Meat!! Glorious meat!

…albeit expensive meat 😉

Read this story in a news feed of some or other organisation. Your risk of getting stomach and colon cancer increases with a whole 6%! Wow! I’m going to stop eating processed meat. Right. This. Minute!    Not!!!

They basically put all meat in the same boat. Meat causes cancer. Especially red meat en processed meat.

I’m not a scientist. I’m not a bleeding heart, nor very liberal when it comes to crunch time. And I certainly don’t believe everything I read! And even if I did, I would not take this study all that seriously. 34 000 people in the world die annually of cancer related to a diet rich in processed meat. Don’t think that’s quite enough people to warrant a death warning and for the meat suppliers to get up in arms.

As long as there are people, they are going to eat meat. And really, Not many things are quite as tasty as a nice crispy piece of smoked bacon! Not even a juicy steak or a well made bolognaise 😉 Hot dogs with cheese and fried polony, salami and cabanoci – yeah. Can’t see myself not eating those.

Aside from the processed meat, meat as a food source are plentiful and it does not take as long to mature for eating like veggies do. I know. We have both a veggie garden and a bit of a rabbit farm in my back yard. Not that we actually do farm with the rabbits, they are there in case something untoward happen – my aunt the conspiracy theorist!! The rabbits, from birth to eating weight, maybe six months. The veggies? Been in the ground since beginning of winter and they’re still not ready for harvesting. If you get caught in the wilderness with no real knowledge of which plants are edible and which aren’t, it will probably be in your best interest to devise a trap and catch yourself an animal – unless you want to either starve, die from eating poisoned mushrooms or eat your own leg. And if you’re stuck in the wilderness in winter, well. Bad luck to you if you are not prepared to eat animal flesh.

I’m not even that big a meat eater. It’s an expensive food stuff here in the suck heap so I stick mainly to chicken, which I don’t like at all, and minced beef. On the odd occasion where I am able to splurge, I like to get a nice bit of mutton, but those are far and very few between. Also, since I’m alone, I stick to processed meats – easy to prepare, tasty to eat and you get them in smaller quantities that your normal cuts so it makes sense to me.

No. I’m not a vegan. Doubt I will ever be that. But I don’t eat meat with every meal and certainly not every day.

That’s me though. The world is filled with people that are so gullible they believe every thing they read and go right out and follow every new fad causing major chaos Suppose that’s why the meat industry are in uproar 😉

That being said. My grandparents ate meat every day of their lives for 90 odd years. Neither of them had cancer. My mom, who does not eat meat every day, did have cancer. So I’m inclined to think that the problem is not really meat as such, but lifestyle. And probably the times we;re living in. If you’re just going to eat the good things, namely meat, and not do anything to negate those, you’re likely going to get sick. Be it cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure – something will go wrong. Add to that all the additives to meat while growing and the general sickness of the earth, and you have yourself a problem.

The key, I think, is balance. Balance your diet with just enough animal protein, vegetable vitamins, calcium and the like, couple that with drinking enough water and not only coke or coffee, and do a spot of exercise every so often and you should in all probability not have to worry too much about the WHO – and I’m not talking about the band 😉

Unless of course they halt production of bacon, in which case I may have to start my own riot!!

3 comments on “Meat!! Glorious meat!

  1. Yep, like you J, I’m not a big meat eater. But I really like to sink my teeth on a good piece of steak now and again:-)

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