The Award…

Yip, I got one πŸ˜‰


It’s called theΒ  award, and Amos gave it to me.

He probably thought I needed some of that in my life – and he was absolutely right!!

Thanks Amos πŸ˜‰

I have to answer a few things now…


Favourite colour – Burgundy

Favourite non-alcoholic beverage – coffee

Facebook or Twitter – Facebook

Passion – Dancing

Favourite flower – Arum lily


And now I have to award 5 other bloggers, but I could only get to 4 – everybody else I knowΒ have already received it…



15 comments on “The Award…

  1. Thank you, Ghia. I do have one EXCEPT I’m four months behind on posting my awards. It gets harder everyday. It’s always so nice when someone nominates you. CONGRATulations on receiving your.

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