and now…

…for something completely different.

The HG is still here, still useless, still unable to face me, but almost gone. The good thing is, C is still in my life, still the best thing that has ever happened to me, still my first thought in the morning and my last thought in the evening before I fall asleep. He’s mostly the last person I speak to before sleep time as well. Never thought anything like this would be possible for me. I am grateful every minute of every day.

Alas. The country I live in is not doing anything to garner positive thoughts. I have to wonder. The people that do feel confident that the suck heap will not fall over some day soon, do they actually live here?

Came across this little tidbit today. i quote from the article : Lastly, once all the claims have been settled and there is a sum to be distributed, one has the Constitution to consider. “You may have wished to set up a trust however, keep in mind that one cannot discriminate unfairly against a class of persons – no longer is it permissible to create a trust to educate White males, Jewish females or English speaking pupils.”

Quite the ambiguous statement this. Since most new agey black people speak only English. And what happens if you’re a black Jew? Don’t know if such a thing even exists, but hey. It seems stupid to negate a bequest in a will just because of religious views. Apparently the only religion that will be tolerated here in the suck heap would be the religion of the ANC. Those idiots that lauds themselves as the chosen people. Sent by G-d and the forefathers to sort out the country. Sorry guys. You’re not succeeding. In actual fact, you’re failing miserably. You are all uneducated idiots – even those of you that did actually finish school. Because you can’t see past the nose on your face, or, in their case, the Rolex on the wrist and the bottle of Johnny Walker Blue label whisky in front of them.

What I really want to piss and moan about though is the little tidbit about educating white males. This whole thing smacks of fear. Since, historically, Jews have usually had money. And in the suck heap, white males have fought the wars, and were the bastards that made this country what it once was. So, thanks to the current idiots in government, the ones that might make the country great again, are not allowed to benefit from some money. the person that’s currently my problem is my problem because there are no help for white people here. If you’re down on your luck, according to the idiots in government, that’s nothing less than you deserve.

So sure. We’re a rainbow nation. As long as the rainbow consists of various shades of brown. Do I really care what colour your skin is? Can’t say I do. That’s the way we were born, not something you can really change. Best is to live with it, suck it up and grow a pair. The only time I do take notice of it is when you sverve in front of me on the highway – I’m travelling at 120 kph. You at 80 kph. But that’s your right, not so? you can drive in the emergency lane. You can turn using your hazards. And not your indicator. Then I will indeed notice what you are and curse you accordingly. But for the most part, I’m quite prepared to live and let live.

And then we get to the e toll debacle. You are charged regardless of if you are a registered joiner with an e tag or not. But they insist on you registering, giving you discounts and ceilings and all sorts of things. Why do they want us to register so badly? They’ve got some or other nefarious plan in place – something that will only come out some time down the line. Because, inherently, the people currently governing my country are actual criminals. They are actual thieves, murderers, armed robbers, drug dealers – pick any name currently in the cabinet and somewhere they would have had a run in with the law. But. But that was the law in the old times. When the law actually meant something. Now it’s not even guidelines – just another way of extortion. And that they do so well. Compare them to the Mafia and you will see the resemblances. They force you, they coerce you until you give in because giving in is easier than having your name tarnished with a bad debt review or your house foreclosed upon because your government is a bunch of greedy idiots.

And now. Housing. We have something called RDP houses. Meaning redevelopment and something else – no idea what it really means. It boils down to the fact that the government basically GIVES you a house. You don’t pay for it, it gets given to you. Nice, not so? Yes. For the lot getting the houses. That are not whities without houses. Anyway. They get the house. I pay for both their house and mine. I pay for both my own utilities and theirs. Because every person has the right to clean running water. Only difference is, I get to pay for my clean running water, quite a few others don’t. I pay R8000 per year school fees, conservatively. They pay R35 per year. I pay a premium tax on my property, they don’t.

But the suck heap is a good place to live in. Where everybody is equal in the eyes of the law. Not so much folks. Not so much at all.

Over the weekend there was service delivery protests in one of the informal settlements on the West Rand. The locals thronged, en mass to the city centre – and proceeded to loot and plunder the houses there. Where mostly whities lived in. Barricaded themselves until the police could come and rescue them – that took 5 hours. After they were removed from the houses that they’ve paid for every month, with their stuff left in it, everything was ransacked. But it’s such a good place to live!! The gang in question seems to think that by destroying everything around you, you’re doing the right thing. I want, I want, I am entitled, I insist, I demand…

People have to change jobs to work closer to home because the government just ups the petrol price every month. Now, in every litre of petrol you put in, a whole third goes to the government. Ostensibly to fix roads (they don’t) to build new ones (they don’t) to make sure traffic lights and street lights are working on the national roads (they don’t) And then we still have to pay tolls on one of the busiest highways in the Southern Hemisphere? How cool is that?

So they’re getting all our tax money, plus all the petrol tax money, plus all the sin tax money – what do they do with it? Well, suppose they do build some houses, but most of it goes into their own pockets. And the pockets of their buddies. Because that, folks, is the African way. Look after yourself first, your buddies and family second and then, maybe, then the  lot of idiots that revere you for some unknown reason.

Well, I’m sorry. I don’t hold this particular Ceasar as a particularly leading man. Him and his whole cabinet of fools are nothing more than a bunch of criminals out to make themselves as rich as they possibly can before they hit the road to live off their ill-gotten gains. Legally. Without a whimper to be heard from the tax paying public. And this is nothing new. Africa is rife with stories like these. Always at war with themselves.

Yeah. The rainbow nation is alive and well. South Africa is SUCH a god place to live. If you’re white though, you’re not allowed here. And that is kind of scary. I’m noticing a definite decline in things these last month or so. The rand is the weakest it’s been in a long time. Inflation is just going up. unemployment is just going up. Crime rate is going up.

Not much I can do about that. Can’t fix it, can’t make it go away, can’t change it – I’ll just have to suck it up as best I can. At least now, I don’t have to do it all by myself. And that does make the world of difference.

And now, for some beautiful tunes.

This song has never been more true. I see it in every action from C. Every word, every gesture.

This one is how I feel every day we’re apart. Logistics sucks ass here! Big time!

And this one, well, this one kind of tells it’s own tale – because that’s what he says to me every day…


11 comments on “and now…

  1. I agree that not only do such imbecilic provisions interfere with individual liberty to choose, but they are ludicrously illogical. If one wants to leave a trust for cat welfare, does it have to include dogs? Monkeys they would certainly say, because that would include them. In fact, if a person wants to create a trust to welcome little green men from Mars when they arrive, surely the owner of the funds has that prerogative?

  2. I am sorry to hear this, J. The entitlement crowd really seems to think they have the right to ransack and loot and they seem to get away with it. Sad days.

  3. There are some who would say that Jesus was extremely dark-skinned and almost black, but not African, of course! But he was a Jew.

    As for this quote …
    “You may have wished to set up a trust however, keep in mind that one cannot discriminate unfairly against a class of persons – no longer is it permissible to create a trust to educate White males, Jewish females or English speaking pupils.”

    …What a contradiction! How can they say in one breath that “one cannot discriminate unfairly against a class of persons” and in another, list three classes of people that they are going to discriminate against?

    As us Brits would exclaim, throwing our hands up despair, “Bloody Norah!”

    If I were you, I’d not leave one stone unturned to find a way out of a country that is on the verge of collapse. I’m sure I needn’t tell you what history shows about your continent: collapse usually means one of two things, either reverting to tribal warfare or religious extremism.

    You have a wonderful man now, and two is better than one when it comes to doing something life-changing — especially as the two of you are madly in love 🙂

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