or, if you will, idiocy.

Politics in the suckheap.

Lead by the biggest idiot in the history of mankind.

Jacob Zuma. A big, fat, ugly, useless idiot of a man.

That’s being inaugurated AGAIN today.


Every day I hear the news bulletins, the few I do hear to and from work and over lunchtime, I hear more and more idiocy. inadequacies, ridiculous happenings – not in the world of actors and pop stars where such things belong, but in politics. Now we’re not talking about the fact that every single government facility and service has gone so far backwards so as to be almost non existent, we’re talking about the things the politicians do. The parties they host, the traveling expenses they heap on the tax payer. The stories of government officials embroiled in gang activity, drug smuggling, murder, tax fraud, tender fraud. and these are new things. It does not include their pasts – I don’t think we have a single member of parliament from the ANC’s side that was not in jail for something or other before 1994. The head idiot himself has been embroiled in such things all through his tenure as president. And he’s chosen for president again.

It would seems that Africans love a buffoon. They like the arse that dances at his rallies. That wears animal skins every time he gets married – 5 and counting. the idiot that sings struggle songs and shit like that.

Folks, as an aside. The struggle is LOOOOOONG since over. You got what you wanted. Why are you still so scared of 5 million people? That’s the only whiteys in a sea of darkies. 5m as opposed to 50m. an overwhelming majority. But they are scared of us. Why? is it because we are still keeping things going? Is it because we, instead of harping on things we can’t change, try and make a better life for ourselves and, by extension, everybody else in the suck heap? Is it because they realise that without the few whiteys they’re allowing to work there won’t be enough taxes paid to keep them in their lavish lifestyles? if those are the reasons, they must be very scared.


At the moment we have 16 m people and counting, on welfare. Has to be an insurance for being voted in again in another four years’ time. Instead of creating jobs with sound planning, they invite every sick, lame and lazy person from the rest of Africa to come and join their battle here. Come, have your baby here, we’ll give you a grant.

Every morning I drive through Diepsloot. An informal settlement/low cost housing eyesore. People live in shacks made from corrugated iron as often as not. It spreads as far as the eye can see. One big squatter camp. And what do you see on many of these shacks? DSTV dishes. They live in shacks. Pay a token amount for utilities, if at all, no rates and taxes. And they have DSTV. Which costs I think, about a grand for the full sweep and probably something like R350 for the lower ends of things. I, on the other hand, pay rates and taxes through my nose. Pay for water and electricity at a premium. And I can’t afford DSTV.



And then we have the parliamentary sittings. Where the fat cats sit and sleep as often as not. Sleeping on the job. That I pay for dearly. What is their use there then? makes it clear that they are there, not for the good of the great unwashed, but because they are a buddy of a buddy of a buddy. It’s called cronyism. And actual word for what’s happening here today. They are making laughing stock of the dignity one would expect for such supposed exalted positions. One would expect at least some decency and brains for people that’s been chosen to rule the country. Look at the picture below and see what it’s like in our parliament.




This post was brought about by what I saw as I left the maul. A string of helicopters flying over in a somewhat cock eyed formation. They can’t even do that right and it’s not a battle of any sorts. We have an airforce and army there only for show. One apparently only there to make the world look at us with even more disdain than before. Because of the head idiot being inaugurated again today, the whole of Pretoria has basically been cordoned off. Why they have to make such a big hoo haa about it I have no idea. You switch on the radio and it’s being broadcasted live. So I can’t listen to tunes because the idiot is important.

I did not vote for you. You are not what I would choose for a garden guy let alone a president of my country. I have no choice in the matter however. I have to live here. I have nowhere else to go to. And I very much resent the fact that when people hear I come from South Africa they look at me with sympathy in their eyes, followed by laughter and ridicule.

We went from a first world country to a badly off third world country in a matter of years. We went from a place of order where things worked to a place where nothing works unless you line palms and pockets. Really wish I could run away somewhere.

Alas. I’m stuck here. All I can do is write about it when it gets to much.

Hope your Saturday is a good one.



10 comments on “Ineptocracy.

    • That it is Tess. I always wonder at the rest of the world’s leader – how can they take anything this buffoon says seriously? Which makes me think the rest of the world is quite as stupid as the lot we have here!

  1. Don’t know what to say. I feel that politicians shouldn’t be paid at all; it should be an honorary job, like trustees on a board for a body corporate, who do it just because they want things to change. If there were no salary (or perhaps only a token “honorary fee”, something like R3000 per month) in it, even for the president, let’s see who of those guys would still be prepared to have the title.

    If they could only start seeing themselves in the spirit of true democracy, as servants of the people, not kings of Africa, wouldn’t it be so much better!

  2. I always can’t believe how these people have big fancy cars and DSTV yet they live in shacks and starve. They obviously have no brain cells to be able to tell what necessities are

  3. It makes our local council elections seem rather tame in comparison this week. Still got our count to come in for the European Parliamentary elections. It seems that UKIP (the UK Independence Party) has given our established parties something to think about. The main issue is about immigrants being able to flood into our country unchecked from Europe and then claim all sorts of benefits or indulge in criminal activity. I don’t much care for UKIP but it’s good to scare the big ones out of their complacency.

  4. I just did a whole flaming reply to this only to find it vanish! Grrrrrrrrrr!
    Frustrating as hell comes to mind when thinking of the state of SA governence

  5. It appears to be happening all over, J. Yours might be in a more advanced state is all. When you wrote before about the politicians washing their hands with Johnnie Walker Blue, I about came out of my seat… Sorry, Ghia, it is a crazy time.

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