Because i can…

Heard these songs in the past month or so. Thought I’d share them.

Not because I’m going to a party or even feeling particularly good, all things considered, but I’m nothing if not grateful that I am still alive and kicking. I’m sad, I’m confused, I’m worried, but I know the Universe lets things happen as they should and I can either be miserable all the time, or I can appreciate what I do have – lots and lots and lots of tunes, many more books, a good friend, happy kids, relatively well behaved dogs, cuddly cats and a clean house. Not to forget my blog buddies – you guys have been there, always, and I thank you for that.

Hope you enjoy the tunes I picked for you 😉



15 comments on “Because i can…

    • What can I say AD – something always happens, not so? Story of my life!!
      At least there’s still a tune or six out there – glad you enjoyed the Patrizio one 🙂

  1. Went straight to the eye candy and Mambo and Patrizio – Gawd, they’re getting younger and younger… well, I can enjoy looking at the very least! Stay strong love bug. xxoo Hunt

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