…’tis done.

Christmas is over for yet another year.

Have to admit. Thinking of all the things that can still happen before the next one rolls along is quite a daunting prospect.

Today was somewhat odd. got to church at 7am. Was actually a good service. Even though i’m as tired as a dog, I did not fall asleep like I usually do during the sermons. i’m tired because I’ve had this horrible cough for the past week. The minute I lie down to sleep, the tickling starts and I start coughing fit to burst. Suffice to say that sleep has been elusive for the past few nights. Got home after the service, and then I waited for the family to pitch up. Everything was done and ready, but for them. Think they rocked up here at about 11 or so. Which is why we only ate lunch at 15:00. Lunch was good, the hors ‘d oevres were great, desert was sweet, coffee good – and then the sister and the husband started sniping about who’s going to live where and shit like that – the usual divorce quarrels. Not much you can do about that, other than to tell them that this is not quite the right time, but that does not always help.

My guest has been very helpful. Washing dishes, fetching and carrying, generally making himself handy in many ways – poor guy! I feel so sorry for him. Wish I could do something to change his circumstances. But that will happen as and when it needs to happen.

Gift wise, not a huge haul, but a brilliant one nonetheless – mom gave me a hardware store voucher. And the sister and BiL gave me a router bit set and a home made soupbowl with a lid. I don’t have a router yet, but I’ll be looking into using the kid’s contact at the hardware store to get myself one. i can not wait to start making all kinds of little shelves and shit 😉

And then. Life threw another curve ball. Don’t know how major it will be, suppose it could be huge if I let it. When I came back from Iraq, I worked in a hospital. That was the time I started blogging. At the hospital I worked with a paramedic. Decent fellow, not young, but we had long conversations about all kinds of things, including my dude. We lost contact when I left the hospital, but had the FB thing happening. He came to my house once, when i had my 10 year anniversary in my house, and I went to his spot for a braai a while later. Then we lost touch. He had a GF when I met him, was cuckolded by the GF and took it very hard.

Today, while everybody was exchanging Christmas messages, he also sent one. I replied, as one does, and we started chatting about what’s happened in the interim – I saw him more than two years ago. Asked the usual questions, and I told him that, way back then, I would not have minded if he was to make a move. He reckons that Wow. He felt the same way but thought he was too old for me – think he has 17 years on me or something like that. Hence the curve ball. Why did we lose contact like that? It’s not as if we did not enjoy each other’s company. Then again, he was very hurt by the young girl he had going that time, so it would not have been a good time to start anything new. Still. I have no idea what life holds for me in the near future. Hopefully I’ll keep the job I have and enjoy in the new year and beyond. Hopefully my house guest will find his way in life before too long. And as for C, time will tell.

Even so. Would have been slightly better if it had happened earlier or later rather than now. Then again, life does not really care about your thoughts when it throws the balls into your court. Maybe I’m just being tested.

For tonight, most of the dishes have been washed. Food stashed for tomorrow. J’s chilling in the dining room, the youngest in the lounge and me in my study. Think a bath would be in order and then maybe, just maybe I can have a decent night’s rest tonight. lots to do this holiday and it’s only a few days until life starts up again in the RS of A.

I do hope your day was a wonderful as a day has any right to be, punctuated with more good than bad, happy memories rather than sad ones, laughter rather than tears.

My last Christmas song for the year, and my last Christmas picture for the year.




13 comments on “And…

  1. The tickling throat/coughing thing seems to be all over the world. I’ve had it off and on for ages.
    Hope the bath and night’s sleep will leave you with a recollection of this Christmas as having been pleasant, on the whole!

    • it was not a bad Christmas all things considered thanks Col. Food was good, company behaved themselves mostly 😉
      The tickling and coughing has not left the building yet – I was advised to get some or other kit to flush my sinuses with – will see if my meager budget can allow that – might help for what ails me!

  2. Your christmas sounds much better than mine. Me and my two cats due to flu season and that is ok. Another game coming up, eh. Your life is soooooooo interesting, Ms. g. Belated Merry Christmas. p

    • I’m sorry you missed out on Christmas Miss P!!!
      Another game indeed – I’m just hoping this one would be for keeps rather than just until interval…

  3. Life just doesn’t come with neat little time-slots, where nothing overlaps between each. Now if you could build those slots with your router, then you’d be up there with the gods 😉
    All I can say is that one of the happiest and most enduring partnerships I know of, happens to be between my friend and her husband who’s 17 years older than her.
    I’d say keep your options open with this paramedic guy.

    • My mom and dad also had that kind of age gap Sarah.
      It really is true what they say – rather and old man’s darling than a young man’s slave. Every day we speak it’s becoming more apparent.
      I don’t have an earthly idea where life is leading me now – I just hope it’s to a higher place rather than to another low.

  4. I say go with sarahpotterwrites – she says better what I would have wanted to say. Merry Christmas, J ~ it will sort out. I love you and the router making lots of shelves and cunning cupboards or drawers. Best ~ H

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