Do it yourself…

…yeah. About that.

South Africa, or, as I like to call it, the Suck Heap, have been going from bad to worse in the past few months. All of a sudden things just does not seem to be working as they once did. Not that everything was working fine beforehand, but it’s really becoming noticeable how bad it really is.

Of course, you will always have your die-hard liberalists and bleeding heart folk that keeps preaching reconciliation and peace to mankind. Alas. The mankind towards whom peace is being preached would be the black kind. The white kind must just fend for themselves. Since, according to the prez, Mr Showerhead himself, Europeans are what’s wrong with South Africa. Words that may just as well have been bought from that other exhalted figure, Bob Mogabe. Apparently South Africa’s problems started the day Jan van Riebeeck landed here. Fact that there was nothing here other than a few Bushmen is besides the point – according to the Great Chief Showerhead.

This then the reason for my writ. We have a man living here. Max du Preez. Freedom fighter. Leftist. Liberalist. All round idiot. That has changed his mind, somewhat, after the freedom he carried on about for the past however many years, turned and bit him in the ass. Anyhow. He wrote an article that I came across today. An article about doing it yourself. Where he gives us all pointers as to how we should stop moaning about the government and their lack of any brain capacity and just do things ourselves to make our lives better.

Please read the article. It’s not a bad article all things considered, and I do in essence agree with him. What I don’t agree with I will stipulate below.

Now. If you’ve read the article you will know where I have my problem with it.

Firstly. Fixing a pothole in your suburban street should not be an issue. I am more than prepared to do that. Potholes in suburban streets are, however, not where the real problem is. Fixing the suburban ones, easy. If it’s on a National Highway, things may be a bit difficult.

Secondly. Not everybody has the means to fork out R1500 for a rainwater tank. And 1000 litres do not go all that far. And if it only gets filled when it rains, well, it may become difficult to keep your household in water. Using grey water for your garden, once again, brilliant idea. Which costs money to implement. And drinking and bathing water is not the only problem here. I don’t run a sewage treatment plant. The councils do. And those are steadily breaking down with no thought of repairs. Raw sewage pumped into streams and rivers, changing this beautiful country into one big cesspool.

Thirdly. Security companies. There’s a saying here that the biggest criminals are the police force and the security guards. Enough said.

Fourthly. I was watching Eskom people work today, Cutting off branches of trees that grew through the power lines. They were using three pick ups – Ford Ranger. Toyota Hilux and  Toyota Landcruiser. All trucks in the higher bracket of costs than similar models. Why do they have to drive such expensive bakkies? Is it only the middle class working grunts that settled for cheaper models? The government must give Eskom a R20 billion bail out. This after the cost of electricity has gone up 200% in the past few years. All this could have been avoided if they carried on with planned maintenance. Alas. Maintenance does not seem to be a word Africa understands. Run out quickly and buy a R1600 gennie? probably not. Install a R70k solar system just to have lights and electronics? Way more than I can afford. Changing my existing geyser from electricity to gas, ditto. Changing my cooking from electricity to gas, ditto. Bottom line is. if I did not have to pay tax to a corrupt government, I may have been able to do some of those things.

“Do I hear you grumble about the taxes you pay and now I’m suggesting you look after yourself? Well, get a better tax consultant. If you’re well off enough to worry about your tax burden, you can’t be doing too badly.”

If by tax consultant you mean, me, slugging away with e filing, then yes, I don’t suppose I’m doing too badly.

Dude. You just don’t know do you? You seem to think, like many other South Africans, that all middle class white people have it good. We don’t. We manage as best we can. We don’t get huge salaries, and our means are a lot less than yours. Even if I did get rid of all my short term debt, I would still not be able to buy a decent size generator cash. I would have to get it on a credit card and that just perpetuates the evil.

You know, paying tax has ever been a grudge payment. nobody wants to pay it, but you have to pay Ceasar his due. But to pay tax, over and above doing everything your tax should be used for and then sit back and watch said tax be used to uplift the poor in a country where the poor are imported from all over the continent? Not so much! To pay tax and see every Tom Dick and Government Harry driving the newest, most expensive car, hosting lavish parties, having luxurious holidays with en entourage of hundreds? Not so much.

To my way of thinking, and I have mentioned this before. The only people that should be allowed to vote, has to be people that work for a living and pay said taxes. They are, after all, the only contributors to the country’s wealth. I saw a thing on FB – something about people who work for a living going bent under people who vote for a living. And, if you don’t work and earn and contribute, you don’t get to vote. Because you will, in your desperation, listen to empty promises. Exactly what has been happening here.

Now we have the world’s most corrupt government. The world’s most idiotic head of state. A cabinet filled with morons. And a country slowly being ground down to the nothing it was 400 years ago.

Oversimplified, I know. Nothing is ever that easy. Solving the world’s problems is certainly not going to happen in an hour. probably never, Mainly because it’s the human condition. The have nots being jealous of the haves. The poor hating the rich. The black calling the white racist. This is the way it has ever been and the way it will ever be. Time, that supposed healer of all woulds, will never be enough to halt the perpetualising of the hates people carry around in themselves, pouring it into young hearts and ears, just moving along, completing the circle.

My two cents worth. My personal opinion. Just the way I see these things…

12 comments on “Do it yourself…

  1. You are missing an important point. Zuma talks to his audience.. If he addresses a pure white audience van Riebeeck would have been hero for bringing civilisation to the southern tip of the continent. In a previous work life I had a number of encounters with the man who even an African president from the central region described as Zuma with the forked tongue. For the rest we must just suck all up until there comes a sound nin-white middle class who are either taxed into oblivion or sit unemployed because of ANC job reservation.

    • I don’t think there will ever be a sound non white middle class here H. Not because they’re not capable, but because it’s easier to fall back on culture than it is to carry your responsibilities and working to make a better life.

    • Being into politics or not is not really the thing anymore Tess. What they do will filter down eventually and affect everything in our lives.
      If only they could be stopped from doing more harm. But, finding an honest politician is like finding teeth in a chicken’s mouth – maybe when pigs fly.
      It’s the power that makes them this crazy I think…

  2. South Africa is a very angry country at the moment. It’s so sad that it’s come to this point, when in 1994, there was so much hope and potential for it to become a great rainbow nation. I can’t see it getting any better with the present government in power. 😦

    • The potential is still there AD. As you rightly said – not with the current people in power. It could even be the ANC, with different leadership, but I don’t know. Payback is a bitch – even more so when you dig your own grave in the process.

  3. I wish they’d allow us immigrants to vote. I’ve lived here over 30 years, worked and paid taxes during that entire period, and still I can’t place a small cross in a small box

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