The Suck Heap…

…vs South Africa.

This post has been brewing for a while. I’ve been too happy, still am actually, that I did not want to spoil anything. Alas. Externals are intruding. This post might be construed as being controversial. Maybe even hate speech or racism. That’s not what it’s about though. The only time people bother me is when they infringe on my life. And what’s happening in my country now is definitely infringing on my own as well as every other law-abiding citizen in the country – regardless of their colour.

Here goes.

In the Suck heap currently, we’re seeing a spate of violent protests. Service delivery. Expensive electricity. Dirty water. Expensive petrol. They go on the rampage in the streets. Burning tyres, looting shops, demolishing houses. In one place they destroyed the police station. A library. Privately owned houses. Police troop carriers are set alight. Rocks are thrown at passers by. Mobs attacking all and sundry. Millions of rands of damage is being done. Just making everything worse.

Are their issues real? Sure they are. These people are shack dwellers. Four corrugated iron walls surround them. No inside running water, no legal electricity. Why do we not have town planners that see that this does not happen? Well, because in a third world country, it’s everybody for himself. The big boss of the squatter camp will sell you a piece of land that, in all likelihood, does not even belong to him in the first place, and on this piece of land you get to erect your shack. One right next to the other one, as far as the eye can see. No order, just chaos. Try and move them to something more suitable with proper planning and sewerage and the like, and they kick up a fuss, because they don’t want to be moved. And if they are prepared to move, they expect actual houses to await them there, with no money spent from their side. They apparently like living in their collective filth. So, really, complaining about service delivery is most likely just a means to an end. Any excuse to go on the rampage and moan and groan about anything and everything.

Yes well. It’s what you wanted is it not? Freedom. No whities telling you what to do anymore. So, all the whities have been gotten rid of. That arsehole that used to make sure that the water treatment plant was maintained before it broke. He would have made sure that your water was not filled with worms. Or that excrement did not end up in the natural rivers and dams that was built for your drinking pleasure! That old white fart that told you to not order the most expensive spades, but rather the cheaper ones. He made sure that there was some money left over at the end of the financial year. So that more houses could be built or more roads maintained. The white men that built an army to be proud of, that designed weapons and troop carriers that’s still being used. They would have made sure that the 30 million Nigerians and Malawians and Zimbabweans and Ghanaese and what have you stayed OUT of the country, leaving YOU more work  and opportunities, making xenophobia useless. The white men that were real policemen instead of security for sale to the highest bidder. They would have stopped any and all protests before it became the mayhem it is now. The old white men that ran the nation’s money pots with a tight fist. Making sure that services were kept up, that unwanteds were kept out. That the country could still prosper even if there was not all that much money. The white men that had a police task force where the British elite came to train. Where the American Navy Seals could not make the cut – because the standards were so high.

Where are all those white men now? Well, some of them are dead. Some have been retired. Some are mercenaries. And most of them are living abroad, coining it because they have the knowledge, the foresight, the training and the brains to be the best – anywhere in the world.

The white men that kept the country going even when the whole world sanctioned us. No exports allowed. No imports allowed. Know what we did? We made everything. We developed a process that created petrol from coal. We had farmlands that fed every single person in this country. If you wanted to work, work was at hand. if you wanted to study, bursaries were at hand. If you could not find work, or did not want to work, you were still fed. You were housed in something other than a shack. Sure, squatter camps did exist even then. They were not remotely such cesspits as they are these days. They were controlled. Looked after to a degree.

I can not with conviction say that the previous government was not also corrupt. I think all governments are, by definition, corrupt. They are filled with power hungry, money grabbing bastards for the most part. The only difference between our previous government and the current one was that the previous lot paid first and then took. The current lot takes first and then, maybe, if anything’s left over, they might pay something. In most cases they rather pay their cronies.

Unfortunately, in the South Africa of old, before it became the Suck heap, black, coloured and asian people could not vote. They could not stay anywhere, only in designated areas. They could not operate businesses anywhere they wanted. That has now changed. A proper free for all. Live where you want, do business where you want, shit where you want, have as many babies as you want, rape little girls all you want, kill as many white people as you can, in the most violent manner you can.

Because you’re free are you not? Alas. You do not realise that with that freedom comes lots of responsibility. That you can’t just look after your own people. That you can’t just carry on using the taxpayer’s money as your personal piggy bank. OK, you can, but that makes for seriously bad business. Which is why so many black owned and operated and run businesses are going out of business. Not because they don’t know how to do business, but because they don’t take responsibility for said business. Or for the people that depend on them for a living. Because, seemingly they just don’e care about anybody but themselves.

The place where I work is currently going through their BEE rating. This has to be done every year. Money has to be forked out to a company that specialises in getting these ratings. You have to give them a list of all the creditors you do business with. Because, with the list of those creditors, the higher their points, the higher your points. Meaning you may just be allowed to stay in business for a while longer. You have to fill in forms pertaining to how many adult training courses you paid for. How many of your workers have you, as a company, uplifted. How many of the people you employ are black and/or black female. How many of those black and/or black females are in management positions. How many of your company shares were gifted to your employees. Gifted. Not sold. You get to work your arse off for years and they get gifted with your hard work. The powers that be are not really worried about the fact that said company employs x amount of people, or that those people are of a quality to do the job right, it’s all about the colour people! Can you spell discrimination? Can you smell it in the air?

Telkom, the main telephone service provider does not employ new white people. But they will do business with the white business owners. Woolworths does not take in new white employees either. But if you go into their stores, the majority of people buying there are white. The National Blood bank does not employ white people either – Yet the group that demographically donates the most blood are whities. I mjyself have bled on those tables many times – I can count on my one hand the amount of black people I saw there, bleeding with me.  You can’t go to an opera without having a black chorus – but there are no black people watching the performance. Not that the black chorus is not just as good as any white chorus would be – in fact, they are brilliant. But call me an arsehole, but if I go to see an opera, I would like to see a few of my own people there. I am, after all, paying for my ticket. Why are there not just as many upliftment causes for whities as there are for darkies? Are there no impoverished geniuses in the white community as well?

And now we have e-tolls. Toll gantries on one of the busiest routes in the Southern Hemisphere. Costing you more money than your petrol costs are. Even though 1.56 billion rand was generated in 4 years by just the normal fuel levy. Why do they need more money?

I can answer that – our president, the man that’s a living miracle seeing as he’s too stupid to breathe, yet, he gets away with all kinds of things. Spending money on his private residence. The whole government drive luxury cars. Live in luxury houses. Eat luxury food, wear luxury clothes. All paid for with my hard earned money. They want that money to pay for luxury holidays. For security guards. For big black cars with flashing blue lights. to pay for their arrogance in thinking that it can continue for much longer.

The new head of some or other police thing is an actual convicted criminal. Convicted of murder. And he’s head of a policing department? Be still my heart!!

Every person in this country was used to better. They can continue bullshitting themselves that letting the ANC win was a good thing. I doubt that that’s going to continue for much longer though. As I always say to the guy I pick up in the mornings, a black guy, well hell. You voted for them. Not me.  I will make a plan. It’s what I’ve always done. You go right ahead and vote for them again – and live with the consequences. Unfortunately they are not the only ones living with the consequences of their little thought through actions. I have to suck it up too…

This is not supposed to be an angry post. It’s a sad thing to witness the demise of a once first world country into ungovernable chaos and to be smack bang in the middle of it with no real way out. The rest of the world don’t need or want my skills. The rest of the world, and even some people living in the here and now, don’t seem to see what’s going on. This is where I will probably die – if the current government has anything to do with it, probably sooner rather than later. And likely as violently as they can imagine. Might be better if they do kill off all the whities, or if we all go away and leave them to rape and pillage and destroy. We have always made good scapegoats for all Africa’s woes.

I just needed to get this off my chest. And I speak only from my own personal viewpoint and feelings. This should never be left out of the equation.

Tomorrow night, I might just blog about feminists and free-bleeding…

Long days and pleasant nights…



8 comments on “The Suck Heap…

  1. You reflect the disappointment and disillusionment of almost everyone with a functioning unit between the ears.
    Two possiblities seem to exist: the apartheid analysis of a ‘developing’ and as yet inferior nation was correct, or that by their policies the powers that be are doing their level best to make it seem so.

  2. Screw the demos and trash, I want to know where is my stolen Macbook and all my photos. Oh, be the way I would also like to know where all my work data is, but the pics is the priority.

  3. We used to believe in merit based performance; now it is strictly by quota and program. How many favored minorities have you hired and documented so that you can continue to do business. I filled out paperwork for a temporary position from March 11-April 24. It took me two hours online, most of it duplicative and required that I read, watch several versions of exactly what sexual harassment is and is not and I still have to drive to the company and present my identification to prove that I am a U.S. citizen and able to work.

  4. What a nightmare. I’d die of stress living in such a volatile situation, if someone didn’t kill me first for being the wrong colour. You are very brave speaking your mind. I hope you and C find a way to escape the suck heap.

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