Progress report.


The bit in the bottom left corner is what I’ve actually embroidered so far – not much I know, but I only started the actual embroidery on Saturday evening.


Tonight I covered the initial trace I made with white dress maker’s tracing paper with colour. The white started to fade from the handling – hope the pastels I used will last a bit longer.


The seat that definitely needs a cover! Made it a while ago with not many tools other than a jigsaw a hammer and some nails – now I know better, but I’m not taking the seat apart – better to just cover it, and yes, I will be putting batting or some kind of sponge on it before I fasten the embroidery over it!


The chair – used to stand in my mom’s bedroom for many moons. Painted white, as usual. I de-painted it, did a bit of sanding and gave it a coat of clear varnish – now it’s a beauty for for a palace! Well, it would be once the seat cover is on 🙂








Th initial design. I drew it on a sheet of graphics paper, but then I realised that the blocks on the paper were not small enough for the cloth I’m using. That’s why I drew the design onto the cloth direct. As it progresses, you will see how the coloured lines disappear.

Today, during lunch time, I actually sat in the car, tunes on the radio, sun shining outside, and did quite a bit of stitching – beats moping any day of the week!!

Hope your Monday got off to a good start and that the week will follow suit.

May you always find shade for your head and water for your table.

And because I’m not quite ready for love songs and the accompanying emotions, a few Muse tunes. Loud, a bit obnoxious, in your face, mindless. Just what I need now.




13 comments on “Progress report.

    • Took me a while to get it looking sort of OK P – I’m not quite the sketch artist either of my kids are!!
      I’m happy with the result – now to see what it looks like transferred to cloth 😉

  1. What splendid therapy, J! I love the chair and the fact you let us see the throne, it truly looks like one. And, it needs a seat cover with soft inner padding, as you said. The design is lovely and captures the spirit of your soul – may the sewing free you.

    I once took on something similar. It was a needlepoint project of a Knight off to the crusades on his horse…. When I was done, the horse looked drunk and the knight a bit stunned at what he had signed up for… truth in the needle! I finished it over a memorable 72 hour period when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, developed dry sockets and just cried for 48-72 hours straight – never occurred to us to call the dentist… learned my lesson that weekend. The only thing that kept me sane and in this world was that needlepoint. God speed J!

    • Something about crafting that soothes the soul of many aches P. That you know about that makes me happy – it means that, whatever life throws at us, we’ll always have a needle and thread to work it out with – no matter what the finished product looks like. It’s always the making that counts, not the finishing so much 😉

      • Yes, I always figure if it turns out well, that’s an unexpected bonus! Then, of course, proud as a pea hen, I turn around and promptly buy a piece five times the size of the last one… crazy.

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