…thy place is here!

What a weekend it has been. Got the geyser people to my house yesterday – they pitched up eventually at 10:30. Drained all the water from the broken geyser, replaced it with a working one – and thankfully none of this cost me any money – always a bargain that!

Then I left for C’s spot. Where I was spoilt, once again. He does it so well. All the little things that’s becoming difficult for me to do these days, C looks after for me. We went to his brother’s home last night for a bit of a visit. We sat on their deck, looking out over the rolling grasslands that surrounds their property. The far off sound of traffic on the main road, jackals shouting in the evening air.Lovely fire burning in a firepit, just made for staring into. Had a lovely meal, chatted about everything and anything, watched the moon rise. What a spectacle that was!

The land around there is flat, with a little rise far off in the distance. And while the moon is not full anymore, it shone like a red beacon where it peeked over the horizon. Absolutely beautiful. A big fat red moon rising – not something I always get to see – too many trees on my property πŸ˜‰

Today C had to work. 12 hour shift, starting at 7. What have I been doing with myself? Not. A. Single. Thing! He has this gorgeous chair – one of those recliners with the footrest and the works. When he left this morning, I came to the chair and there i sat. And there I’m still sitting. Watching VH1 classics on the TV, chatting to the dogs that has been following me around the house pretty much every time I walk somewhere. Granted, that is not too often, and Lulu tends to just sit by my feet for the most part. C says Lulu’s protecting me – think she can do a good job of it – Husky/Rottweiler cross. Lovely lady, and I’m happy to be accepted by her.

That aside, tonight, when he comes home, I will be waiting here for him. The pots are ready for the cooking that I plan on doing. To have a home cooked meal ready for when he comes home tonight. Tonight he will need it more than other nights. I told him the other day that I love him enough to actually cook him a meal every night. for me, that is huge! But, sometimes, you do find that one person that is worth all these things. The one person that makes all your petty peeves disappear like mist before the sun. The one person that takes you out of yourself and makes you realise that most of the things you always worry about is nothing in the face of what you have here. A scary thought that, but such an amazing to have happen. something that I am grateful for every day of my life.

Last night, at the brother’s house, listening to the sounds of silence that surrounded us, i could see me and C actually living on a plot of land like that. With all our animals around us, Outbuildings for the mom and aunt and visitors to stay in, a paddock with some livestock, chickens in a coop. Big trees surrounding the main property. just me and him there in the evening, just being. I think that will be a good life to lead. but, as with everything else, what needs to happen, will.

Let’s hope that life will continue on this vein for quite some time to come.

and my your days be long upon the earth…





21 comments on “Decadence…

  1. Now when you want to cook all a man’s meals, that is true love. There’s nothing like watching one’s hungry fellow tucking into one’s culinary creations with relish and appreciation πŸ™‚

    • I never thought I would get there Sarah, but I see the merit in cooking for your man. Fact is he probably cooks better than I do, but either way, we’ll do it together and then it will be all good πŸ˜‰

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