…not a full blown fight.

Just a, well, I don’t know. A misunderstanding? Over-reaction? Silliness? The start of a comfort that’s too much like complacency?

Had me one of those today. Don’t want another one!!

What about? A game of cricket of all things. He was watching it, I was on lunch and wanted all the attention. Noticed the distraction and commented on it. And a reaction was created that I did not expect. I did not feel good. It was as if something was physically removed from my life. Β I don’t want to feel that way ever again. Suppose I’m just going to have to deal with the fact that he likes watching sport. I’ve never been the sporty type – not participating, nor watching. Going to have to find things to do while Liverpool is playing a game – sharpish πŸ˜‰

Dunno of the air has been completely cleared just yet – I did offer him my last Rolo – maybe that will help some. And it sucks that we’re not seeing one another until Sunday morning! If I went home like other, normal couples, I could have apologised with a meal or something. Backrub, footrub, whatever comes to mind. As it is, I only have words, no actions. And one thing I can’t allow is that we go to bed angry, or miffed or whatever this out of sorts feeling should be named.

The even keel has been upset. The waters are not quite as stormy as they can be I suppose but the swell has visibly risen. Not quite time to batten down the hatches, or the tying of a line to the mast, but careful footing is definitely required. Maybe an oilskin just for in case…

OK. Enough of that. I don’t like feeling like this. As if my heart is parking off outside my body, hanging by a thread. Wonder how I can get it back to it’s usual place again. Maybe time will do the trick. Or some tunes. If only I can calm my body down – stop the inevitable reaction to emotional upheaval. Alas. What needs to happen, will.

For now, I’m happy to mention that I’ll be going dancing tonight. Have a lesson booked with a prospective new teacher on Thursday. And another one Β next week. Maybe that will make up for the awful feeling I’ve had this afternoon.

long days and pleasant nights…




19 comments on “Fight-let…

    • So far so good P. We have yet to weather the storms that living together will bring, but I think we can both handle it – what we have is quite worth the effort!

    • Some more sage advice – thanks AD! you’re right – I should not become clingy – if i do, I won’t be the woman I used to be. independence must be kept up at all times.
      I think we’ll make it – it’s worth the effort, what we have…

  1. No worries. It will work itself out. Maybe C has had a bad day? Just feeling a bit ‘iffy’ as they say.
    I know the feeling, specially in a new relationship, and you start to self doubt yourself and panic. Dont. It normally amounts to zip and then you feel kinda foolish! πŸ˜‰

    • panic would be a good way to describe it Sam!! hollow stomach, churning mind…
      I was the one that was having the bad day – I could just not do anything right yesterday!!! He even talked me through that – I am indeed blessed πŸ™‚

  2. So, if I’ve got this right, you were at lunch and so this must have been a phone call, yes? You were having a bad day/morning and he talked you through that, but at some point he had a game on and you felt you weren’t getting his full attention? Cough. Clear throat. Cough. Unsolicited advice follows:

    Count yourself lucky he picked up the phone during a game and was there for you. If you are not a sports person, put the phone down and try again later. He did pick up the phone and that means he is as good as it gets! Hope Mr. C is reading this… Hi. This is your advocate from the U.S.

    J, I could care less about sports – and my own home team is in the Super Bowl this weekend. But…. I’ve come to realize that as I cherish my books, so do others cherish their sports and I am more than happy to wait. Games end. Books and more books do not. πŸ™‚ Love HuntMode

  3. Men and their sport. Boring as it is, you just have to allow them space for this. Be glad that he’s only an armchair cricketer, so at least you have him there with you rather than him being off playing it every Saturday afternoon (or does he?). That being said, in my twenties I used to play cricket for an otherwise all-male team. I really enjoyed the homemade cakes and tea served by the cricketer’s wives and girlfriends in the break!

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