I’m currently a sufferer.

Irritated at myself for allowing another person to steal my peace.

Irritated because I feel myself doubting the existence of love between a man and a woman.

Irritated because that seems to be all I can think of – truth be told, I wanted to make the heading of this post “You Bastard” but I refrained. Not his fault he’s just human. Apparently all mine because I’m not. And there I go again. That’s why I have no blogged – this is all I have in my head and until I can get that the hell out of my psyche I’ll be very poor company indeed.

came across these pics on FB tonight…

awesome life

I’m just finding it difficult to see the awesomeness even though I know it’s out there, somewhere.




How many difficult roads do I still have to travel? What lesson am I to learn from what keeps on happening over and over again other than the fact that I’m a useless human when it comes to romantic love? I am good with my hands, have a relatively good mind, good grasp of concepts, but I totally suck at relationships. I should stop bothering them.




No, I was not. I’m not quite victorious in the romance department though. Good with everything else, so I’m thinking one out of everything else ain’t bad.

Time for some tunes. Not slow, smooth, jazzy tunes. Loud, rocky tunes. But still good tunes nevertheless…Fits my mood – until we meet again, may you always find water and shade…


9 comments on “Irritation.

  1. I don’t see that you suck at relationships. It was great while it lasted and now this. The human condition is so hard to understand. More questions, WHY WHY WHY? than answers. Been through this many times myself. The agony and ecstasy of it all. Weird huh how everything does change, the good, the bad, the ??? Wish I could do something, wave a magic wand, and make it better. Sending you a big special hug along with that wish.

  2. Paulette has said it all. I am sorry this one did not work, but he was such an improvement over the others – the next one, and there will be another man, may he be the one who is a true keeper.

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