I had a dream.

of sitting down at my computer and doing a post.

alas. I got sidetracked by a FB conversation. With somebody that I have never really conversed with although i’ve known this person for many years. when we met, she also met my then husband. They had an affair. He left her after he made promises to her that he had no intention of keeping. Suffice it to say we did not keep close contact as the years passed.

Now, she’s older, I’m older, we’ve each had our share of strife and heartache and we can now talk like humans. We will never be BFF’s, but we can talk about life, and should the chance present itself again, we will talk again. And leave the conversation better people.

Back to happenings now.

The bosses have been on leave since Monday. makes for a nice quiet work environment. And then, yesterday, the bomb burst. Firstly, they found a snake. Not a very big one, but quite a dangerous one. 

Late afternoon the most upsetting thing happened. goods were loaded on the courier truck without paperwork. One of our guys were suspected in the theft. The police was called and he was arrested on the spot. I am both angered and disappointed in this whole thing. It’s creating such a lot of drama at work. We’re having a staff meeting at the ass crack of dawn on Tuesday. People are walking around on eggs. Trust has been shaken on all sides. And, sorry as I feel for this person, I can’t understand what he was trying to do. Make money? Sure. For how long did he think he would make money before it came to light? Did he think of all the other people that he’s affecting by this? Me, that have to do stock takes every week? Raba that has to do the stock takes with me and help me look for shortages? The other guys in the warehouse that is only trying to put food on their table? I had this man in my car. I gave him lifts more often than not. I spoke to him as an equal, helped him, gave him advice and sympathy. Did he give any of us a second thought? Don’t suppose he did.

I do not like drama. it’s just upsetting. I prefer to be left in my little corner and do what I’m supposed to do. And now, unwittingly, I’m embroiled in this whole thing, as are we all.

And then I heard on the news that illegal miners have dug a 2 meter wide tunnel underneath a road to get to gold ore. The road is now closed because it has started to cave in. What on earth is happening to my country? We went from something worth living in to a complete and utter chaotic free for all. Where you do what you want, when you want and for how long you want. Money, money, money. Rhino’s being decimated for a useless piece of hair. Elephants for their ivory. Lions for what – their dicks? Why? A president that’s sitting pretty, on all the tax millions. With people idiotic enough to think him the best thing since sliced bread. Africa seems to like their dictators fat and well fed while the people starve and do ANYTHING to get money. Literally anything.

It’s as if the dam has burst and all the vileness of people are spewing forth at a rate of knots with no stopping it.

Luckily, tomorrow is Friday, and we all know what that means. I get to see my baby again. And, for a little while, life would be good again.

That being said, I am still content with the life I currently lead. it could have been so much worse, but not really all that much better, and I am thankful for that.

Hope you are all still well.

May your days be long upon the earth.

And this song, because we had some real rain here tonight – with thunder. Too lovely…

21 comments on “I had a dream.

    • Norah always manages to hit just the right spot – glad you enjoyed it Tess 😉
      as for the ugliness at work – that’s how things here seems to happen more often than not.
      Happy tripping 😉

    • Hello busy Hillbilly 😉
      Glad you’re still enjoying life on the golfing circuit!! Had a beer shandy last night – the closest I like to come to beer 🙂

    • Drama is just a huge storm, after the fact, and nothing ever gets resolved, but while the storm lasts, we will be blown hither and tither – not much fun at all.
      Glad you enjoyed the song P 🙂

  1. My favourite song of Norah’s. 🙂 Hope the drama at work soon cools down. I also like peaceful. Yes, you’re right, this country is absolutely crazy. I can’t believe the mindset of the masses. 😦 Have a wonderful and loving weekend. 🙂

    • It’s a firm favourite of mine too AD – glad you enjoyed it.
      As for the country and all the drama, I suppose the best we can do is just suck it up. I just hope the spill over is not too bad for any of us…

  2. A quiet life doesn’t seem to want to happen to you. Impressive serpent, that! And, one wonders what on earth inspired the other snake-in-the-grass.
    It does seem that the majority of the population is going clear off its rocker.

    • Indeed not Col. No quiet life for me. Suppose, on the other side, never a dull moment, eh? Then again, sometimes I would give my kingdom for a bit of peace!!!
      It does look like our whole country is going down the tubes with a weight at the front, and we can’t do anything about it.

  3. lovely song. My hubby’s bakery found that over a tonne of butter had been stolen from them. The accused just seemed to think it was fine to do. The sadness is many more were probably in on the deal.

  4. Dear J, the good news for me is that we got to hear from you. As all have written, heck of a snake – both of ’em. So glad you and your man are doing well. xxoo Hunt

  5. Shudder — poisonous snakes and thieving. Too much drama for a girl who wants a peaceful life and tries to do her best by people. I do hope the suspicion-laden atmosphere at work lifts soon, and calmness prevails.

    Talking about illegal digging — our crap government in the UK (that I didn’t vote for) is attempting to go full steam ahead (no apologies for the sarcastic pun) with fracking for gas across the country, as well as trying to overturn an ancient law that says they need permission to mine under our houses. Fracking can lead to dangerous water contamination and earthquakes, but what do you bet that it won’t be happening anywhere near any ruling politicians’ homes or the reservoirs supplying their homes?

    • Africa is a very harsh continent Sarah. I manage to deal with it more often than not, but sometimes it’s harshness astounds me.
      As for your government, it would seem that politicians are cut from the same cloth, no matter where in the world they find themselves!!

  6. It’s good your company has systems in place where the right person gets the blame when something goes wrong. There are many horror stories out there where the wrong person gets penalized because the other person has “connections.” I’m glad the snake was caught – ick!

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