Check in…

…that’s what I’m doing 😉

Been a while since I blogged and even though I have so many things I want to put out there, I just can’t seem to gather the impetus needed to get it started!

It hit me today again though – I have an actual guy folks!! We spend as much time together as we can. We talk on the phone, we chat on whatsapp, we leave little messages for each other on FB. Not once has he not replied to a message I sent. Not one day goes by that I’m not told that I’m adored. Neither one of us enjoy the Maul (as promised an explanation. I feel mauled when I go to the mall – hence the term Maul) We go there, get what we need and leave again, sharpish. The two times we went to the maul together though, we both turned into browsers! Looking here and there – mostly, I think, to enjoy each other’s company. and he gave me  Spike Milligan book to read – I’ve not laughed that hard in years! all in all, still a good wicket we’ve got going – long may it last!

I’ve started playing catching up tonight – will probably continue tomorrow night. Please bear with me – I’m starting at the end and working my way back – I’ll get to everything eventually….

May your days be long upon the earth…

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