…to the max!!

So. Had the talk tonight. It went well. I did not even need him to sign the little missive I had typed up to make things concrete. Was the first time me and the HG had an actual conversation in about two weeks. It cleared the air. I can breathe easily again.

Well, I could. And then I came home from the studio where I had a most amazing first group class and social for the New Year.

As I said, I came home. The HG asked if a friend could come visit him. Sure, by all means. When I got here, said friend’s car was standing in my driveway. Almost too far back for me to get past her because she can apparently not measure distances. It comes from, or so I heard, from men insisting that 3 centimetres are actually 3 inches. But I digress. The two little doves were sitting at my outside table, my effing candles burning merrily, alcoholic fumes permeating the air. The HG invites me to sit. Really dude. I think not! “Sit man” he insists. I decline. He’s pissed and getting more so as the evening wears on.

I come into the house, open the fridge to get milk to make coffee with. My coke is missing. The 2 l bottle I bought yesterday. Gone. I asked after it. “Oh, sorry. I’ve got it. I’ll get you another one tomorrow.” WTF? Clearly this is a man that would rather ask for forgiveness than to ask permission. But I  know the mindset he’s on now. Trying to impress some random friend or other. With my bloody coke. Really. His audacity knows no bounds! He had the coke outside with them. Why, I don’t know. But it’s now back in the fridge where it belongs.

And I can’t wait for him to remove himself from my premises. I took it on my shoulders, the decision to let him move on. Said that it was my issue with sharing my personal space. Fact of the matter is, I have no issue sharing personal space with C. Why? Because he shares it with me. He does not usurp it and try to change it into something that he rather wants.

Add to that the fact that my geyser, or waterheater as it’s known in the States, gave up it’s struggle for survival this morning. Thankfully, when it did burst, all the water ran out of the overflow pipe and not all over my ceilings like the last time it happened. So, a rain of hot water greeted me at the back door. Just after I had my shower – thankfully!! Got dressed, switched off the geyser and turned off the water, and then phoned the insurance company. Plumbers arranged. Rocked up here this afternoon at 18:00. Tells me the geyser is still under warranty and that the actual geyser company will have to fix it, they are not allowed to. Ok, one good thing, I did not have to pay the excess of R500 because of the warranty. But I’m still without water. And will be until the geyser’s fixed. Which will be tomorrow.

And now, another gripe. I want to get to C tomorrow as early as I possibly can. But I have my garden dude and his wife here tomorrow. Which will not be a problem if the stupid HG was here. But now, after moping around the house for the past three weeks, he HAS to go out tomorrow! I can’t do my washing, I can’t get my car cleaned, can’t even wash dishes or clean the floors until the geyser people have been here. The call has been logged, no problem, but there’s no telling when they will be here. I will just have to phone them early in the morning again. Make myself very clear.

Of course, the HG, in his infinite wisdom decided to gripe about the fact that now he can’t wash his jeans. Using one of his little digs about the fact that there are no water to be had for washing his one pair of jeans. Yeah dude. I sabotaged the geyser because I knew you wanted to wash your clothes. The utter nerve of the guy!

One point of light in this seemingly endless tunnel of crap – I get to see my C tomorrow. We will eat the pancakes and jaffels I will get from my mom. We will drink coffee and be together. I will be at peace. And then, then we’ll be going to his brother’s house for a braai, and I was extended an invitation to bring my router with me – the brother knows how to use one and has many pieces of wood for me to play with. But that’s neither here nor there. The main thing – I will be with my guy. He will put his arms around me and hold me as only he can, and all my cares will disappear. He has that effect on me. It’s like magic. And I’m still blessed to have him there to look after me when I’m too tired to do it for myself. G-d really is great. Suffice to say, I’m still way above the clouds 😉

The songs I chose tonight suits my mood. I certainly ain’t misbehavin’ and I am quite melancholy. But that will soon pass – only a few hours until I see my guy. My C. Sorry folks, I know I sound quite unlike myself, being all syrupy and sweet, but really. It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve had. Ever. Mature, thought through, relatively well adjusted, big people Love. Not infatuation or lust. Although I suppose those are part of the mix – at least for now. But I have faith that once the initial fires have burnt down, we will be left with the hot coals for a lasting, if banked, fire. One that I could explore to my heart’s content.

And yes. It will be a while before my posts do not contain at least one tidbit about my guy 😉 He took the most beautiful picture of me the other night on skype. I could not believe it was me. I looked beautiful! Ethereal and soft. He says I look like Sophia Loren – now that folks, is high praise indeed!! Looks like love has had a very good influence on me if I can look that good on a picture!

Anyhow. Time to go to bed to while away the hours until I can get the geyser fixed and leave to be with my baby.

May your days be long upon the earth…


17 comments on “Audaciousness…

    • Believe me Miss P – I’ve thought of that. Often. But I have to be fair, and the deadline I have given him is more than enough time to make other arrangements. If I made it too soon, it would have been bad for me and my conscience.

  1. The HG is so taking the piss, I could happily throttle him on your behalf. Any pig styes in your part of the world? Just asking, as a certain pair of jeans could do with some special treatment from the piggies.

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