Book tree…

Let me start by saying, as if you don’t know, it’s almost Christmas.
And l already got the biggest gift of all. My son came home earlier and surprised me in Sunday πŸ˜‰
As gifts go, this one can’t be beaten. I’ll have both my gorgeous sons with me on Christmas day. With mom and aunt and sister.
I am quite blessed.

But. I did not have a tree up yet. Took out the one l always use, but was not in the mood to set it up.
So me and the kid built a book tree πŸ˜ƒ
I cleaned out three whole shelves of books to build this beauty and the kid brought a huge star from Dubai to complete it.
Took us a few tries and l was horrified at the amount if dust l now have to get rid of, but, when you see the outcome, it was so worth it!!
Hope your Christmas will be blessed with all things good…




6 comments on “Book tree…

  1. Oh my soul!!! The tree is absolutely divine, and to have your son home for Christmas, well, I cannot think of anything more perfect!!!
    I do hope you have the most awesome of Christmases and a most blessed of new years.
    missing you big time!

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