A commemoration

It’s late.

I’m tired.

So, I thought a music post would be in order.

A music post to commemorate the year C was born.

Why? Mostly because I can. And clearly it was a year to remember. Since it was the beginning of a man that’s lived and learned and grown into the perfect match for me.

So C, here’s to you Babe. For being the wonderfully understanding man you are, I salute you!!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into what the world was like all those years ago.

I’m still enjoying the fruits of that time – the little issue of yesterday, sorted. Until I get another mood of course. Seems that menopause has to rear it’s dementedly ugly head now – when i can least afford the kind of crap that goes with it. Still. Nothing for it but to soldier on and deal. Not as if I can really change it!

May your days be long upon the earth…

5 comments on “A commemoration

  1. Yeh! All sorted from yesterday. Exhausting that stress… Ah, menopause – that wonderful time when Nature throws you out of her army… Yeah and the wonderful hot flashes and cranky moods/sensitivity that accompanies it. Yuck. Never you mind. It does pass. Keep the guy. 😉

  2. I’m glad all is well. Try taking the herb Agnus Castus to get you through the menopause. I had no hot flushes or any of the usual symptoms and, most importantly, it calmed my temper. It’s a herb that promotes progesterone rather than oestrogen production. Whatever the HRT fans say, you do not want extra oestrogen at this time, as there is actually too much of it but of the wrong sort that free ranges about your body doing bad rather than good.

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