While I understand the feeling of giving somebody a major slap in the face for being irritating or an idiot, I don’t understand the need to hack somebody up with a machete or something.

I also can’t understand the need for one person to rape another. Watch enough Criminal Minds or Law & Order : Special Victims Unit and you see that it happens and that there are a reason for it, but understand? Probably not.

And then you have the protesters. Against whatever is happening at that point in time.

In the good old RS of A, we currently have a rape case in court. A 20 yo male raped a 7 yo girl. He’s being sent for psychiatric evaluation – something must not quite equate in his head to have done something like that – a topic for another blog; normal vs not normal.

We also have a high level of violence against women and children for whatever reason. And now we have a protest against gender violence. A student – who else? – is going to “go naked” at the court proceedings because it’s never the victims fault, regardless. While I totally agree with that statement, I can’t really see how being naked is going to change anything. She certainly feels strongly about her chosen situation, and by all means – if you feel it will change something, do it.

So, I’m sitting here, thinking. Rape has never been about sex. It has ever been about power. Power over a weaker person, power over your perceived enemy. Power over your own weak mind.

And as such, walking around naked will not bring anything to the table. It does not, in fact, face the real issue. The real issue of one person subduing another person with their fists or penis or mouth. That is the culture that you must break. The feelings of inadequacy in the tormentor that leads them to lash out at their token tormentee. The non-firing synapses in the brain of a person that feels it’s OK to rape a 7 yo, or to shoot a bunch of innocents, or burn an old person to death with a iron. The idea that a woman or a child is a possession, something to own instead of nurture and love and lift up and teach.

Therefor, I will not be joining the young lady in her naked protest – some bodies are meant to be hidden from the eyes of the world. But I will speak out when I see the situation happening, I will face the man or woman doing the hitting, and I will try to talk the other party into looking after themselves and their children.

From experience, it’s better to have a difficult abuse free life than an easy abused life – after all, you are all that you have. Men come and go, women come and go, children leave, parents die – in the end, you will only have yourself so you owe it to yourself to have a good life.