it had to be done.

Yes indeed. An end of the year post. Why? Well, because it’s the end of the year silly!!

Rehashing this year I have to say, it’s been interesting and quite unnerving to say the least. I seem to have these full years lately. Have to admit, I won’t mind less ups and downs and more even keels, but hey – we can’t have everything we dream of not so? This year I had an epiphany. I coined my new motto – what needs to happen, will. And I breathed for the first time in many moons, the breath of absolute freedom. I found out that, once you hand the reigns over, things tend to happen as they should, to the betterment of yourself. I saw the path I was on clearly for the first time, and I know I will make it. I don’t doubt that something will hit the fan – it always does. I also don’t doubt that I will be able to weather that storm as well. With the help from my Father and my faithful readers, I will make it to the other side. I started my first book. Certainly did not finish it, might make a few false starts before that particular epiphany hits, but I made the start. Now I’ve got the bug, hopefully it won’t leave me again. I met people, I’ve lost people. I’ve rediscovered people – hopefully the rediscovered one will play a bigger part in my life from her on out.

Things with the houseguest has come to a point. Words have been spoken, situations made clear. While I was never really emotionally involved with him, he seems to have taken it a bit harder than I’d hoped for something that lasted all of three weeks. No wonder the poor guy is in such a state if he gives all of himself every time something seems possible. Then again, maybe that’s the way to live. Since you can’t really expect anything in return if you’re not prepared to give anything back. I can only hope that what I said did not hurt him too much. that he will not remember me as the bitch that stole New Year’s, but somebody that honestly tried to help him.

And so I’m entering my 2014 slightly ambiguously. With one, slightly sad character in the lounge, watching Van Helsing, and me in the study, doing what I usually do when life happens – blogging. Who knows where either of us will be next year this time? I might be living in the bush somewhere on a small holding, holding the angry hordes at bay, with my mom and aunt giving advice in the background. I could be in the arms of somebody that actually likes the screwy, flawed, strange person I am. I could be dead. We just never know do we?

What I can say is this. May 2014 hold more good than bad. May your cup runneth over at least once a month. May you see the beauty in a cloud, a bird’s flight, a baby’s laugh, a young lover’s kiss, a hand held across the table. May your joys overshadow your sorrows. May you hear a cool song every day, enjoy your coffee every time you drink it. Or your tea for that matter. In short. May your New year be a continuation of good things. Here’s to more shared laughs, music, and life. Very Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine.

The tunes I have for you tonight have been selected with both Huntie and C in mind. The former because she will find joy in them, the latter because that is how I feel right at this minute. I hope you will enjoy them.

May your days be long upon the earth…



9 comments on “it had to be done.

  1. Thank you for the lovely musical line-up.
    Something has been brewing for a while now, you’re not surprised it popped a gasket? Oh well, hope the first day of the New Year isn’t spoiled. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the songs, J. Lovely. As to this, it had to be done – you know how I feel – soft laugh. Peeked, okay, I read your future one while listening to the tunes of this one in a different window…. what an amazing couple of days you’ve had…xxoo for you, favorite one. HuntMode

    • I liked the middle version of Jo Stafford and the Tony Bennett one. Did you ever listen to the Rod Stewart collection of the old romantic tunes? I thought he did a good job on those. 🙂

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