Progress report.

As promised.

The weekly update. I suppose, looking at what I’ve done in the week so far it does not look like much. Those of you who have done embroidery will know that, even though it’s not really brain surgery, it is quite time consuming. But, every day, I do a bit more. I also have to figure out what to do with the pattern as I go along – don’t have anything other than my imagination to use for this ;-). presuming not one single thing will be the same as any of the others!! Which will probably make is even more uniquely mine that it might have been had I used a pattern.







In other areas of my life, well. The status quo is still as is. I’ve not heard anything to get my Macbook from my service provider, but I am following other avenues – If I’m not capable of sharing my life with the male of the species, I might as well enjoy playing with a new toy in the shape of a lovely new computer. Not to mention the fact that I’m thinking of getting a new car as well. Then again, we’ll see what happens in that regard. Plans have been made and followed through on, now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if the Universe agrees with me.

To that effect, I have a post or six planned, but my mojo is still not what it should be in the writing department.

Here then my music choices for tonight. I’m still in love with Muse – think I might make an exception and go watch them live should they ever come to the suck heap to do a show!!

and a song I have not heard for a long time. made the memories heap up fast and furious…


may you always find shade….

8 comments on “Progress report.

  1. I haven’t done embroidery in years, but I enjoyed it and the end product is always worth it. For my 2c worth, rather get a new computer and car than a man…at least they both come with warranties……….

  2. Is that kind of cross stitch embroidery? That needs a lot of time to finish but its worth it though once it’s done. Hmmmm can’t wait to see the finish product 🙂

    Okay dear, we miss your kind of Music Passion so I’d like to ask you to give us the theme to play with for the month of June. I wish you’d accept this to challenge all of us 😆 Thanks so much! xoxo …. mmwahhhh

    • Thanks Dolly!!
      As for choosing the theme for the month, I accept gladly – been thinking about what it should be the whole day 🙂
      Am going to do a post with my choice after I send it to you – thanks again for selecting me.

  3. How nice to read the last two before mine – something to engage your spirit and mind, J! The embroidery will do nicely for the physical and maybe some free-floating time. It’s coming along beautifully. What have you decided for the background?

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