinded (rewound?) until one is asleep and can safely pass 2.30 am.


    • It does help getting thoughts out there.
      I do apologise that you had to read what I wrote today – I don’t want my life and my blog to be just woes.
      But sometimes that’s just all there is…
      Maybe tonight I’ll sleep until 3am ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thanks for reading and commenting Annemari…

  3. You have some very valid rants here, 68. What can I say except, “Just keep on trying?” Hope you sleep better tonight and wake up with some fresh ideas tomorrow. Do a bit of brainstorming with your family. Hugs xx

    • Thanks AD.
      I think just trying to get all the blackness out of my system might help.
      I’m sure I’ll feel much better tomorrow – if I don’t, I promise to not write about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Oh, go ahead and write it out of your system. I read a book once, titled “Write it Down, Make it Happen” (that was for wanting to accomplish a goal). Can’t recall much else as it was a LONG time ago. What I’m trying to say: write it down and get it out of your system. Sometimes that’s just the only way. Hope you have a better day soon.

    • That’s all fair and well – but I have to wonder, how often CAN i write about my bad days before that’s all I have anymore?
      Then again…
      Today was particularly bad, so maybe I can be excused – just this once…
      Thanks for the heads up Tess – hope you have a brilliant day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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