It’s the making…

…that counts.

Not the finishing so much.

Words I used in answer to Huntie’s comment on my previous post about Operation Chair.

I’ve ever been a crafter. Not a majorly artistic one, or even a very perfect one, but I have my core competencies as they say in the business world πŸ™‚

Now, going through yet another mortifying emotional experience, I thought it best to start a very ambitious project. It could look gorgeous, it could look disgusting. If the latter is true I would be very disappointed, but I’ll make another plan or start over again, or do something completely different. The main reason this project came into being was to help me deal with the emotional crapstorm I’m sitting with.

And that has been crafting’s saving grace in my life up till now.

At one stage I did papier mache – made all kinds of things. Shelves and clocks and dustbins – you name it, I tried my hand at it. With varying degrees of success, but some of those things are still being used in my house to this day. Things I made when I just moved into my house, and had to deal with children going away for the weekend or for the school holidays, leaving me at a very loose end, trying to make sense of what’s happening in my life.

I also have a doll’s house that I’ve been fiddling with for the past however many years. Making the little bits and pieces that makes a doll’s house what it is, has occupied many of my waking hours. Granted, not now so much as it has, but many people have asked me what I’m going to do with it once finished.

My answer has always been, that’s not the point. The point is never really in finishing it, although that is the end result. For me at least, it’s not so much about the finishing, the completing of the projects as it is for the healing that happens while I’m in the thick of things. To me, doing the handiwork that goes into a crafting project, getting dirty, figuring out ways to use your tools differently, making a plan where you only have the raw materials, that’s why I craft. Not to display my fortitude and perseverance.

Just to occupy my many solitary hours with something less destructive than parking off, watching TV, which is what I would have done had I not been a crafter.

Now, I still have many solitary hours. I fill them with a bit of reading here, a bit of internetting there, and a whole lot of crafting. And it’s helped me through many difficult times in my life. Seeing my creations come to life has given my life a kind of purpose. It always gives me a reason to go home, to try something new and unique.

That’s why I always tell anybody with some kind of emotional thing going on. Keep your hands busy. Sooner than you realise, your head would have worked through the drama on it’s own, leaving you, hopefully, whole and a bit more content, and you have something to wear or to hang on your wall – seems like a win win situation to me!!

Happy crafting πŸ˜‰



7 comments on “It’s the making…

  1. You’re very sensible to keep yourself busy instead of just moping around as some people would do. Hope things brighten up for you soon, but in the meantime, happy crafting. πŸ™‚

  2. J, I’ve now clicked to get emails of your posts. Previously, I’d clicked the “following” button at the top – it shows in the Reader, but only if I get to the reader…. grin. Now, I’m on station and shall be more timely in my readings of your wisdom, your pleasures, your fears, tears and joy. I am so glad you have this crafting outlet. The dollhouse project dumbfounded me. I would never have pictured that as a project of yours. Still, it makes sense, all those little rooms to fill with knicknacks…. I’m looking forward to reading progress reports on this one. xxoo Huntie

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