Once again…

…with the idiots.

The post I’ve been brewing over for a few weeks already.

There are always two sides to a coin. Many sides to a story. This is about what’s happening here in SA. The local squabble that’s hit the newspapers a while ago.

South Africa is a land of plenty. The whole of Africa really. It has ever been mismanaged, plagued by civil unrest, outright war, constant battles between races, xenophobia of note.

Here at the southern tip of the continent, it’s about more than just black on black violence as it is in the rest of Africa. Here it’s black on white. And I’m not being all doom and gloomy when I say that. It’s not outright war, more of a scorched earth policy like the Brits did when they wanted the riches of South Africa and then the Boers said, uhm, no, and then the Brits burned the farms, polluted the wells, killed off the cattle, moved women and children into concentration camps where they died by the hundreds. Only then were they able to break us.

We’re there again. Instead of the Brits though, we have the African hordes. Many millions of people flooding into the the land of milk and honey, and finding nothing but corrupt government, empty coffers and general failure.

Many white South Africans have left. There are now full-on settlements of Afrikaners in many cities in the world. Many more have no choice but to stay here.

And this is where the story really begins. You don’t see it in the media. It is not reported on mainstream news shows. Every day farmers are murdered. Not just robbed and left, but murdered. Brutally so. Hit with the sharp edges of saws, burnt with hot irons, dragged behind their vehicles, drowned in boiling water. Women and children fare no better. A steady extermination of the white farmer is taking place. I’m not lying. I’m not talking without facts. This is happening on a daily basis. Everything we’ve worked for are being systematically broken down to nothing.

What the fools think they are going to eat once all the farmers are dead is anybody’s guess. Since not a single farm they appropriated is actually producing anything but more disorder and failure.

On the one hand, we have Steve Hofmeyr. Singer, actor and currently, activist. He says what people are thinking. He speaks out against the injustices. And yes, he’s an Afrikaner. Like I am. We’re not right winged. We don’t want to kill on site. We just really want to be left alone to do what we’ve been doing. Just to be allowed to earn a living and have a life. Mr Hofmeyr in in deep now. He wrote a book. I have not read the book, but it’s gotten the liberals and the other idiots, hot under the collar. And then I saw this article. We must ignore the man that speaks the truth? We must ignore the fact that the SACP, the EFF, the ANC, COSATU – every single party lead by black me, for black men have, and still do, spout racist remarks as if nothing will ever happen. And you know what? Nothing ever does!!! Every time they sing Kill the Boer, kill the farmer, Solidarity makes a court case. for which they are laughed at for being so stupid in letting it get to you. And those same fucktards doing the laughing at Solidarity are now doing the laughing at Mr Hofmeyr.

Why can a black man say exactly what he wants, but a white man can not? Why is it ok for the black people in the country to victimise a specific group of people, namely the Afrikaner, but the Afrikaner can not retaliate in kind? Granted. I would rather  not stoop to their levels – it is said, never argue with a fool. They bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience. But why should I be forced to become a mindless idiot? Why should I continue to pay my taxes, feed their greed, and get nothing in return? Why should 3.3m people be responsible for 99% of tax paid in a country of 55m people? Why do we still have to foot the bill, 20 years after it came due?

Now the naysayers are ridiculing Mr Hofmeyr because, according to them, he took offence to something a puppet said. I could not get a better analogy if I asked for it!! A puppet said it, so me, personally am not responsible. A puppet said that so the person taking offense should not – because a puppet said it. The comedian in question, something or other coch, uses a puppet when he does his show. I have never heard of him until the fiasco. He’s trying to get sponsors to boycott Hofmeyr’s concerts. Trying to get them to block Hofmeyr’s income. And he’s a white man. A little twit of an man. A tiny thing. I can break him over my knee he’s so tiny and useless. The gentleman that wrote this article, also a white man. And that is what makes it so much worse. I expect a black man to hate me. I don’t mind if a black man hates me. I can handle his hatred because I know where it comes from. But when somebody of my own colour ridicules me and my feelings and my rights, it’s somewhat of a slap in the face.

It kind of flies in the face of how you think things should be. That the people that, really, are in this together, supposedly, ridicule the point you’re trying to make. When the shit hits the fan, do these people really think what they say now will save their skins? DO they think that, once the real fighting starts, a ridiculing article is going to make the fighters think twice about killing them? Do they really think that, once it’s all said and done, what they say now will make a bit of difference in the outcome?

If you listen to my aunt and many other conspiracy theorists out there, and they are beginning to make more and more sense as things unfold, When you hear that they want to enslave people – and then you look at how stupid people are getting. When you hear that they want to kill off 80% of the population and then you read about Ebola, cholera, TB, AIDS. When you hear that they don’t want thinking people, they want the puppets, the idiots that will follow where lead and then you look at our current government officials. That has not had one single success story in the 20 years they’ve been in power. NOT ONE!! Yet, they are still in power. They are still making idiotic decisions that other people have to pay for, and they still blame the white Boer for their failures…

There. I’ve washed this out of my system for now. I suppose this saga is going to carry on for a while still. Or something else might overshadow it. But I, for one, can’t just sit back and let happen what, according to me, is just wrong. And should be seen as wrong by anybody with half a brain, regardless of their beliefs.

9 comments on “Once again…

  1. You know, if history is anything to go on, that little twit of a white man you’re talking about, will doubtless become a victim of the very people he’s siding with, as people like that possess no sense of loyalty and he certainly won’t have earned their respect.

    I’m horrified at what you’ve said about the white farmers. I’d no idea they were being killed quite so horrendously. Definitely victims of primitive tribal savagery.

    What a hell-hole you’re living in. Wish I was a millionaire and could get you out of there.

  2. I was reading news24 today about the EFF trying to grab land in the Pretoria area. It sounds like the pot is about to boil over before much longer. I really do feel for you. You must feel quite helpless in the face of what’s happening. *hugs*

  3. Hi hun
    I dont know how to private message you on this *#@$% site!
    I have lost your number (sob) and email address (sob) and everything!
    And i dont have whatsapp anymore (sob sob)
    How can i get hold of you now??

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