The idiots are winning…

And nobody is seeing it.

A while ago, I stopped reading newspapers. i stopped watching television news. I stopped listening to radio news. Not because I don’t think what’s going on outside is important. Because I see all the things that’s happening, and I see also, they are going around and around in circles. And the more you know about one thing, the more you see in the others.

Then I thought, let me join a few FB sites. Just little tidbits that will keep me up to date with what’s going on in my own country.

And yes. Based on the few snippets I do see, the idiots are definitely winning.

The liberal white idiots.

The liberal black idiots.

The idiots in government.

The idiots at the head of our parastatals.

Even the conservative white idiots

The conservative black idiots.

Then I read Ayne Rand, and I see the idiots have always been there. Then I read comments on random FB posts and I see the idiots are a part of my people.

And I have to wonder at the power of misdirection. Any number of things happening currently is the direct result of misdirection. And the lone realistic voices that speak out against it, well, they’re laughed at. Ridiculed. Made less than they are.

That people have been so indoctrinated by human rights and being entitled to whatever they see, that they lose sight of what humans should really be entitled to – to earn and honest day’s wage with an honest day’s work. To have a work ethic. To earn the things they work for, and to strive to make life better for them. Not by receiving, but by working.

I’m thinking on a post about a brewing issue between two factions. A local squabble. Conservative and liberal. Both white men. Both outspoken. But one is trying to destroy the other’s livelihood, while the other is basically just saying what too many people are too yellow to admit because they’re scared of the consequences. The coward’s way – easy and comfortable, hiding behind the masses. Rather follow the stream than see what’s going on.

I may write it, I may not. What I do know – it has crept up on me, these squabbles. It has become something I know about. Something that upsets me. And that’s one thing I can live without.


Hope your day, your afternoon, your evening – whatever your time zone – is a good one 😉

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