They exist.

More than we would like, more than we know of. And about 90% of them seems to be congregated in our current political arena. And I will not be singling out a single politician in this tirade I’m about to launch. They are all acting like idiots these days.

South African politics has ever been somewhat fraught with animosity. In the old days Sap and Nat did not speak to one another. Kind of like when the Brits came to town – they were shunned by the Afrikaans community. Taking up with a Brit was anathema. And let’s face it. There’s not much more stubborn than a dyed in the wool Afrikaner Boer!!

Fast forward to today’s politics. We have a president that is the lowest schooled president in the world – apparently he just finished grade school or something. We have various members of parliament that could not teach a potato new tricks if they tried. Their ideology seems to be a mix of socialism with a healthy dose of capitalism thrown in – the socialism so they can make it look good for the 5 billion idiots that always vote for them and capitalism so they can continue to pocket everything Β the 10 000 that don’t vote for them, worked for.

We have a few political parties. The biggest of the lot would be the ANC and the DA. The ANC, led by darkies for the most part, with a few token white faces relieving the dark mass. the DA, run by whities for the most part, but steadily becoming more and more black – neither here nor there, but so far, the DA makes a bit more sense than the ANC does, so they have my vote regardless.

What this post is really about is the idiocy that happened today in the Johannesburg City Centre. The DA had a March, led by Helen Zille – their leader. The march was to Luthuli house, HQ of the ANC. Ostensibly about real jobs. Or some such. What followed is a farce of such proportion, I’m embarrassed to say I live in South Africa.

The DA marched. Stupidly thinking they will not be bothered. Or maybe they wanted to be bothered. Maybe have somebody die – stoke up the masses to riot. The ANC carted in busloads of supporters to kind of screw the DA’s march over. So there were rocks flying, petrol bombs flying, general mayhem. A few ANC supporters were arrested. Why? Because, instead of talking about the issues at hand like most rational human beings, they choose to fight fire with fire.

When I heard this, I thought to myself – is this the way to do anything? Do you really have to jump up and down like some imbecile to get your point across? Well, in Africa, that seems to be the ONLY way to get your point across. If you don’t break and pillage and plunder, the powers that be will just carry on as per usual. Since you can’t really speak to an idiot and expect it to understand what you’re saying, now can you? As the saying goes – Don’t argue with a fool. He will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience. This lot here – you can’t join them. There-in lies madness. Utter chaos. At the most you can look at them and try and keep out of the line of fire and hope that the shitstorm passes you by without too much damage.

Then we have Juliarse Malema. The biggest idiot of them all. A black man so filled with hatred for white people that it’s almost tangible. It might of course all be eyeblind – following the money, but usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. He was sequestrated yesterday – for not paying taxes when he was in favour with the ANC. Now he’s persona non grata and the tax man wants his bucks – they’ve probably been told to do so by the showerhead himself. When he was told he was sequestrated, in his idiocy, he tells the judge – “I don’t understand. What is the meaning of that white word” Yes. This is the kind of person in our current political arena. These are the people you have to take seriously?

He seems to think that he lives in the times of the cold war when revolutionaries were a dime a dozen. When coup d’etat’s happened as a matter of course. Sorry guy. That ship has sailed. All you’re really doing now is making an untenable situation even more untenable. And what you seem to forget – if people have the means and the opportunity and the intelligence, they can always go somewhere else. But not everybody has that – and they are the ones that will suffer the most from your purported ideology. Your idiocy and single mindedness will only bring about the demise of this, once great, country.

Then again, maybe that’s what they want. It has to be, otherwise they would not do what they do, say what they say, live like they live. And the more the fiasco carries on, the more difficult it becomes for the normal man and woman on the street to make a life for themselves. I filled the kid’s car up tonight. R650 it cost me for 46 litres of fuel. And I only do 600 km’s with that tank. So it’s costing me more than a rand per kilometre to use my car. Students are rioting because they’ve not been exempt from e tolls. What makes them so special? Taxis are also striking about that. What makes THEM so special? If I get to pay through my neck for everything, why should it only be me? Of course, the fucks in their big black, blue lighted cars will not even be charged, let alone coerced into paying. It’s true – everybody is equal. Some are just more equal than others.

On a lighter note – I’m still happy. Still walking on cloud nine, even though the country’s politics are not helping the matter. And we’re going to see ELO on Friday night. Even asked for permission to leave a bit earlier on Friday so I won’t be late!! Even thought it’s becoming almost too expensive to breathe, life is not all that unlivable these days. And dancing tonight…

May your days be long upon the earth…


7 comments on “Idiots.

  1. I’m viewing all this madness from afar, and thinking, “Do I really want to go back there in three weeks?” Glad you’re still on Cloud 9. Enjoy ELO. I’m sure it will be really awesome, and take your mind of SA politics for a while. πŸ™‚

  2. We were out by our client’s offices in CBD and the ANC busses were parked not too far from we were. We got an urgent call from security telling us that we should not leave the building, no matter what the reason is. It’s insane how they always feel the need to turn a march/protest into something so violent

  3. Thanks for the update, J. It’s hard from here to understand on the ground politics. As the wise ones above said, enjoy your man and ELO – since it’s Saturday, you’ve been there by the time you read this. xxoo HuntMode

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