Yet another…


Yeah, yeah, I know. Too much of a good thing gets boring. Well, only if you’re not living it my dears. I’m on top of the world. did not sleep a single wink last night, my body is screaming for a bed, but I’m walking on the clouds. Constant goofy grin on my face, a light heart. After all the lamenting and tears and rejections and heartaches, I’ve actually really found a man worth knowing. And that, constant reader (to shamelessly steal from Stephen King) is indeed a difficult thing to find. I can’t imagine why another woman has not seen his worth, and then I know. It’s because he belonged to my soul right from the start.

Now how’s that for a gush!!!

But he’s not the only reason I want to gush.

The kid in Dubai. It would seem that he has the wingspan of an Albatross – all he needs is the room to spread said wings in. When He left for Dubai another little girls went with him. She was dubbed Severa by one of the kid’s friends because, apparently, she was very severe. Turns out she could not handle being away from mommy and daddy for so long, so she canned the Dubai experience. on Saturday when i Skyped with my son, he mentioned that he was going to apply for her position, with a few added extras. Things like a corporate identity, corporate logo, workable billing system, workable filing system, redecorating their foyer. all of which I know he can do – he has the knowledge and the drive and the flair to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

Turns out he did not even have to go to them with the proposal. They came to him with an offer of severa’s position. Of course, he then mentioned the idea he’s had and they have given him a week to come up with a proposal for the whole deal. Would mean serious cudo’s for him, probably quite a bit more money, and I think, once he does this, he will be happier than he’s ever been in his life. He’s always belonged in the corporate world. He has the balls, he has the brains, he has the drive to rise to dizzying heights.

I’m proud of you my boy. I realise you got there in spite of me, not because of me all that much. I forced you to grow up long before you should have. Not that I had a choice, but still. Children should stay children as long as possible. I’m even more proud of him for being able to let the right people see his worth – people are blind. And in SA they are blinder than most. Just always remember where you come from my son. Everybody had to start somewhere, and there will be HELL to pay of you even think of treating me like something the cat dragged in because you’ve become all hoity toity 😉

Back to C. He bought me The Prophet. Why? Because he can. What do I do for him? Well, I gush. Continuously. I saw him last night again, and really. I was home. That’s the best way to describe it. Home. It is after all where the heart is, not so?

And to that effect, the tune I’m posting for him tonight. Yes folks, he reads me. He read everything I wrote – and that is the world’s best gift. Time. Not money or jewellery. Time. A thought spared is much more precious than all the emeralds and diamonds in the world. And that’s what C does. He thinks about me. Know that story about being somebody’s first thought in the morning, and their last thought in the evening? Yip. It’s that soppy. Know what? I would not exchange it for anything. That’s the biggest compliment anybody can pay you – to be in their thoughts. And I must admit, I’m happy to be there.

and now, for tonight’s tunes. Not going to be my usual smoky offerings, but I’m sure you will enjoy at least one of them, and in so doing, helping me keep my resolution of at least one good tune every single day.

and this tune, no relevance, but it’s just so gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed my choices, or at least one of them.

May your days be long upon the earth…

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