This morning. I had somewhat of an epiphany…

On recommendation from Huntmode, I am currently reading Anne Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. It’s not an easy read for me. Not because I don’t agree with the subject matter but because I agree with it too much and the fact that so many other people don’t see it is not something I am happy about.

Back to the mentioned epiphany. Almost.

My country is one of many different peoples. Cultures. Languages. Viewpoints. Colours. Yes. Colour has to be mentioned because that’s what many of the wrongs are based on. Over the weekend, things happened. Which gave this, in my view, cretin, something to write home about. Follow the link to the story in question.

Admittedly, I did not read it in it’s entirety. I don’t like reading what this man writes. Since, in my view, always remember that, MY VIEW, he is part of the problem in this stupid suck heap of a country. You have white people doing things to black people. You have black people doing things to white people. You have black people doing things about whities and vice versa. But everybody is so touchy about their entitled human rights that the smallest wave becomes a storm in a teacup, spilling over into massive incidents, And the really serious stuff are swept under the carpet.

What I’m saying here is completely over simplified. The issues here are bigger than just a few incidents. Racism between colours are, while not right, at least culturally explainable. Racism between people of the same colour, Xenophobia, is somewhat less excusable, So. while I’m not too fussed about racism coming o my side from a black person’s point of view, I have a huge issue when I perceive that a person from my own background does that.

And there-in lies my epiphany.

Take the liberal person that wrote the article. The liberal people that so want to help the rest of the world out of the holes they dug for themselves. You take the liberal people that can’t see past their noses what trouble they are causing. The liberal people being written about in the book.

And you will see that each and every one of their agendas have little to do with actually helping, being selfless and sacrificing, and everything to do with keeping themselves at the upper hand of whichever society they’re “helping”

And my epiphany was the fact that I should absolutely stop getting upset about it. I can do not a single thing about it. I can get all upset about the cretin. I can rant and rave about the idiots running the country, about the blind world that seems to want said idiots to run the country, and I can only really sit back, watch them and laugh at them. Sure, they will get me in the end. That’s what needs to happen to thinking individuals. But until they do, I will have a few chuckles at all these so important people.

Since I know very well that, when all is said and done, the earth revolves around the sun – not you. You will die, same as me, same as everybody else. And, when you’re dead – you will have to do your explaining to somebody other than the people you have harmed while on earth.

And every single thing on this planet that was so all important to you will mean nothing.


7 comments on “Realisiation

  1. Huntmode recommended a great book. I agree it is a hard read. I also agree with its general philosophy. I also realize that, like all strong points of view, the message in “Atlas …”, you have to take the sharp edges off the edge of them. I would like to recommend another hard read; “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Frederik Nietzsche. It also has strong points of view and sometimes you have to search for the message. Again, it is one man’s point of view but there are excellent bits and pieces. I hope I didn’t load up your reading schedule to badly. Or you could listen to it on the following link – – – but the reading allows you to back up and re-read a section that may have left you puzzled – – – Nietzsche sometimes does that to us – – – makes us think.

    Take Care,

  2. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swamps of the not yet, the not quite yet and the not at all.
    Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach.
    The world you desire can be won.
    it exists… it is real… it is possible… It’s yours.

    The above has always remained with me, dunno why as it is really deep for someone like me!
    Yes the book was really heavy going when i read it at school, but i did enjoy it in a way, and will one day (if i have the time) will read it again!

  3. Ah, Ms. J, you took me by surprise this a.m. I did give fair warning that one either really likes it or hates, but never indifferent. And, if you like it, you end up being angry for about a year… I am so glad you decided to observe and laugh. Your conclusion “And, when you’re dead – you will have to do your explaining to somebody …” (Ayn Rand gave short shrift to any religion or deity) – was the one I came to, losing much of any desire to please anyone but God. HuntMode

  4. I’ve never read Atlas Shrugged. Interesting. Will put it on my reading list, when I’m feeling strong. As for that “cretin”, if the media didn’t bother reporting him, then he’d most likely get bored and stop his prattish activities. And, yeah, the older I get, the less I bother getting worked up about cretins in general.

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