I’ve been thinking what to blog about.

I could always have a try at the ridiculous political situation in the suck heap, but really. What difference will it make? I could rant about the e tolls. with exactly the same results as farting in a hurricane. I can’t write about the current change I’m experiencing – I’ve not quite made sense of it myself – as soon as I do, you poor folks will be the first to know – sorry ’bout that.

What I will write about is this picture.


One of my single male friends posted it on FB quite some time ago. I saved it because something like this really needs to be answered by somebody that has been on both sides of many different coins. In other words, me. Which reminds me of Professor Whatever in the second Harry Potter film. Your new professor in Defence against the Dark Arts. Me – always makes me laugh that scene.

Back to the picture. This will be written taking my current situation into account. It will be tongue in cheek and one huge generalisation. Please forgive me – I’m not meaning to really step on any toes. This pic just got me steamed and I’ve had a while to let the steam build up. Release is imminent and might be explosive. Absolutely no pun intended.

If no man wants you? You have to wonder at that sentence. I’ve been of the opinion for many years that men don’t really want women. They want sex. On tap. They want boobs to play with and a place to empty the bags. Ready always. At the drop of a hat. One phone call must do the trick. If it does not, he does not want you. Because you don’t want to play along with his slightly skewed idea of what a woman really is. Since, you see, a female has an actual brain. That does not get fuddled if she does not have sex regularly. Or if she does. She uses said brain, not to find the best way to pick up the next lay, but to think about life. About how she can make her life better. She explores her inner being, go to yoga classes or pottery lessons, or take long baths while reading books. She spends time with friends, or has a solitary enjoyable meal, while watching all the goings on around her. Experiencing life for the most part.

She does not switch off while watching TV because she’s probably doing something else while watching. Using the brain, you see. And men don’t want that. They want to watch what they’re watching in peace and quiet. With no interruptions, unless it involves eats and drinks. And those only at certain times. That is, if the woman watches TV at all. Mostly they’re just too busy with all kinds of things to be able to park off in front of the telly and be mindless.

And if no man wants you, with your continuously busy brain, your constant experiences, your narratives about said experiences, why the hell not a cat? Can’t think of a better animal to have in lieu of a man. Dogs are very well, but sometimes they’re just like men. Only difference is, a dog wants food and a man wants sex, but they’re both almost piteously thankful for what they get. Of course, they both want the same thing, but from humans, dogs want food. Men want both food and sex. From females that is. And I’m thinking, that may be all they really want. There’s this joke that’s been doing the rounds for a while. A man has two moods. horny or hungry. So, if he does not have a hard-on, give him a sandwich.

A cat on the other hand. Well. Independence. Very descriptive of cats. If you don’t feed them, they are quite able to catch their own food. They roam far and wide to gather experiences. Sometimes those experiences ends in bloodletting, and they come home for you to care for. Which the woman will do since the cat will reward her with a warm vibrating body in thanks for the care shown. And what woman can withstand vibrations? A cat will wrap itself across your lap and lie there while you read your book. If he’s hungry he will get up and go and eat. He will not harass you for food unless his bowl is empty. A cat will come and say hello when you get home in the evening and then give you space to do what you need to do before quiet time starts. Cats rule!

And really. If you have my track record with men, best to stick to cats – at least they will continue to come to you for food and shelter, even if you are a crazy bitch from hell. Or if you are a live and let live kind of gal. Or if you are a vibrant, excitable woman. Or if you are a bookworm that would rather read than cook. Bottom line. Regardless of what kind of person you are, your cat will stay with you always.

And let me throw in dogs too. Even though I was disparaging about them earlier, I would not want my own life without my dogs in it. They are my first greet in the evening. The slobbering tongues, wagging tails, absolute happiness with which they greet me every day, can not be replaced by a cat’s cool aloofness.

One thing is for certain.

If no man wants you, whoop di effing doo. The misery your life invariably turns into when you involve men in it will only happen with animals when said animal dies. So, at least a good 10 years between miserable experiences – I can live with that!

To the friend that posted the picture – not that he will read it, he does not know about my blog, F, if a man does not want a woman, best he finds the fault in himself and not always in the woman!

Then again, as with all things, there is always two sides to every story. You know my side – probably too well, but there are many people out there. all just looking for something other than a cat or a dog to share their lives with. Alas. They get so used to only the cats and dogs that an actual human, that does not have the same qualities an animal does, might fall short of the expected experiences. And that just breeds misery.

Be warned. Only get an animal when you’re really certain that there is not a single person out there that could be compatible to you. You will get used to the ease of being human with animals. Being human with another human is a totally different story!

I re-iterate. This was mostly tongue in cheek. mostly a bit of satire on the world as experienced through my particular eyes. Jaded though they might be, even wrong for that matter, I can only commentate on what I’ve experienced. I know good men. Many of them. I also know bad men. Many of them. I also know good women. And women I would like to just shake. We’re all just people. With baggage. And issues. And experiences. Just trying to make sense of the world around us as best we can.

The songs I chose tonight are all Afrikaans. I’m not translating them. But they all have the most beautiful melodies. Let the sound flow over you, soothe your soul with the gentle sounds. It fits the melancholy I’m feeling tonight. Hope you enjoy.

And a jazz it up tune for Tess πŸ˜‰




5 comments on “Thoughts.

  1. Oh, Ghia. Why need life be so complicated?
    BTW, I wanted a jazz-up for YOU, but I thank you for the shout out. Made me smile and glad you picked a favorite of mine–one you can enjoy as well.
    Give me your hand, Ghia. It’s not as cold now (we’ve had lovely weather last couple days). Let us wander in your awesome garden for a spell. Turn up the music, open the windows and show me around. Hmm. Smells so good there… ~(*_*)~~
    See, even my nose has disappeared because of the heady fragrance…

  2. I always said that I’m going to grow into an old dog lady since I’m not a huge cat fan.
    Ek hou van die liedjies, ‘n verandering van die normaal is altyd goed πŸ™‚

  3. Oh there are days, sometimes a week where I feel exactly the same as your tongue in cheek and life experiences you write of here, J. I am blessed by having a girl dog and a boy cat – Elby, That Cat! His name tells you everything, doesn’t it? He’s not quiet, he wants me to hand feed him and will go without eating to prove it…., but he comes for a snuggle or just walks up and butts me with head to let me know, “I love you.” And, Ella, the greythound, with her wires crossed, jumps to her feet, does a lovely leisurely stretch, down and up, bounds across a space, spins on a dime, and barks very loudly and begins to sing at the top of her lungs. Yep, home.

  4. Yes!!! Doesn’t it just p1ss you off that a woman without a man is considered incomplete, faulty or pitiable??? Poor men. If we don’t need them any more, what will they do?

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