How long has it been?

Decades? Centuries?

That’s what it feels like in any case. Much has changed, and just as much has stayed the same. I’m still on my own – that should go without saying. I got myself a brand spanking new car, brand new laptop, brand new phone. Had my first sanctioned leave since visiting my dude in Istanbul in 2010, and came back to the job like so many other, normal people out there.

The car, a little one, serves me well. The old car served me with the laptop and a nice LCD screen TV with a little media player and another hard drive – not such a bad deal. Of course, the youngest helped me spend some of the cash ๐Ÿ˜‰

The laptop, unfortunately not the Apple I’ve been longing for, came with Windows 8. Not that bad a program, but something’s eating my data. And, data being the premium that it is here in the Suck heap, I’ve been avoiding using it.

Bringing me to my next new thing – my absolutely gorgeous iPhone 5. I’ve got both my mail clients on it. My FB. My WP – everything just works, so I’ve been using it more than ย I’ve been using the laptop. That is, of course, until I managed to make recovery disks and change the Windows 8 for Linux. Might take a bit getting used to, but i think it will make for a much stabler machine.

Personals, well, I’m still working at the same place. Not without ups and downs, but it’s been more than a year and slowly but surely, I’m becoming part of the team instead of the new one. Suppose it will take some more time, but so far, so good.

Kids are still fine. The youngest will be coming back home after a 2 month sojourn in the States – he worked at the Texas Fair or some such. Sent me pictures of Mustangs and all things American ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย And hopefully he’ll bring me back my pop tarts and Starbucks coffee and Moonlight Path shower gel and and and – unfortunately he can’t bring me a corn do, and I did not even think to ask him to bring me some, is it Poppycock or some such? That lovely popcorn mixed with cashews and caramel – quite divine!

The eldest is still in Dubai – was supposed to go visit him now while I had leave, but life happened. Not the worst decision ever, because I used that time to sort out my study – becoming more of a study than a storage room!! About time too! I’ve let my life slide for too long – and since you can’t control everything, I can only control the things closes to me and that means ordering the chaos.

The relationship front – I’m still in a relationship with myself. Think I must cultivate that rather than to bother with the men I do manage to find. If you can believe all the positive thinking things you read, the fault might be entirely mine – either because I don’t love myself enough or not in the right way or not at all – pick one! I like to think that I love myself just fine – it’s when I try and involve other people in that very personal circle that things go wrong. Leading me to believe that I really am better off on my own. Heaven knows I’m not the only one!

This just as an update on life as I currently know it. I have so many topics that I would like to venture in, not to mention I might feel brave enough to attempt the NaNoWriMo again in a few days’ time…

Until the next time I’m on here – be as good as you are able.

Long days and pleasant nights…


24 comments on “How long has it been?

    • Chris โ€“ I thought I did โ€“ too much has happened.
      But I think I need to blog, even if only to get the thoughts out in the air where they can breathe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Glad indeed to see you back and to have the update – only sorry that you have chosen a return time when I am tending to be conspicuous by absense due to downsizing and stuff …

    • Miss P – a little bit of this, a little bit of that – life ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I wanted to lick my wounds in peace, but that’s all done now, and it’s back to life as we know it!!!

  2. Brilliant. The lady hath returned. So pleased that everything is on a more even keel for you and you have some shiny possessions to enjoy. I hope you get on better with Linux than I did — all that fiddling with code and stuff. Am enjoying my Windows 7, while listening to Mister frequently cursing his Windows 8.

    • It’s like coming home Sarah.
      The place l’m happiest ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
      As for linux, l’ll rather fiddle with the code than have to bother with virusses. And windows 8 is a bit of a strain.
      Let’s hope l can figure it out!!!

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