And about time too!!!

Wow! What a few weeks it’s been. So much happened, I got so much done – and I missed blogging, I must admit. Not one days goes by that I don’t come across a topic to write about, but I still am not finished with my current project, and I need to get it done before I can have my internet time back again.

The long weekend went a long way towards getting the project done. The project in question is a sweater with cables and fair isle in the pattern – of which I’ve had the yarn for the past few years. It’s for somebody’s daughter, and I thought I might as well finish it – to get my knitting mojo back so to speak. It is, after all, turning cold on this side of the world. Time for thick sweaters and scarves and jackets and boots – no better time to knit than right now.

Back to the long weekend. That would be Easter weekend. Was supposed to be spent with C, it being his on weekend. The day before his shift started though, he started coughing blood. Never a good sign and even less so when you’re in the medical field, where infectious diseases are a very real threat. Even more so in the suck heap because nursing care is not always what it should be, even in the private sector, and TB is still a very real cause for infections. So, C refused me to come visit him. Neither of us could take the chance of him having something virulent that could affect me negatively and in turn mom with her compromised immune system and the sister’s kids.

I can tell you. It made me think. Death. Always around the corner. But you tend to forget about it in your daily life. Because things happens just so every day, and if you’re not sick, you don’t really think about being dead all that often. But when somebody you love, somebody that’s become such a big part of your life gives you this kind of news, you stop and think about it. I thought about how life would be without C in it. And it’s not a future I really want to contemplate. Not that I will come to a complete standstill – we all know that you carry on, regardless of if it feels as if the floor has gone from beneath your feet. But life would be severely curtailed. It will not be filled with our little impromptu visits to out of the way places. It will not contain the restfulness of hearing his breathing next to me in the bed when we sleep. His cute little pout will me missed. His utter acceptance of me as a person, his clear caring about me – these are the things that I would have to do without. And I don’t really want to. Thankfully he tested negative for each of the things it could have been – doc reckons he may have ruptured a blood vessel in the lungs somewhere. And the first thing he did on hearing the news? He drove through to visit me! We put up a shelf, sorted the leaking loo, and just relaxed in the company of the one person in our lives that makes all the previous bad things worth the going through 🙂

Yesterday we went looking at old cars and had a shandy at a little bar while watching some of the rugby. old carAnd we celebrated my youngest’s b day in true SA fashion with a braai and some beers, with a master braaier at the fore front. C brought his Weber through and he made us the most delicious lamb chops with boerewors and bacon wrapped cherries. As I was watching him pour people their drinks and generally making sure that all the ladies were sorted, coming to me for a hug every so often, I could not help thinking of all the men I had to meet before this gem fell in my lap. All the dank ponds I waded through to find, in completely different waters, the one man that likes who I am. Not just my boobs or my mouth or whatever. Me. As I am. As I became through experiencing life. Not what he wants me to be.

Today he upgraded his contract and is now the very proud owner if the iPhone 5S. I must say, I’m envious. It’s a gorgeous phone. But I filled in the forms to get my own upgrade – not a phone, but my MacBook Pro. My very first Apple computer. I will be happy once it arrives. The one I currently have has served me well. But it belongs to a different stage of my life. A happy time, but a time that should be put to rest now. And what better way than with a brand new computer?

My project is not done just yet. I have to knit one more sleeve and the cowl around the neck,  but once that’s done, I can become calm again. Tomorrow is yet another public holiday, and there’s been a MOB planned. If I wake up early enough to remove the grey from my hair and drive though to Rivonia, I might enjoy seeing some of the old crowd and some new ones too – until then, be thankful for the people you share your life with. Today could be the last day of their existence. Be happy, and love as much as you can.

May your days be long upon the earth…

This tune is probably the original version – absolutely brilliant!

And this one Johnny Depp’s version – just as lovely, more so because the Depp is always worth a second look 🙂


12 comments on “Update.

    • Not only for the project Col – life has been making turns these last month or so.
      I may just be back in full force in the not too distant future 😉

  1. I went through a knitting phase in high school. I did scarves for myself and we knitted little blocks which were then put together to form blankets as part of our community service thing that we’d do every year in winter.
    Hope you can make the MOB!

  2. Bly jy is gelukkig.
    Oppas om nie iemand te idealiseer nie, maar sien tog terselfdertyd die goeie, mooie en uitsonderlike raak en voel goed en bly daaroor.
    Sterkte met die afhandeling van jou huidige projek.
    Het gewonder wanneer plaas jy weer ‘n pos.

  3. Helllloooooooo! so glad to hear from you. You seem to be in a blissful time and that is wonderful. Well done on the knitting, post a photo when it is complete

  4. Welcome back! I was worried you’d given up blogging. Thank heavens that C is okay. What a terrible fright you must have had. Clever you, being able to knit. I can’t even knit a square and make it look like one!

  5. Dear J, wouldn’t you know it. I look every day and as soon as I go offline, on you come! So glad you are back and okay – better than okay! xxoo HuntMode

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