What’s in a …


Is it really only a means to an end, a method of travel, a way to get from point A to point B without the use of feet – yours or a horse’s?

Is it a means to be judged in the eyes of society, or a means to make you feel better about your stature or size?

We all have a dream car. Well, maybe not all, but, if you like cars, you probably have a secret fancy to a specific car. Be it an old fashioned muscle car, or a brand new luxury model filled with all the bells and whistles or even a little Fiat 500. If you like cars for more than functionality, chances are you have had dreams about owning your dream car. Or one day maybe driving in one. Or just standing next to it!!

Me, I like cars. Not so much the newer models – they all look alike and they cost way more than I think a car should cost. Be that as it may. I need to replace the car I’ve been driving for the past 9 years. It’s going to cost me more to fix it than I really care to spend and it’s not really financially viable to try and fix it. It will never be the same as it was when I bought it, and, let’s face it. New cars are not quite made to last like the old ones were.

Decisions made, money sorted, I went to test drive a little car today. Same make as my current car, just brand new and much smaller. I don’t have a family to cart around anymore. Just me. I need better fuel efficiency so I am better able to make my budget work for me. I should have the little one probably next week this time if all goes well.

That being said.

After the test drive, I went back to the old man that has been with me for a long time. And I was kind of sad to know that I have to sell him. I could certainly use the money, and it’s pointless having a car that’s just going to park off taking up space. It’s still a sad thought, all rationalising aside.

Thinking back on the years we spent together though, I have to take sentimentality into account. It was the first car I bought myself – with no male help or advice or admonishment. I chose it, I financed it, I paid it off. I even serviced it and changed the brakes and tyres on it. It was the car that took my kids to school. That took them to parties, their father. The car that never let me down when the kids had a problem that only I could help them with. The one I used to visit so many randoms. The one that the old man crapped in when he had his operation and also the car that took him to the vet for his last trip.

It was the car I cried much tears in. Hearing a tune that made my dude come to life again. The car I used to go visit C with. The car I drove back from hospital after my week’s stay in traction because I had nobody to come and fetch me. The one I used to travel 160km’s a day to get to work after I came back from Iraq. The one I used to go to countless interviews when I was jobless.

The car that never left me in the lurch. The one thing I could depend on in this topsy turvy life of mine. Go out, the old man will start, no matter how cold or how wet.

Yes. It’s only really a cabin with a motor and four wheels attached to it. it was also an enormous part of my life. It helped me make many memories – memories that will only live on in my heart once he’s sold.

So, no. I’m not getting my ’68 Mustang or my 68 Karmen Ghia. I’m getting a brand new car, out the box. A car that still smells new. A car that has not belonged to a single other person but me. A new car. For the first time in my life, I am getting a brand spanking new car. Well, hopefully I am. it’s not my dream car by any means. But it is a dream come true. To own my very own new car. Not having to take other people’s crap anymore.

I don’t suppose it’s a dream many people have. And if they do, it’s not always possible. But I made it happen and I’m going to follow through with it.

I have been blessed indeed. To have the ability to make my finances work in such a way that I can afford this and still have money left over. I might suck in the romance department, but that is really the only place my life is not as I would want it to be, and even that can be lived without.

I am a woman alone. I am able to pay my dues. I am able to look after myself.

And I am able to look myself square in the eyes when I put on my make up in the morning.

Why? To quote L’oreal, because I’m worth it!!

Here’s to hoping the financing is approved and that I will have a whole pictorial to share with you next week this time.

I’m in a classical kind of mood today. It’s cold here in the suckheap tonight. A wind has been blowing on the Highveld for the past three days and today it turned into a razor. As I sit here and type, my fingers actually hurt from the cold.

Hope the music helps to make you warmer, or cooler – depending on where you find yourself.

May you always find shade for your head and water for your table.


10 comments on “What’s in a …

  1. ‘n Kar is.
    ‘n Waardering is die betrokkene se opinie.
    Die koppelling van die twee aan mekaar is erg subjektief.
    Maar so maak die mense…

  2. Oh, J, I dearly hope the financing comes through and you drive that sweet NEW car home. The old man, you’ve cited a few, the car, the dog, and lots of memories. Have you ever felt like you get a fresh start when you get your hair cut? You know, the past season(s) on the floor and you rise from your chair a new woman out to chart new stars, eh? That’s what this NEW car will do for you. I am so happy you have decided to do this – well done, J!

  3. I love French cars — either Peugots or Citreons. My car is Citreon Saxo G-reg and it has just passed it’s MOT yet again. A brilliant car with an amazingly powerful engine for its size. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have power-assisted steering, so it’s rather hard work to park, but that’s better than a car that’s too light on the steering and easier to lose control of when driving around corners and the like.

  4. I used to get sentimental with my cars, none of them were anything special, even the one that I had resprayed and had alloy wheels put on, as well as a nice Alpine tape deck (yeah a long time ago). I don’t get sentimental on them anymore, even though my car has been good to me, I think she is on her last legs now, maybe another one soon, it won’t be new though.

  5. Usually, a car is one’s most vaulable asset next to one’s home, so it is a decision to be given deep thought, indeed. I hope this new baby will take to you and not prove temperamental in any way. Have you noticed, no matter what the make, one gets ‘good’ ones and ‘bad’, troublemaker-type ones.

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