I’m sick.

I had this boring post getting into being, and then I canned it.

Even being sick is no excuse for boredom!!!

Let me shake things up a bit.

Saw this on FB : Frightening statistics: Since the Roe and Wade decision in 1973, over 54 million innocent preborn children have been aborted in the US. That’s an average of 1.5 million abortions each year, compared to about 600,000 deaths from heart disease. Our country will probably catch up someday to that too unless we change the legislation.

From a South African friend of mine.

My answer to this – Then again,where on earth would be have put an extra 54 million people? Earth is overpopulated as it is. And these people use abortion as a prophylactic. They need to be spayed. I’m neither for, nor against abortion – it has it’s place in many instances – just playing devil’s advocate if you don’t mind.

Then somebody else posted a link to abortions in China – apparently 330 million abortions was performed in China since their family planning law came into effect 40 years ago. Alas. Chinese people prefer boys to girl so there is now, in China, apparently 37 million more men than women. Or some such.

How do I feel about abortion? Personally, I think it’s an abomination. Unless possible if you were raped. Unless the kid has not a viable life expectancy. it should not be done because you can’t keep your legs closed. It should not be done because you can’t afford another kid – for that you have other means of preventing pregnancy. It should not be done because you don’t use any kind of contraception. If you want to use abortion as a prophylactic, get yourself spayed. it will save a lot of money down the road I’m sure. Not to mention mental anguish – that is, if these people suffer from it.

I will not judge you if you decide to have an abortion. I can not. it’s your decision, and one you have to live with. One you will have to please and explain one day. Not only to The Maker, but to yourself. And I think, sometimes trying to explain the actions of a younger you to an older you is way more difficult that explaining it to another person.

As I said in my answer though. There are many people on this earth. Most of them in the third world. Where there’s no real food or opportunities for people to become the best they can be. Where would we have been if all those kids had lived?

Am I saying all those third world kids should be aborted? Not at all. Fact remains that in the third world, babies are at the order of the day instead of rare. Maybe the Do-gooders out there should rather concentrate on contraceptives than on mosquito nets and food. Just another cat amongst the pigeons.

I see it every day here in my country. On every street I travel I find a homeless person. Or a shack dweller. A mother, without a job, with a baby on her back. The chances are that kid will become just another shack dweller. Never rising above the muck. And no matter how much charity you throw at them, no matter how many organisations strive to uplift the people by teaching them viable skills – there will always be those that falls through the cracks.

Help for the situation? Probably not all that much. I’d say education, but what makes sense to me might not make sense to somebody from another culture. What I would think as a solution might be anathema to somebody else. But, after all that, education is key. Just common knowledge will make the difference nine times out of ten. If you can get past the views of the culture you’re preaching to though. And that is quite difficult. Believe me. I’ve tried.

So much ugliness in the world. So many wrongs being committed in the guise of progress. So many atrocities at the door of the very people that preaches against it. Makes one feel quite helpless in the face of all this, well, evil.

Maybe the end is indeed closer than we thought it was…

After all that, it’s time for me to eat and then take a dose of many meds. Have to lick this thing soon – it’s keeping me from visiting my guy and we can’t have that now can we!!

May your days be long upon the earth…

Thought this piece of music rousing enough for the content…


And this piece, just to show how amazing humans can also be…


11 comments on “Boo-friggedy-hoo

  1. As a Christian, I find infanticide evil. There is no difference between a one second old human, and a one hundred year old human. God places His children in the womb, and nobody has the right to take the life of the child for any reason.

    • The thing is Sir, the ones having it done does not think of it like that. And this whole ethics thing is taking it a bit further – killing actual born babies. People have lost sight of what should be important in life, and they are, for the most part, not able to face up to their responsibilities…

  2. It’s a hard topic, J. Sometimes it just rises up like bile and you have to let rip or it will tear you up inside. I’ve done a few of these myself in the past year. I know all those stats and I’ve been on both sides of the argument. I think it will be science that determines the answer for each one of us – the more we are able to see inside a woman’s body during gestation, the more the reality of what we do becomes evident. As always, it is an individual choice. P

    • Indeed a hard topic P. One that lies very close to the bone in many cases. individual choice for sure. But you should know if you can face yourself down the line. But hey. many people don’t see fetuses as humans, just hindrances. We have a case here lately where a 19 year old mother abandoned her 2 year old toddler on a highway. Just left the child there. The kid’s alive, but what kind of life will he go on to have after this?

  3. My faith tells me that “everything will work out.” There is room enough and resources enough if we were to manage them better and share more. Everyone will be accountable for their own choices. They don’t need me to judge them. Gail

  4. I want only a maximum of three people making the decision about an abortion: the female carrying the fetus, the man responsible for the sperm, and a doctor. In some cases, the man responsible can be dismissed from the equation here, such as in cases of rape or artificial insemination.

  5. I saw something on FB: ‘what if the baby you aborted would someday grow up to find the cure for cancer!’
    And the response was:
    ‘ what if the 16 year old girl who had that baby couldn’t go on to get an education and eventually cure cancer?’
    There’s always two sides to every coin. I enjoyed your take on this issue.

    How Are You by the way? 🙂

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