Post nasal drip.

Malade du jour.

Or rather for the past two weeks.

Therefore, my resident physician, in the form of paramedic C, advised that I get a nasal irrigator. Which I duly did. Sort of works the same way as an enema. But the goop comes out of your other nostril. In long snotty strings. Sniffing them back would be kind of defeating the object so it has to be removed from the nose in the best way. Blowing. Sometimes the goop comes down your throat and not the other nostril. Much spitting ensues.

Not my finest moment I can tell you!

Bodily functions are such messy things! But I can’t sleep at night. Cough mixture just does not work for longer than two hours at a time, and I’m not planning on becoming a druggie anytime soon. Hence the nasal irrigation. With a saline solution over the basin, one nostril at a time, feeling as if you’ve got a warm ocean trouncing up your nose! Alas. If I want a decent night’s sleep in the near future, this looks to be the way I will be spending my days. Flushing out my nose until there’s not a single piece of snot left in any cavity.

This song went a long way to soothe the memory of stringy snot and salty solutions. Hope your day has been a LOT better than mine 😉

And then followed this one.

may your days be long upon the earth…


13 comments on “Post nasal drip.

  1. If ever I venture off the route of goats’ or sheeps’ milk products, on to the path of cows’ milk ones, then the post-nasal dripping starts. Also, chocolate and red wine don’t do me a favour.
    Not suggesting you give up such delights on a permanent basis, but it might help just while you get over the snotsville stage of your cold.

    • I realise dairy products produce mucus, but man. Coffee with no milk? Luckily I don’t do red wine at the best of times, but no chocolate either? Sarah!!! Those are two of my main reasons for living!
      But I hear you – might be worth a try. I can’t do with the little sleep I’ve been getting, not at all!

  2. I salute you, J, for having the guts to write of such grossing and gloop – to bare the closet goings-on of the things we have to do to maintain this glorious temple of ours. For me, the bravery you have to snort that saline solution up your nose means the symptoms must truly be bad…. 🙂

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